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Escaflowne The Series (The Perfect Collection) DVD

Escaflowne The Movie (Ultimate Edition) DVD
Gaia is a mythical realm ruled by a sword and sorcery and immersed in blood and violence. Thrust into a conflict she doesn't quite understand, Hitomi helps aid the young Prince Van as they embark upon their journey of discovery. The battle over a legendary suit of dragon armor, Escaflowne, has begun. This ultimate edition, 3 disc set, contains a movie booklet and Escaflowne Collectors Keepcase.

Escaflowne The Movie DVD
is a sprawling adventure saga that infuses sword-and-sorcery and mecha elements into the popular "magical girl" anime genre. The girl is Hitomi Kanzaki (voice by Kelly Sheridan), a withdrawn teenager who wishes she could just leave everything behind and vanish. When she's magically transported to the alternate world of Gaia, she gets her wish--in spades. The dashing Van (Kirby Morrow) of the White Dragon Clan is pitted against his twisted brother Folken (Paul Dobson), the leader of the Black Dragon Clan, in a succession war that threatens the very existence of Gaia. Hitomi is hailed as the long-awaited "Wing Goddess," and her power over the invincible dragon-mecha suit Escaflowne confirms her status. Although the tangled story line has been pared down, the feature remains a reworking of the 26-part TV series The Vision of Escaflowne...

Escaflowne Dragons and Destiny Vol. 1 DVD
Hitomi is a sensitive teenager who reads tarot cards for her friends and nurses a crush on the track star Amano. As she runs on the school track, Hitomi has a vision of a young man battling a dragon; a few days later, the man and the dragon materialize. Hitomi and Van, the young warrior, are carried off to the mysterious world of Gaea, with its odd mixture of advanced technology and medieval culture. Hitomi watches as Van is crowned king of Fanelia, and then another of her visions comes true: Fanelia is destroyed by an army of monstrous robot-suits called "Guymelefs." Van and Hitomi escape in Escaflowne, a legendary super-Guymelef. In the kingdom of Asturia, they meet Allen Schezar, a gallant knight who resembles Amano. They also encounter the villainous Dilandau, who destroyed Fanelia at the orders of the evil emperor of the Zaibach Empire. Although Asturia is allied with Zaibach, Dilandau attacks the small kingdom, forcing everyone to flee. Escaflowne...

Escaflowne Betrayal & Trust Vol. 2 DVD
The story continues to unfold through a series of battles, threats, and escapes. When she isn't whining, Hitomi can see events before they occur, which enables her to save her friends' lives. These episodes of precognition are especially useful against the maniacal Dilandau of the Zaibach Empire, who hunts Van, sometimes aided by Van's turncoat brother Folken. Hitomi is furiously jealous of Princess Millerna's attraction to Allen and the feline Merle's affection for Van, who may be an angel in disguise. On Gaea, anything can happen--and generally does.

Escaflowne Angels and Demons Vol. 3 DVD

Escaflowne Past and Present Vol. 4 DVD

Escaflowne Paradise & Pain Vol. 5 DVD
The story line of this popular "magical girl" series falters amid a welter of flashbacks, dreams, revelations, and character reversals. Prince Van, who's done nothing but fight since the adventure began, doesn't want to fight anymore--the feline Merle has to defend him from two cat-women sent by his...

Escaflowne Fate & Fortune Vol. 6 DVD
The saga of Hitomi, the psychic girl from Earth on the world of Gaea, reaches new heights of byzantine complexity as she, Allen, and Van are captured by Dornkirk, the Zaibach Emperor--who is actually Sir Isaac Newton. Dornkirk plans to create a machine that will enable him to create alternate...

Escaflowne Light & Shadow Vol. 7 DVD

Escaflowne Forever & Ever Vol. 8 DVD

 Escaflowne on Video


Escaflowne [IMPORT] Music CD

Vision Of Escaflowne Lovers Only Soundtrack Audio CD


 Vision of Escaflowne Anime 8" Transformable Figure

Escaflowne Decorative Poster, 11x17


The Vision of Escaflowne Book 1 Paperback

The Vision of Escaflowne Book 2 Paperback

The Vision of Escaflowne Book 3 Paperback

The Vision of Escaflowne Book 4 Paperback


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