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Overman King Gainer Exodus 6 DVD
The Exodus is almost at an end but our heroes may not live to reach the fabled land. An Overdevil has been awakened and threatens to lay waste to the whole world with the deadly chill of its powers. Gainer must play a new game in order to save his friend and bring the Overdevil's rampage to a halt. As Gain and Gainer reach the crossroads of fate, their actions will decide the future of the Exodus...and their world!

Overman King Gainer Exodus 5 DVD
Gainer's experience has taught him the difference between real battle and mere games. But Gainer's online rival Cynthia Lane challenges him to a lethal duel. Meanwhile Gain confronts the half-crazed Asuham Boone, who is playing a sinister game of his own. What dark secret lies hidden inside the Crystal of Agate, and what will become of these warriors when their paths converge at the crystal's core? Nominated Best TV Series at the Tokyo Anime Fest.

Overman King Gainer Exodus 4 DVD
The Exodus to Yapan has found a new foe. When the Exodus threatens to create a flaw in his perfect diagram, Kashmir uses a powerful Psycho-Overmen to wage psychological warfare against Gain, Gainer and their comrades. Now, their thoughts, their hopes their fears- the hidden secrets of the Exodus defenders will be forced into the cold light of day.

Overman King Gainer Exodus 3 DVD

Overman King Gainer Exodus 2 DVD

Overman King Gainer Exodus 1 DVD
In the distant future, mankind is forced to live in domed cities called Domepolis after an environmental cataclysm ravages the Earth's surface. These cities are maintained and supplied by private corporations, but at what cost to the inhabitants living within them? In a Siberian Domepolis, virtual game champion Gainer Sanga is arrested on suspicion of "Exodus", an unauthorized venture beyond the dome walls and strictly prohibited by the government, but why? In prison, he meets Gain Bijou, a mercenary bent on escaping and together the two will lead an Exodus out of the city and to a vaunted land known only as Yapan.

Overman King Gainer Original Soundtrack 1 Music CD

Overman King Gainer Original Soundtrack 2 Audio CD


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Overman King Gainer DVDs Overman King Gainer Exodus Overman King Gainer Music