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Love Hina Movie Boxed Set - Again / Spring Movie / Christmas Movie DVD
Love Hina Christmas Movie

This "movie" is actually a 2000 holiday special. With Christmas and entrance exams approaching, the Hinata Apartments are in a typical uproar. The gang decides the popular superstition "if you declare your love for someone on Christmas Eve, your wish will come true" should apply to Naru and Keitaro, who are trying to study. They decide to assist the pair--and succeed in making pests of themselves. Of course, everything ends happily, despite Keitaro's sprained ankle and a long series of comic mishaps and misunderstandings. The disc also includes a new episode of Love Hina in which champion swordswoman Motoko must redeem herself in the eyes of her older sister to remain the heir to the Shinmei School. Christmas cheer notwithstanding, nothing's changed at the Hinata Apartments. An excellent gift for fans of this popular romantic comedy.
Love Hina Spring Movie
This second television special picks up where the so-called "Christmas Movie" left off, with Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi taking the Tokyo University entrance exam for the umpteenth time. Convinced he's blown the test by falling asleep, Keitaro accepts Mr. Sato's offer of a job on the South Pacific Island of Pararkelse. When she finds out, Naru sets off to bring him back. Shinobu, who's upset because a boy likes her and she adores only Keitaro, follows--as does the rest of the regular cast. On Pararkelse, Keitaro and Naru help a girl named Nyamo look for her grandfather, who disappeared searching for the ruins of an "ancient turtle civilization." As Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi all pass the entrance exam and Naru finally admits she loves Keitaro, this adventure seems to mark the end of the Love Hina continuity.
Love Hina Again Movie
The popular romantic comedy Love Hina seemed to end with the Spring Special Movie, when Keitaro and Naru finally got into Tokyo University--and admitted they were in love. In this new three-part adventure, Keitaro breaks his leg at the class welcoming ceremony and has to skip a semester. Keitaro got into the university to keep a childhood promise; now he needs a goal of his own. He decides to assist Mr. Seta and study archeology. While they're away on an expedition, Keitaro's stepsister Kanako arrives and makes life miserable for the whole cast. Keitaro returns and has to deal with Kanako's misplaced affection, Naru's fear of commitment, an abandoned, magical resort, the Hinato residents' well-intentioned meddling, and his own clumsiness. It all adds up to kind of affectionate nuttiness Hina fans...

Love Hina Again The Movie DVD

Love Hina And the Winner Is Vol. 6 DVD
Years ago, did Keitaro actually promise to attend Tokyo University with Mutsumi, rather than Naru? Circumstantial evidence suggests he did, which increases tensions among the characters. Further complications ensue when Keitaro blows his entrance exam yet again, and his grandmother returns from her travels. If she resumes her place as manager of the Hinata Apartments, what will become of Keitaro? When he goes off to brood by himself, the other members of the cast reflect on how much their...

Love Hina Summer by the Sea Vol. 5 DVD
The plot of this popular slapstick romance veers into the supernatural as the summer ends. The gang from the Hinata Apartments prepares to leave the seashore and resume their studies when Naru is possessed by the ghost of a woman who drowned years earlier. Motoko uses her training in martial arts...

Love Hina Love Hurts Vol. 4 DVD
The course of true love seldom runs smooth--especially at the Hinata Apartments. The residents of the building find they're broke and the bills are due, so they need to make some money in a hurry. The hapless Keitaro finds a job babysitting the thoroughly obnoxious adopted daughter of Noriyasu Seta,...

Love Hina Secret Lives Vol. 3 DVD
This slapstick romantic comedy takes some odd turns as it reaches its midpoint. The earlier episodes depicted a farcical reworking of everyday life as nerdy Keitaro, the manager of the Hinata Apartments, pursued his dreams of entering prestigious Tokyo University, and winning the heart of fellow...

Love Hina Go West! Vol. 2 DVD
After Keitaro and Naru fail the entrance exam for prestigious Tokyo University--she for the first time, he for the third--they set off independently for Kyoto to think about life. They meet on the train after breaking their glasses, fail to recognize each other, and become fast friends--until an...

Love Hina Moving In Vol. 1 DVD
An agreeable loser in the tradition of Keiichi in Oh My Goddess, 20-year-old Keitaro Urashima promised a girl when he was 5 that they'd attend prestigious Tokyo University together. He's in prep school, struggling to fulfill that promise, when his grandmother retires, making him the manager of the...

Love Hina Christmas Movie DVD

Love Hina Spring Special Movie DVD

Love Hina DVDs

Love Hina Book 1 by Ken Akamatsu Paperback
When Keitaro Urashima fails his entrance exams to get into Tokyo University for the second time, he’s officially an unemployed and uneducated slacker. To make things worse, his parents have kicked him out of his house. Fortunately, his grandmother owns the fabulous Hinata Lodge and has agreed to take Keitaro in as caretaker. What he doesn’t know is that the lodge is actually a girl’s dorm and he’s the only guy around! Most guys would kill to live with five sexy ladies, but if Keitaro’s not careful, this job will kill him.

Love Hina Book 2 by Ken Akamatsu Paperback

Love Hina Book 14 by Ken Akamatsu Paperback

Love Hina Book 9 by Ken Akamatsu Paperback



Love Hina Hinata Girls Song Best Soundtrack Audio CD

Love Hina Best Collection Soundtrack CD


Love Hina I Wall Poster by Ken Akamatsu, 24.5x36.5

Love Hina II Wall Poster by Ken Akamatsu, 24.5x36.5

Love Hina I Framed Art Print by Ken Akamatsu

Love Hina II Framed Art Print by Ken Akamatsu

Love Hina Wall Poster, 22x34


Love Hina Again Naru Statue

Love Hina Again: Motoko PVC Statue


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