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Invader ZIM Doom Doom Doom Vol. 1 DVD
Comic book artist Jhonen Vasquez's outr� sci-fi spoof, which ran on Nicktoons at Night from March 2001 to December 2002, remains the object of a vociferous cult following. Pressure from the fans compelled Nickelodeon to resume production of Invader Zim twice before the show was cancelled permanently. The title character is a zealous, none-too-bright agent from the Irken Empire posing a human boy. Zim imagines he's gathering vital information for the imminent conquest of Earth; the Irken leaders actually sent him here to get rid of him. With the rather spotty assistance of Gir, his robot sidekick disguised as a dog, Zim alternately sneers at humanity and gets himself into trouble. The only person who recognizes Zim as an alien is his UFO-obsessed classmate, Dib.

The two-disc set is loaded with extras that will delight fans of the show, including commentaries by Vasquez and several of the story and voice artists, a second "commentary" of pigs grunting, subtitles in Irken, and the original pilot for the series. The uninitiated may find Invader Zim suggests...

Invader ZIM Progressive Stupidity Vol. 2 DVD
Invader Zim's mighty need to destroy all of humanity knows no bounds. Fortunately for Earth, he's a cosmically inept fool! But this Invader has more to deal with than that self-proclaimed protector of our planet, Dib. The path to conquest is paved with hazardous challenges, which include all of the prickly, meat-flavored horrors that Earth has to offer. Zim must outwit Mall Security, endure the terror of Bloaty's Pizza Hog, and defeat the evil space babies.

Invader ZIM Horrible Holiday Cheer Vol. 3 DVD
Prepare yourself for some Irken yuletide goodness as Zim concludes its triumphant DVD release. Featuring the highly sought after "unaired" season two episodes, ZIM fans will finally get what they've been waiting for. Watch ZIM eat waffles while a pair of backseat drivers make trouble from beyond the stars. See Mortos steal souls as a Fry cook appears from all that space. Yes boys and girls, there is a Santa... and he's bent on world domination!

Invader ZIM House Box Complete Set Vols. 1-3 Plus Extra Disc DVD
The Irken armada is poised to conquer the universe, but it would be a lot easier without Invader Zim! Thickheaded, brash, and overzealous, Zim has been banished into food service for wrecking the Irken home planet. He begs the almighty tallest for a second chance to reclaim his lost honor. Seeing the opportunity to rid themselves of this nuisance forever, they send Zim on a "secret" mission to a planet far away on the edge of the universe-Earth. Now Earth's only hope rests with a young UFO-hunting paranormal enthusiast named Dib. Seeing through Zim's human disguise, Dib makes it his sole mission to defend out planet from this fiendish alien menace.

Invader ZIM House Box Plus Extra Disc DVD

Invader Zim Mini Disc 2 DVD
ZIM realizes that there is one thing keeping him from blending in with Earth culture and so he seeks out a "friend". Then ZIM decides to take a fantastic voyage inside the body of his arch-nemesis Dib in order to keep him from ruining ZIM�S plans for planetary conquest. Contains both stories from the second episode of INVADER ZIM!

Invader Zim Mini Disc 1 DVD
The IRKEN armada is poised to conquer the universe, but it would be much easier without Invader ZIM! After being banished to Foodcourtia for ruining Operation Impending Doom 1, ZIM escapes and begs the ALMIGHTY TALLEST for a second chance. They decide to send him on a "secret" mission to a planet far away on the edge of the universe called Earth! Contains the first episode of INVADER ZIM!

Invader Zim - Advanced T-Shirt

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Invader Zim Alien Invasion T-Shirt

Invader Zim - Sugar Buzz - Junior T-shirt

Invader Zim - Zim House T-Shirt

Invader Zim and Gir Logo Baseball Hat

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Invader Zim Shadows T-Shirt

Invader Zim T-Shirt: House


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