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Outlaw Star Perfect Collection Boxed Set DVD
Like the dashing desperado in an old Hollywood Western, rhinestone-in-the-rough Gene Starwind is a self-proclaimed outlaw who lives by a personal code of ethics. His sphere of action is limited to the two-bit planet where he lives with his friend and business partner Jim Hawking, until rebel pirate "Hot Ice" Hilda arrives. She gives Jim and Gene the super-ship, the Outlaw Star, and tells them about a fabulous treasure hidden at the Galactic Leyline. The duo sets off, accompanied by beautiful assassin Suzuka, Malfina, an android who bonds with the ship's fussy computer, and, later, the abrasive alien Aisha Clanclan of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire. They face some nasty enemies: the Kei Pirates, the MacDougall brothers (Harry, a psychotic cyborg, and Ron, a sadistic human), and Lord Hazanko of the 108 Stars pirate gang. The expedition to the enigmatic planet Galactic Leyline becomes a four-way race that pits Gene and his crew against Hazanko, the MacDougals, and a Ctarl-Ctarl battle cruiser. At the Leyline, Gene, Malfina, and Suzuka confront...

Outlaw Star Collection 1 DVD
This rollicking adventure takes place in the distant future, when interstellar space is divided among Pirates, the Space Forces, and Outlaws, who live by their personal codes. Self-proclaimed Outlaw Gene Starwind is a crack shot, a ferocious brawler, and a dashing ladies' man. But he suffers from a fear of space rooted in his troubled past. He lives on the two-bit planet Sentinel III with his friend and business partner Jim Hawking, a kid who looks a bit like Duo in Gundam Wing. Jim and Gene are drawn into a web of intrigue by the rebel pirate Hot Ice Hilda. They acquire a supership, the Outlaw Star, and learn of a fabulous treasure hidden at the mysterious Galactic Leyline. They befriend the beautiful assassin Suzuka; Malfina, an android who bonds with the ship's fussy computer; and effete arms dealer Fred Lou. They also pick up some nasty enemies: the Kei Pirates, Aisha Clanclan of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, and the amoral MacDougall. Some fans have compared Outlaw Star to Cowboy Bebop, but it lacks Bebop's noir atmosphere and gritty fascination. Gene displays a rough-and-tumble charm, but Katsuhiko Chiba's screenplay rambles aimlessly at times, and some of these first nine episodes are little more than filler. Contains these episodes: 1. "Outlaw World," 2. "Star of Desire," 3. "Into Burning Space," 4. "When the Hot Ice Melts," 5. "Beast Girl, Ready to Spring," 6. "Beautiful Assassin," 7. "Creeping Evil," 8. "Forced Departure," 9. "A Journey of Adventure"! Huh? This uncut version...

Outlaw Star Collection 2 DVD
In this second two-disc set of adventures, Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking shift operations to the planet Heifong, accompanied by the lovely assassin Suzuka and the cyborg Malfina. The Ctarl-Ctarl alien Aisha Clanclan joins them as a rather fractious partner. During a high-stakes space race, Gene discovers that MacDougall, the enemy he met in episode 9, is really two brothers: Harry, a psychotic cyborg, and Ron, a gelid sadist. Nasty as they are, the MacDougall brothers are small potatoes compared to the real threat Gene and his friends face. In "The Seven Emerge," Lord Hazano, the head of the 108 Stars pirate gang, sends a band of dreaded murderers after them. Hazano wants Gene's ship, the Outlaw Star, which rebel pirate "Hot Ice" Hilda gave him before she was murdered by the MacDougalls. A secret coalition of pirates and Space Force agents developed the ship: with Malefina acting as its guidance system, it's the only vessel capable of reaching the fabulous treasure hidden at the Galactic Leyline. Although he's unable to discover the nature of the treasure or the location of the Galactic Leyline, Gene resolves to take his crew there at the end of episode 18. But there's still time for plenty of comic adventure, including Gene's entry in the distaff events of the Galactic Strongman Contest as "Jenny." Rhinestone-in-the-rough Gene Starwind may remind viewers of a cross between Kain Blueriver in Lost Universe and Vash the Stampede in Trigun. Like Kain, he comes out on top in misadventures that never quite cover his expenses, and he's as formidable a marksman as Vash. But he lacks the metaphysical bent that enables Kain to wield a psi blade, and the viewer looks in vain for Vash's reverence for life and self-deprecating charm. Outlaw Star delivers an engaging, rather dark brand of comedy-adventure, although the clean-up artists on the series do very sloppy work: Gene's features change noticeably from scene to scene. Episodes included: 10. "Gathering for the Space Race," 11. "Adrift in Subspace," 12. "Life and Death Struggle with the El Dorado," 13. "Advance Guard from an Alien World," 14. "Final Countdown," 15. "The Seven Emerge," 16. "Demon of the Water Planet," 17. "Between Life and Machine," 18. "The Strongest Woman in the Universe."

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