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Case Closed Starter Set Season 6 DVD

Case Closed Old Grudges Season 6 Vol. 1 DVD

Case Closed Covering Up Season 5 Vol. 5 DVD
Mahjong is a game of strategy, skill, and luck…three things the perpetrator of a sinister murder hopes he has in his side! Or is it her side? Then, Conan and Rachel's relaxing day out turns into a nightmare whey they become embroiled in a bank robbery ending in murder. Just when Inspector Meguire thinks he's solved the crime, Conan discovers a hidden agenda that busts the case wide-open! Finally, when Conan and the Junior Detective League set out to help an ailing homeless man, they soon end up involved in a new murder mystery. They know who did it, but getting anyone to listen to them is the real mystery!

Case Closed The Phantom Thief Kid Season 5 Vol. 4 DVD
When a priceless jewelry exhibit comes to town, so does Phantom Thief, a famous burglar who leaves a note announcing his intentions to steal the Black Star—the most valuable pearl in the world. When the police corner Phantom Thief on the top of a building, it looks like his amazing career is over until he uses a flash bomb to blind his would be captors and make a harrowing escape. All that remains of the Phantom is a note announcing his next move: to steal the Black Star during an anniversary party on board the Queen Isabelle. The impending threat withstanding, the ship sets sail as planned with the Black Star on board and an army of police to guard it. But Phantom Thief is a genius impersonator and moves about like a chameleon adopting the persona of others until the time is right to strike. Can this brilliant Thief outwit a sea of police and manage to steal his prize? It seems that he may succeed, but with Conan hot on his trail has Phantom Thief finally met his equal? Find out on this exciting double episode that will keep you guessing until the end.

Case Closed The Secret Life of Jimmy Kudo Season 1 Vol. 1 DVD
Based on the manga by Gosho Aoyama, Meitantei Conan (Famous Detective Conan, a play off the original title of Hayao Miyazaki's Sherlock Hound) ran for 12 seasons on Japanese TV and won fans around the world. At 17, Jimmy Kudo is an ace detective; but when he stumbles onto a blackmail payoff, two men in black give him a pill that turns him into a little boy. To hide his identity, he takes the name of Conan Edogawa--from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Japanese mystery writer Ranpo Edogawa. As Conan, he's taken in by his former girlfriend, Rachel Moore, and her hair-brained detective father. Trapped in a puny body, Conan solves crimes (sometimes aided by the Junior Detective League), hoping to find the men in black...

Case Closed Triple Threat Season 5 Vol. 3 DVD
While guests at Sebastian Manor, Conan and Rachel find themselves embroiled in a chilling murder. But more disturbing than the brutal death of the millionaire, Rodrick Appenheimer, is the prime list of suspects, his triplet sons! Then, an S.O.S. in a bottle leads the Junior Detective League into a labyrinth of danger and deception that could spell their ends! Finally, a killer claiming to be an infamous movie villain threatens a celebrity, it is up to Conan, Richard, and Rachel to unmask the truth before the culprit makes good on his cryptic warning: At the stroke of midnight, you will die!

Case Closed The Knight Baron Mystery Season 5 Vol. 2 DVD
When Conan, Richard, and Rachel are offered a free stay at a posh hotel on the beach if they join a mystery tour, they jump at the chance. But their accommodations are only paid for in full if they uncover the identity of the tour promoter who is posing as one of the guests. It’s all fun in the sun until one of the tour members is murdered! But which of the other tour members would murder the promoter and why? Could it be the sexy entrepreneur, Heidi Camino? Or perhaps the oddly intimidating computer expert Mark McKean? Or perhaps former Martial Arts Champ Cliff Reed and his fiancé, Audra? The wise, elderly Winston Cadbury and his burly assistant, Miss Bunn, also cast an aura of suspicion. Just when Conan thinks he's close to solving the puzzle the unexpected happens; Knight Baron appears! But if the victim wasn't the tour promoter, then who is? And why has he lured these guests together for a mystery contest only to turn it into his personal game of murder?

Case Closed Like Old Times Season 4 Vol. 3 DVD

Case Closed Dubious Intent Season 4 Vol. 5 DVD

Case Closed The Desperate Truth Season 4 Vol. 2 DVD

Case Closed Deadly Illusions Season 4 Vol. 1 DVD

Case Closed Broken Dreams Season 4 Vol. 4 DVD

Case Closed Starter Set Season 5 DVD

Case Closed The Truth About Revenge Season 5 Vol. 1 DVD

Case Closed Starter Set Season 4 DVD


Case Closed Vol. 1 by Gosho Aoyama Paperback

Case Closed Vol. 5 by Gosho Aoyama Paperback

Case Closed Vol. 7 by Gosho Aoyama Paperback

Case Closed One Truth Prevails 2006 Wall Calendar


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