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Elfen Lied Vol 4 Vector Four DVD
A beautiful girl with no memory. A living weapon of unspeakable savagery. The target of a government hit squad. Meet Lucy, whose mystery past may hold the key to mankind’s future. Extremely violent and extremely entertaining, this one is not for the faint of heart!

Elfen Lied Vector Three DVD

Elfen Lied Vol. 2 Vector Two DVD
Lucy is a Diclonius, a beautiful female mutant destined to destroy mankind. With deadly psychic powers, she can kill with merely a thought. Fearing for the safety of the world, the government has locked Lucy away for observation and study. However, Lucy escapes, leaving a trail of carnage in her wake. Renamed Nyu by the young man who finds her, she must fight the evil alter-ego that resides inside her mind.

Elfen Lied Vol 1 DVD
One girl washes up on shore – naked, scared, and alone. The other uses psychic weapons to make a blood-soaked break from captivity. One is named Nyu. The other is Lucy. The two couldn’t be more different – if only they didn’t have to share the same body! When star-crossed students Kohta and Yuka rescue Nyu on the beach, they’re blissfully unaware that she’s a diclonius, a mutant bred to replace humanity. To make matters worse: she’s escaped from captivity, leaving a trail of dead in her path and the world’s most lethal hunters on her tail. As the rooms in Kohta’s rented house fill with runaways and diclonius – danger mounts outside. But, what’s more dangerous? The monsters beating down the door or the demons within?

Elfen Lied Vol 1 Box Set DVD




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Elfen Lied DVDs Elfen Lied Series Elfen Lied Anime