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Speed Racer Episodes 1-11 DVD
The world's favorite high-octane animated hero is back! Roaring into action aboard his trusty Mach-5, it's the intrepid young race car driver who sparked an international cult phenomenon: the one and only SPEED RACER! Now, for the first time ever, the first 11 episodes of this classic hugely popular "Japanimation" series are brought together in this special limited edition DVD. Turbo-charged with all of Speed Racer's trademark animated thrills, offbeat humor, unforgettable characters and cliff-hanger racing action, these collectible, specially remastered episodes are the stuff of every fan's dreams. So fasten your seatbelts - and join Speed, girlfriend Trixie, Speed's two brothers, one mischievous monkey, and an outrageous assortment of villains for one fast-lane, no-brakes, nonstop adventure after another! Ready...Set...Go, Speed Racer, Go!

One of the first "Japanimation" series to air in the U.S., Speed Racer (Mach Go Go Go) debuted in syndication in September 1967. Eighteen-year-old Speed Racer wants to become a race car driver, but his father, automotive engineer Pops Racer, "blows a gasket" at the idea. Pops, who designed the amazing Mach 5, relents when Speed demonstrates his extraordinary driving skills. He embarks on a series of fantastic adventures that pit him and his friends against Skull Duggery, Snake Oiler, Mr. Wiley, and the Alpha Gang. With their wide chins,...

Speed Racer Episodes 12-23 DVD
In this second set of adventures, Speed and his friends race against a madman's robot-controlled car in "Race for Revenge." Trixie gets jealous when Speed pays too much attention to the pretty title character in "The Girl Daredevil." In "The Desperate Desert Race," the gang is taken prisoner by rebel army leader Ali ben Schemer, a character who may offend Arab-American viewers.

When Mach Go Go Go debuted in syndication in the U.S. as Speed Racer in 1967, the series had been extensively re-edited to excise much of the violence. These edits cause some continuity problems: in "Girl Daredevil," new tires appear on the Mach-5 between two scenes, and a villain steals the car, although it was out of gas minutes earlier. As the exploits of Speed, Trixie, Sparks, Spritle, and Chim Chim...

Speed Racer Episodes 24-36 DVD
 Thirteen episodes from the Original TV Series never before released on DVD. Speed Racer wants you to GO, GO, GO on thirteen high-octane adventures! Jump into the Mach-5 with Speed’s gang, Trixie, Sparky, Spritle and Chim Chim, as they battle assassins, monsters and the infamous Racer X. For the first time on DVD, these original episodes put you in the driver’s seat! Enjoy episodes 24 – 36 (Royal Racer, Car Hater, Race Against Time, Snake Track, Man on the Lam, Gang of Assassins, Race for Life, Supersonic Car, and Crash in the Jungle).


Speed Racer Plug N Play
Not Machine Specific
Games based on popular classic cartoon series, Speed Racer. 5 games in all.

Speed Racer Family, Wall Poster, 36x24

Speed Racer Wall Poster, 24x36


Speed Racer Complete Song Collection Audio CD
Japan exclusive Speed Racer soundtrack.

Speed Racer Apparel

SPEED RACER Speed No. 5 - New Vintage Heather / Black Ringer T-Shirt / Tee

Speed Racer T-Shirt Speed Racer Basic Shirt

SPEED RACER Speed Racer in Cockpit - New Vintage White T-Shirt / Tee

Speed Racer Baseball Cap

Speed Racer Vintage Logo T-Shirt

SPEED RACER "My Monkey Likes Candy" - New Vintage White / Brown Ringer T-Shirt / Tee

Speed Racer T-Shirt: Sprytle Hides in my Trunk

Speed Racer's Trixie Costume Adult

Speed Racer Costume Adult

Speed Racer necktie 1

Speed Racer silk necktie 2


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