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The Unexplained Spontaneous Human Combustion VHS
It is among the most controversial of phenomena and the hardest to explain. It is said to consume its victims from the inside out, turning them to cinders while leaving their surroundings relatively untouched. Sometimes the fire is so localized that the victim ís torso and head are destroyed while the legs and hands actually remain intact. One victim was engulfed in a fire so intense that it decimated her in less than 20 minutes. In THE UNEXPLAINED™: SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION, believers in the phenomenon go head-to-head with skeptics and fire investigators. Interviews include emergency personnel who answered 911 calls and saw the remains of victims, fire experts who investigated deaths that have been purportedly caused by S.H.C., relatives of S.H.C. victims, as well as witnesses to S.H.C. deaths.

Spontaneous Human Combustion VHS

Ablaze!: The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion
A must-have tome for the library of anyone interested in one of the world's most compelling mysteries: the apparent ability of people to become human fireballs. Hotly debated and heatedly denied yet never effectively banished like a cold ember in a fire overhaul, SHC defies common sense -- some would say sanity -- to leave behind fire scenes that are macabre beyond belief. No less astonishing are the facts revealed by eyewitnesses to SHC and, yes!, the survivors of SHC. "I saw it with my own eyes!" exclaims one witness, "he burned from the inside out, not the outside in. That's spontaneous human combustion in my estimation." Chapter after chapter of incredible stories never before in print; of eerie fires heretofore forgotten...

When the Impossible Happens: Bizarre Events That Defy Science from Levitation to Spontaneous Human Combustion (The Unexplained)

Spontaneous human combustion : thoughts of a forensic biologist. : An article from: Skeptical Inquirer [HTML] Available for download
Unusual burning deaths, often cited as cases of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) by SHC proponents and popular articles, can be explained by means of forensic analysis. Although the claims of SHC have no scientific evidence, an examination of the pictures taken at the sites of the alleged SHC are worth the efforts of the forensic scientist. A closer examination of these photographs based on sources from the photographer, the police report, and the pathologist, forensic doctor, or medical examiner is presented.

Not-so-spontaneous human combustion. : An article from: Skeptical Inquirer [HTML] Available for download
Larry E. Arnold's book entitled 'Ablaze!' contains cases that allegedly support the theory of spontaneous human combustion. The concept refers to the exploding of a burning body into nothing, with only an extremity left as evidence of the fiery death. However, Arnold's claims are riddled with logical inconsistencies. He, along with other proponents of this theory, are fascinated with the paranormal and stand opposed to the beliefs of scientists such as physicists and chemists.

Spontaneous Human Combustion. (book reviews) : An article from: Skeptical Inquirer [HTML] Available for download
Spontaneous human combustion (SHC) is supposedly the condition in which a very hot fire erupts from the inside of the human body, without an external source of flame. The net result, it is claimed, is a fire so hot that the body is reduced to ashes. Some of the more thoroughly investigated cases of SHC have presented us with a body completely reduced to ashes except for a protruding hand or foot, which was left completely unburned. In addition, and perhaps most mysterious, the surrounding furniture and environment near the body were rarely damaged very much by the fire.

Fire from heaven: A study of spontaneous combustion in human beings
In 1986, an evangelist in Vienna exploded into flames as he preached a fire-and-brimstone sermon. And the Bible in his hand wasn't even scorched. In this intriguing book, Michael Harrison considers the problem of spontaneous human combustion with wit precision and a certain Edwardian style that makes this into a thorough going study of a phenomenon that is weird and rare-but very real.


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