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Initial D Blu-ray
Shawn Yue, Edison Chen, Jay Chou, and Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Blu-ray

Initial D
Shawn Yue, Edison Chen, Jay Chou, and Anthony Wong Chau-Sang DVD

Initial D: First Stage - The Complete First Season DVD

Initial D: Second Stage - The Complete Second Season DVD

Initial D: Fourth Stage DVD Box Japanimation DVD

Initial D Battle 14 Extra Stage DVD
As usual Mako and Sayuki are racing on Mt. Usui. But Mako can't concentrate on her driving because of the break up with Iketani. They both learn from Shingo that a team made of Lancer Evolutions called Emperor is targeting Usui now, to conquer the Gunma area. Will Mako and Sayuki be able to defeat the Evolution team?

Initial D Boxed Set Limited Edition Vols. 1-5 DVD
The Initial D Boxed Set contains volumes 1-5 for a total of 15 episodes, and a SPECIAL BONUS: 3 Logo Decals and 3 1/64 scale Collectible Die-Cast Cars. After years of navigating treacherous mountain passes to deliver tofu, Tak has unknowingly acquired the driving skills of a master street racer. When his hometown racing team gets pummeled by a visiting team, it's up to Tak to save the day.

Initial D Battle 13 Battle of the Souls DVD

Initial D Battle 12 Secret Weapon DVD

Initial D Battle 11 Blow-out DVD

Initial D Battle 10 Team Emperor DVD

Initial D Battle 9 Akina's Superstar Challenge
The downhill battle between Tak and Ry heats up as Ry matches every move Tak makes. But Tak ultimately manages to regain his calmness by executing a final "inner drop" to win the race. Tak's infamy, however, brings a new team to Gunma, and team Emperor isn't about to be defeated.

Initial D Battle 8 Rain Battle DVD
Iggy invites Tak to watch the battle between the Red Suns and Night Kids, hoping to cure him of his lovesickness before the big race. Tak has never seen a battle from the sidelines, and he is blown away when K.T. and Zak hurtle down the road. In the heat of the moment, Tak accepts a challenge to battle in the middle of a driving rainstorm!

Initial D Battle 7 The End of Summer DVD
Episodes 19 - 21

Initial D Battle 6 Asphalt Angels DVD

Initial D Battle 5 Duct Tape Death Match DVD

Initial D Battle 4 Myogi's Downhill Technician DVD
With the Night Kids #1 driver defeated, out of nowhere comes their #2 racer, the arrogant Shingo, who challenges Takumi to the most challenging street race yet! Meanwhile, Takumi and Natsuki openly express their feelings for each other and finally start dating. Little does Takumi realize that Natsuki is dating someone else.

Initial D Battle 3 Challenge, Night Kids DVD
A new challenger appears in the form of Team Night KidsTakeshi "Zack" Nakazato. While the rest of the Speed Stars are understandably excited, Tak refuses to accept the challenge since he does not consider himself a street racer. With the scheduled race fast approaching, Tak begins to realize that he just may have what it takes to go head to head with the unbeatable GT-R despite the odds.

Initial D Battle 2 Challenge, Red Suns DVD
One week ago, Tak was delivering tofu for his father�s shop. Now he finds himself in the middle of a new world of speed and excitement. When an undefeated racing team arrives in Akina to challenge the Speed Stars, Tak steps in to accept the challenge. He has years of experience maneuvering Mt. Akina�s hairpin curves on daily tofu runs, but is that enough to defeat the Red Sun�s RX-7?

Initial D Battle 1 Akina's Downhill Specialist DVD
Initial D
tells the story of a 17-year-old delivery boy named Tak, who suddenly finds himself caught up in the heart-stopping world of street racing. Tak drives the "Eight-Six", a street term for the Toyota Trueno AE86. When chance puts him up against street racing legend, he gets hooked and the word quickly spreads about the famous "Eight-Six of Mount Akina." More rival racers appear to challenge Tak and his friends in a series of white-knuckle contests.

Initial D Live Action Movie DVD Jay Chou
Taiwanese pop icon Jay Chou makes his acting debut as Takumi Fuijiwara, a high-school kid who delivers tofu every morning for his father Bunta (Anthony Wong). During his daily delivery, Takumi unknowingly sharpens up his racing skills by speeding through notorious racing spot Mt. Akina, where some of Japan's greatest street racers venture for glory. After Takumi accidentally bests Night Kids leader Takeshi Nakazato (Shawn Yue) on Akina's downhill, he begins to attract the attention of other street racers. But Takumi is more than just another wannabe racer. Years of delivering tofu in his father's Toyota AE86 Trueno


Initial D Book 1 by Shuichi Shigeno Paperback

Initial D 19 by Shuichi Shigeno Paperback

Initial D Vol. 13 by Shuichi Shigeno Paperback

Initial D VOL. 4 by Shuichi Shigeno Paperback


Initial D Non-Stop Mega Mix Music CD

Initial D Best Song Collection 1998-2004 Audio CD

Initial D D-Selection 3 CD


Initial D Mountain Vengeance
Windows XP

Initial D Toyota Trueno AE86 Anime Messenger Bag

Initial D Wall Poster 1, 22x34

Initial D Wall Poster 2, 22x34

Initial D Wall Poster, 34x22

Initial D Wall Scroll


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