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The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls: Unlocking the Secrets of the Past, Present, and Future
Follow the authors from the jungles of the Maya to the British Museum, the Smithsonian, the crystal laboratories of Hewlett-Packard, and back to the temples of the Maya, where shamans reveal the sacred knowledge these enigmatic objects contain.

The Secret of the Crystal Skull
This cozy English novel, reminiscent of Agatha Christie, takes place in modern-day Sussex. Inspector Greystone and his sidekick, Sergeant Tufts, head the list of a broad spectrum of interesting personalities in this fascinating plot. Midway through the novel, the action starts an exciting race toward a climax. Intriguing are: the mysterious s�ance during which an ancient blue crystal skull speaks through a medium; a double-ciphered cryptogram composed of medieval astrological symbols that represent letters of the alphabet to challenge readers with an affinity for puzzles. And readers learn there are still fine art collections in private hands rather than in museums or galleries. The exciting chase to catch the killer will keep you on the brink of your seat.

The Secret of The Crystal Skull is the first in a series of mysteries by this husband and wife team

Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed
The Crystal Skulls are considered to be one of the world's greatest mysteries. In this book you will discover information about 8 different crystal skulls, there mystical properties, experiences that people have had with them, their connection with the UFOs and many theories about their purpose and how they were made. This book is out of print but fortunately due to co-author Joshua Shapiro, he is making copies available. This book was a pre-cursor to the book written by Morton and Thomas in 1998 and contains many spiritual and esoteric insights about the crystal skulls. The book also contains over 40 pictures and illustrations, special information not found in any other book on the market. Get this book while the supplies last. Joshua Shapiro, one of the co-authors has recently appeared (April 2001) on Uri Geller's radio show and also in this month gave a presentation about the crystal skulls at Microsoft.

The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls: A Real Life Detective Story of the Ancient World

Crystal Skulls

The Crystal Skull : A Novel


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