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Twelve Kingdoms Premium Box I DVD

Twelve Kingdoms Premium Box II DVD

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 10 Reverie DVD

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 9 Atonement DVD
In times of crisis, the principles of kingdoms are forged and the mettle of a leader is tested. A stage has been set and dressed with the armies of Kei. The resistance forces teeter on the brink of collapse, with imperial guards flanking them on all sides. Youko must make her move if all is to not be lost. The will of the Heavens have been challenged and it is Youko who must enforce them. Divided and torn, the fearless band of fighters wait for the promised aid that will win the war and free them from the oppression of Shoukou.

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 8 Alliance DVD
Youko survives an assassination plot by her court advisors, but the event leaves the young ruler shaken and questioning her ability to lead the people of Kei. Hoping to learn more about the kingdom, Youko leaves the palace to live quietly among her subjects. Meanwhile, the former princess of Hou is working as a servant in the court of Kyou. Unable to bear her change in station, she steals what she needs and escapes. Suzu still yearns to meet with new ruler of Kei, but fate leads her instead to Youko's lost friend Asano.

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 7 Reflection DVD

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 6 Oppression DVD

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 5 Forgotten DVD

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 4 Reunion DVD

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 3 Coup DVD

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 2 Empress DVD
Youkoís legend continues as she journeys deep into the world of the Twelve Kingdoms. Will she be able to remain true to herself once she learns the terrible secret of her destiny?

Twelve Kingdoms Chapter 1 Shoku DVD
The story begins with the everyday life of Youko Nakajima. Upon being confronted by a mysterious blond stranger, Youko is told of her destiny and pulled away into another world. Along with two of her classmates, Sugimoto and Asano, she is abandoned on foreign shores. This begins Youko's perilous journey to the Kingdom of Kei on an epic road of espionage, terror, and betrayal. The mystic world of The Twelve Kingdoms assails her with one savage challenge after another. Will Youko embrace her destiny?


12 Kokuki (Twelve Kingdoms) Junigenmukumikyoku 1 Soundtracks Music CD

12 Kokuki (Twelve Kingdoms) Image Ablum Audio CD

12 Kokuki (Twelve Kingdoms): Yasou Tsuki no Shizuku - Piano Memories CD


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Twelve Kingdoms DVDs Twelve Kingdoms Series Twelve Kingdoms Anime