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Gunslinger Girl Vol 3 DVD
The grizzly murder of a fratello gets Section One involved, with an investigator sent in to get to the bottome of the "cyborg problem." As the agency scrambles to protect their girls, Henrietta and Jose find themselves on an impromtpu vacation, having "been sent away for their own safety." What are they hiding? And what does Henrietta know about the deadly truth? Then the Agency uncovers a plot which could be used to wipe out the terrorists' stronghold once and for all. Things go terribly wrong, and in an all-or-nothing attack the girls find their lives on the line. Could this be the end of the girls and the Agency? Could their lives be over before they've really begun?

Gunslinger Girl Vol 2 DVD
is quickly becoming regarded as one of the most efficient assassins at the Social Welfare Agency. However, life for the other girls at the Agency is not so sunny. Enter the prototype and the problem…The prototype: Angelina was a young girl out on an errand one day when a car mysteriously ran her down and left her for dead. Reborn as Angelica, her training proves to be a much needed distraction for all of the Agency employees. As the assassin develops, so do the problems inherent in the conditioning process. Can Angelica and her handler overcome these setbacks in order to continue with their work at the Agency? The problem: Elsa, the Agency’s newest recruit, is as cold as they come. When Henrietta reaches out to her, a cold shoulder is all she gets in return. Elsa’s handler brings Henrietta and Jose in on a hit and strained tensions place the mission in jeopardy. Can Jose hold things together and make it through one more day? Every weapon has its flaws…

Gunslinger Girl Vol 1 DVD

Gunslinger Girl Starter Set DVD


Gunslinger Girl Volume 1 by Hiroshi Aida Paperback
Innocence Lost.... Henrietta barely survived a brutal attack that killed her family. "Rescued" by the Social Welfare Agency, her injuries were repaired with robotic components and she was brainwashed - lost with the memory of her family's death was almost every trace of her own humanity. Today she is an extraordinarily lethal cyborg assassin, obediently working with her handler Giuseppe to carry out her deadly tasks. Despite her conditioning and programming, Henrietta still has the heart of a young girl; she has not completely forgotten how to love. Yet the very emotion is contrary to her training and programming. Can the Gunslinger Girl survive? Can she find peace in a struggle against her very nature?

Gunslinger Girl Volume 2 by Yu Aida Paperback

Gunslinger Girl Volume 3 by Yu Aida Paperback


Gunslinger Girl Dramatic CD Amore Storia Music CD


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Gunslinger Girl DVDs Gunslinger Girl Series Gunslinger Girl Books Gunslinger Girl Music