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Samurai Champloo Volume 7 DVD

Samurai Champloo Volume 6 DVD
Director Shinichiro Watanabe continues to push the envelope as his outrageous adventure-comedy Samurai Champloo nears the end of its first season. The encounter between Fuu, Jin, and Mugen and a mysterious musician-assassin raises more questions than it answers: The three misfits' trip to Nagasaki apparently involves greater issues than they realize. Fans of Cowboy Bebop may find the eerily surreal "Cosmic Collisions" recalls the "Mushroom Samba" episode of Watanabe's previous series. A clipper ship from the U.S. arrives in Japan decades before...

Samurai Champloo Volume 5 DVD
The outrageous comedy-adventure Samurai Champloo reaches new heights of absurdity in episode 18, a showcase for creator Shinichiro Watanabe's interest in hip-hop culture. While Mugen belatedly learns to read in a smackdown elementary school, Jin tries to settle the rivalry between two brothers who inherited the dojo of a former sensei. The two seemingly unrelated storylines collide in a hilarious, no-holds-barred anachronistic graffiti contest that features Tokugawa-era rap lyrics, gang signs, ink-brush tagging, Hiroshima homeboys, and a designer-connoisseur who's a caricature of Andy Warhol. Only Watanabe could pull off these...

Samurai Champloo Volume 4 DVD
As Shinichiro Watanabe's freewheeling adventure continues, the pasts of the three main characters begin to come into focus. As an outlaw and a native of Ryukuu, Mugen is doubly an outsider in mainstream Japanese society. Watanabe plays his childhood flashbacks against an Okinawan folk song to...

Samurai Champloo Volume 3 DVD
Mugen, Jin, and Fuu careen through time and cultures like pool balls on a wild carom as Shinchiro Watanabe's Samurai Champloo continues. In the accompanying notes, writer Dai Sato comments that he and Watanabe "like counterculture and rebellious music." No wonder Mugen stumbles onto an...

Samurai Champloo Volume 2 DVD
The mayhem and imagination never flag in director Shinchiro Watanabe's first series since Cowboy Bebop. Fuu poses for a Ukiyo-e (woodblock print) artist, only to discover he's tied to a criminal ring that traffics in young girls. She joins Mugen and Jin to escort gay Dutch trader Izaak Titsingh on a...

Samurai Champloo Volume 1 DVD
Viewers eagerly awaited director Shinichiro Watanabe's first broadcast series since Cowboy Bebop, and this quirky, violent period adventure was worth the wait. In contrast to the jazz-inflected disillusionment of Bebop, Champloo offers an edgy mix of martial arts combat and hip-hop irreverence. A...

Samurai Champloo Volume 2 (UMD Mini For PSP) DVD

Samurai Champloo Episodes 1 & 2 (UMD Mini For PSP) DVD


Samurai Champloo by Manglobe, Masaru Gotsubo Paperback

Samurai Champloo 2006 Wall Calendar by Shinichiro Watanabe, Dai Sato
In the local dialect of Okinawa, Japan, "CHAMPLOO" means "mixing" or "blending."

Samurai Champloo is a completely new Samurai action series! The story begins several hundreds of years ago in Japan when Mugen, a reckless man; Jin, a mysterious sword master; and Fuu, a young woman wishing to employ bodyguards to escort her to Kyoto, embark on a journey to find a samurai who "smells like a sunflower." Thus their journey begins, but who knows what troubles they will face along the way.

From the groundbreaking creators of Cowboy Bebop (Shinichiro Watanabe & Dai Sato), Samurai Champloo mixes samurai action with hip-hop, breaking the bounds of traditional samurai stories with a new form of animation art and story telling. With plans to air on TV, this Japanese anime takes action to another level.

Pop Displays Samurai Champloo 32 Count Pop Display by Tokyopop Paperback

Samurai Champloo Original Soundtrack Music CD

Samurai Champloo Anime Black Messenger Bag
The messenger bag features the embroidered image of Samurai Champloo logo on front panel. The messenger bag comes with a removable phone holder. When you flip over the front panel, you will find 6 card holders, 2 pen holders, and other pockets for all your high tech needs. The inside has 2 zipper pockets. This bag is perfect for laptops.

Samurai Champloo Military Cap
The official military style cap from Geneon's hit anime "Samurai Champloo." This hip-looking cap will please any "Samurai Champloo" fan. Cotton cap with an adjustable leather strap closure. One size fits all.

Samurai Champloo Jin Military Style Anime Messenger Bag

Samurai Champloo Anime Baseball Cap

Samurai Champloo Anime Graphic Wall Scroll Poster


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