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Fruits Basket Box Set DVD
Fruits Basket
(the name refers to a children's game similar to "The Farmer in the Dell") has all the elements of a classic shojo (girl's) series: a sweetly domestic heroine, unconventional living arrangements, and two romantic candidates--one exquisitely gentle, the other hiding a heart of gold beneath a thorny exterior. Sixteen-year-old orphan Tohru Honda has been living in a tent when she meets the Sohma family. Handsome, intelligent Yuki is the most popular boy in school; his older cousin Shigura is a pulp novelist; Kiyo, another cousin, is a hot-tempered, red-haired martial artist. Members of the Sohma family labor under a curse: when embraced by a member of the opposite sex, they turn into animals from the Chinese zodiac: Yuki becomes a rat; Shigure, a dog; Kiyo, a cat. (According to legend, the cat failed to attend the feast held by Buddha at which the animals of the zodiac were chosen, but Tohru adores cats.) After short time, they return to human form--naked. The set-up owes a lot to Ranma 1/2, but Fruits Basket is a schmaltzy romantic comedy, not a martial-arts farce.

Tohru moves into this weird household and wins everyone's heart by cooking, cleaning, and keeping their secret. She also functions...

Fruits Basket A Great Transformation (Vol. 1) DVD

Fruits Basket Vol. 2 - What Becomes of Snow DVD

Fruits Basket Vol. 3 - Puddles of Memories DVD

Fruits Basket Vol. 4 - Clearing Sky DVD


Fruits Basket Vol. 13 Paperback

Fruits Basket Vol. 12 Paperback

Fruits Basket Notebook / journal Paperback

Fruits Basket Vol. 11 Paperback

Fruits Basket Vol. 1 Paperback
Tohru Honda was an orphan when one day fate kicked her out of the house and on to land belonging to the mysterious Sohma family. After stumbling upon the teenage squatter, the Sohmas invite Tohru to stay in their house in exchange for cooking and cleaning. Everything goes well until she discovers the Sohma family's secret, when hugged by members of the opposite sex, they turn into their Chinese Zodiac animal!

Fruits Basket Vol. 2 Paperback
Ever since Tohru Honda discovered the Zodiac secret of the Sohma clan, her eyes have been opened to a world of magic and wonder. But with such a great secret comes great responsibility. When her best friends Hana-chan and Uo-chan come to the Sohma house for a sleepover, Tohru has her work cut out for her keeping the "Cat" in the bag and the "Dog" on a leash.

Fruits Basket Vol. 3 Paperback
It�s Valentine�s Day and you know what that means�lots of chocolates for the cutest boys at school! In this case it�s a pretty close tie between hot-headed Kyo Sohma and "Prince Charming" Yuki Sohma. Of course the kind-hearted Tohru, guest of the Sohma family, has chocolates for everyone! But when White Day comes around, what will the Sohma family give her in return?

Fruits Basket Vol. 6 Paperback
Delving into the recesses of Kyo's past, we find the Sohma trio returning home on a rainy day. There a mysterious man who has known Kyo for a long time meets them. Trust, loyalty and the bonds of family and friendship are tested, as Tohru must help Kyo deal with the "monsters" that he's been trying to avoid. ?

Fruits Basket Vol. 10 Paperback


Fruits Basket Memory of You Soundtrack Music CD

Fruits Basket Four Seasons Soundtrack Audio CD


Fruits Basket Anime Graphic Wall Scroll Poster

Fruits Basket Anime Momiji Soft Plush Doll

Fruits Basket 3d Key Chain - Tohru

Fruits Basket: Yuki Sohma Anime Cosplay Cap

Fruits Basket Kyo Sohma Black Beanie

Fruits Basket Logo with Yuki Key Chain Black Commuter Bag

Fruits Basket Yuki Kanji Black Anime Messenger Bag



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