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.hack//SIGN The Complete Collection (Limited Edition) DVD
is set in the world within an online game. Tsukasa, a powerful Wave Master, finds himself lost in the cyberworld, with little memory of how he got there. More significantly, he's unable to log out of the game and is apparently immune to many of its restrictions. He may be the focus of an impending crisis linked to the mysterious Key of the Twilight. As he wanders through different realms, Tsukasa meets spunky girl warrior Mimiru; earnest soldier Bear; the Crimson Knights, who maintain order in the game-world; and genially heroic Crim, a Heavy Spear wielder. Tsukasa also encounters a potent but unseen entity who promises to protect him--and does. Handsomely designed, well animated, and skillfully directed, .hack//Sign...

.hack//SIGN Vol. 1 Login DVD

.hack//SIGN Vol. 2 Outcast DVD
The story of this fantasy adventure continues to unfold in intriguing ways. Unlike most game-based series, the characters in .Hack//Sign realize they are in the cyberworld of an online game. Events in the real world affect the game, although it's not clear if the reverse is true. Most of the ...

.hack//SIGN Gestalt Vol. 3 DVD
Tensions between reality and the cyber-realm of the "the World" intensify as Wave Master Tsukasa remains trapped within the game, unlike the other characters who log on and off when they choose. Bear believes that Tsukasa is actually a girl in a coma whose consciousness has become divorced from...

.hack//SIGN Omnipotence Vol. 4 DVD
It is the year 2010. After the great network crash of 2005, online entertainment was restricted. Two years after, the CC Corporation released the first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing game since the incident. The extremely popular game, called "The World" sells millions of copies. And when that many are playing, things are bound to go wrong. A mysterious boy, who calls himself Tsukasa, appears. He is very mysterious, and he claims that he is actually alive...

.hack//SIGN Uncovered Vol. 5 DVD
The quest for the Key of the Twilight continues as the appearance of undefeatable monsters and mythic heroes shakes the online Game World. As the relationship between Tsukasa and Subaru grows closer, he takes her to the hidden forest of the sleeping girl--and is severely punished. The voice that...

.hack//SIGN Terminus Vol. 6 DVD
The popular fantasy-adventure concludes as the world of the game grows increasingly unstable. Aided by Subaru and his friends, Tsubasa challenges the vengeful and omnipresent Morganna for mastery of the cyber-realm. As Tsubasa rediscovers his true identity and the role he was destined to play, he...


.hack//AI Buster by Tatsuya Hamazaki

.Hack Vol. 1-3 Bundle by Tatsuya Hamazaki
You've seen the Anime on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and you've romped around The World in the best selling PS2 games, now you can immerse yourself into The World that started it all! Available for the first time ever in the United States - get the entire best selling .hack Manga Series that launched the super popular Anime and Videogame series. Available only as 100% Authentic Manga. Only from AMAZON.

.Hack //Legend of the Twilight Vol. 1 by Tatsuya Hamazaki
Old-fashioned role-playing games experience a renaissance on the World Wide Web. Twins Rena and Shugo are two middle school students who enter "The World" as level one game characters. When Shugo's character dies he is transported to another level where he is entrusted to bear the Twilight Bracelet...


.hack/Sign Original Sound & Song Track 2 Music CD

Hack//Sign Vol. 1 Soundtrack Audio CD


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.hack//SIGN DVDs .hack//sign TV Series .hack//SIGN Anime .hack//sign Books