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Ninja Scroll DVD
A peak achievement of Japanese anime, Ninja Scroll is a propulsive mix of samurai action adventure and supernatural fantasy from writer-director Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Supernatural Best City). This is defiantly animation for grown-ups, complete with fountains of blood, plenty of naked flesh, and (in both the subtitled and dubbed versions) some decidedly strong language. (Students of Japanese language could pick up some useful expressions.) The plot sounds like a 16th century variation on the X-Files: An entire village has been wiped out by a mysterious plague and an anti-government conspiracy of invulnerable demons seems to be responsible. A wandering ninja, Jubei, and his female counterpart, Kagero, team up to defeat the plotters. Jubei is a classic reluctant hero, agreeing to participate in the mission only after being fed a slow-acting poison; the antidote will be supplied after he cooperates. And Kagero, a looker whose embrace is lethal, is a femme fatale with a difference that seems distinctively Japanese: sexual contact itself is...

Ninja Scroll Series Ultimate Collection DVD
Ten years after his popular feature Ninja Scroll (1993), Yoshiaki Kawajiri returned to the adventures of super-ninja Jubei Kibagami in a broadcast series. A wanderer who can cleave enemies in two with a single sword-stroke, Jubei gets drawn into a ghoulish war while trying to get a peaceful night's sleep. The Hiruko and Kimon ninja clans are fighting over the mysterious Dragon Stone, which confers extraordinary wealth and power. It's somehow linked to Shigure, a woman whom the ninjas call the Light Maiden. With some faltering help from thief Tsubute and Dakuan, an aged but powerful monk, Jubei sets out to deliver the magical Stone to Shigure...

Ninja Scroll (UMD Mini For PSP) DVD

Ninja Scroll (10th Anniversary Edition) DVD

Ninja Scroll Series Ultimate Collection DVD

Ninja Scroll The Series (Vol. 1) DVD

Ninja Scroll The Series (Vol. 2) DVD
Episode 5 "Diamond Child" Meet Tatsunosuke, a young thief with a special gift and nothing to lose. Matched against Tsubute, which thief will come out with the Dragon Stone in his pocket? Faced with the opportunity to join the Kimon, will Tatsunosuke take the chance, and pay for it with his life? Episode 6 "Shelter From the Rain" Apart from the others, Jubei finds himself poisoned in battle with Nenmu, a ninja who can use the bodies of people. Caught in a rainstorm, with the help of a woman and her young son, Jubei slowly recuperates from the poison. But with Nenmu�s ability to manipulate anybody, who can tell a friend from the enemy? Will Jubei�s newfound allies turn against him? Episode 7 "Blossom" Azami is back, and after the half of Dragon Stone she could not get the first time, determined not to lose it to the Kimon clan. Meanwhile, Jubei learns the truth about the Dragon Stone and the treasure of the Lost Dynasty, and he�s slowly figuring out just how precarious of a position they are all in. Episode 8 "The Fate of Rengoku" Rengoku has her mission � to get the other half of the Dragon Stone from Jubei. This is also her chance to avenge the death of her beloved brother, but at what cost? With revenge on her mind, what will Rengoku sacrifice for the ability to kill Jubei?

Ninja Scroll The Series (Vol. 3) DVD

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Jubei Ninpucho Ninja Scroll Soundtrack Audio CD

Ninja Scroll CD

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