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Old Warsaw

Polish Recipes

"Old Warsaw Polish Recipes" are traditional Polish recipes. Handed down by one generation to the next generation. You will find "Old World Turn of the Century" recipes listed below. Enjoy.

Old Warsaw Polish Recipes

List of recipes
BARSZCZ - Beet soup
A lite beet and potato with sausage soup all will enjoy!

FASOLA - String Bean Soup
This hearty string bean, potato with sausage soup will leave you asking for more.

SZPINAK - Sour Grass or Spinach Soup
A soup for a special day. Spinach, beef and potato with spices to make this a "one of a kind" soup.

KASZKA - Beef and Barley Soup
Beef, barley and the right spices make this soup great for any day. More please...

POKRAWA - Duck Soup
A Holiday soup. This delicious soup is made of duck, selected meats, prunes and apples. Wonderful taste and texture you will enjoy.

KLUSKI - Potato Dumplings
Lite potato dumplings that are good with many dishes. Such as sour beef and dumplings or veal stew. Also good as a side dish. Surprise your guest.

NALESNIKI - Pancakes and Cottage Cheese
Golden fried pancakes with a tasty seasoned cottage cheese. Will please any crowd!

Here is a meaty stew with vegetables and a hearty gravy that you can use to cover your noodles or rice. Yum! Yum!

GOLABKI - Stuffed Cabbage
Cabbage rolls filled with seasoned rice and meat. Along with a tasty tomato sauce this meal satisfies.

KIELEBASA & KRAW - Polish Sausage & Sauerkraut
Sauerkraut and sausage with pearl barley. Special seasoning makes this a great dish for Holidays or any day you want to treat yourself.

CHUSTCIKI - Bow Tie Cookies
This Wedding day or Holiday cookie is a delightfully crisp Bow Tie cookie. Finished with a powder sugar topping they go fast, so make plenty.

EASTER BABKA - Sweet Raisin Bread
Bread my Grandmother use to make. A wonderful sweet eggy raisin bread that is great with butter. Who would have thought bread could be so good!!

This pierogy recipe is hard to let go of! In my 60+ years, I have never seen a recipe like it. I like to call it our "gourmet pierogy". My grandmother, as a young woman, worked as a cook in Warsaw. She came to this country with all her wonderful recipes. I hope you will enjoy them too!
This is a two-part recipe. It starts with a delicious tomato/rice soup with special seasoning and other ingredients which lead to the pierogy recipe. What makes this recipe is what's in the pierogies and how they are served.

"Old Warsaw Polish Recipes"

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