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Cowboy Bebop Complete Sessions Vol. 1-6 Collection ( Exclusive)
Each of the snazzy 25-minute installments from the most popular Japanese animated TV series of 1998 is a satisfying adventure tale about a futuristic hipster bounty hunter. This is an elegant action-comedy anime, with smoothly integrated CGI space-flight elements, gorgeous graphics, blues harmonica and sax riffs on the soundtrack, and a no-sweat post-Tarantino attitude. Despite occasional eruptions of gun-fu Asian-action violence, and some intimations of heavy-duty drug use (in the first of 26 episodes, one especially noxious narcotic is administered as an aerosol spray straight onto the user's eyeballs), the tone is surprisingly convivial. None of the generic tough elements are grim or mean-spirited. Lanky antihero Spike Spiegel is a planet-hopping freelance hunter with an ex-cop sidekick named Jet, a loopy fellow hunter named Faye, a teenage computer hack, and a genetically enhanced Welsh corgi assistant in tow. The emphasis is on clever twists of plot in an episodic short-story format with as many wisecracks...

Cowboy Bebop The Movie DVD
As the eagerly awaited Cowboy Bebop feature film reunites the original director, screenwriter, composer, and vocal cast, it's not surprising that the film plays like an expanded TV episode. What should be the routine capture of a two-bit hacker by Faye escalates into a deadly game of cat and mouse, as Spike and the gang struggle to prevent the evil Vincent Volaju from murdering every human on Mars. Director Shinichiro Watanabe handles the action sequences with his usual panache. Inside the sinister Cherious Medical research facility, Spike fights a beautiful agent, using a push broom in a series of maneuvers Jackie Chan might envy. The climactic duel between Spike and Vincent plays against innocent yet eerie images of a Halloween carnival, recalling the amusement park setting of episode 20, "Pierrot Le Fou." Knockin' on Heaven's Door will delight fans of the series and provide an excellent introduction for the uninitiated who want to know why Cowboy Bebop...

Cowboy Bebop Remix Vol. 5 DVD
Now in Dolby Digital 5.1! Spike, Faye, Jet, Ed and Ein continue their endless search for cash. However, tragedy and triumph await as they navigate their way through the dangers of space and corridors of memory. The hottest anime show only gets better as it draws toward its end. Longest Anime Broadcast series on Cartoon Network Toonami.

Cowboy Bebop Remix 4 DVD
The crew of the Bebop unravels more mysteries in their quest for making a living. Faye and Jet learn that the past isn't always what you remember, and Ed and Ein strike out on their own in one of the funniest adventures yet.

Cowboy Bebop Remix 3 DVD
The crew must first fight a strange organism that's boarded the Bebop. Surviving that, they move on to find their lost cash, and Spike begins the search for the Julia. But it turns out that his old enemy Vicious is involved. Finally, they must solve the mystery of a high-tech crime that seems to have been perpetrated by a ghost. Longest Anime series on Cartoon Network! Completely remastered and remixed with 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound.

Cowboy Bebop Remix 2 DVD
Spike and Vicious conclude their reunion with a deadly duel. And after that, more mayhem and hilarity await as the crew of Bebop continues to try and make a living as bounty hunters. As the travel, the will meet a feisty space trucker, make a stop on Venus, and meet up with the great hacker Ed. Cowboy Bebop Remix is one show anime fans and fans of Cowboy Bebop have been waiting for!!!

Cowboy Bebop Remix 1 DVD
Enjoy true Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 and be immersed once again with Jet, Spike and the rest of the crew of the Bebop as they travel around the galaxy in search for the wanted criminals one bounty at a time! Longest Anime Broadcast Series on Toonami.

Cowboy Bebop Session 1 DVD

Cowboy Bebop Session 2 DVD

Cowboy Bebop Session 3 DVD
The centerpiece of the third disc of this popular series is the two-part adventure "Jupiter Jazz," which offers hints about the shrouded past of hero Spike Spiegel. Spike returns to his old haunts on Callisto in search of a mysterious woman, and comes into conflict with his former underworld ...

Cowboy Bebop Session 4 DVD
Director Shinichiro Watanabe and writer Keiko Nobumoto continue to explore the pasts of the main characters in this gritty, outer-space Western. In "My Funny Valentine," Faye confronts a two-bit confidence man and discovers that her background is as much of a mystery to her as it is to everyone...

Cowboy Bebop Session 5 DVD
The second episode on this disc, "Pierrot Le Fou", epitomizes the mixture of sardonic humor and noir adventure that has made Cowboy Bebop so popular in Japan and the U.S. Spike fights a deadly duel with the title character, the product of a botched ISSP (Inter Solar System Police) attempt to ...

Cowboy Bebop Session 6 DVD
The past comes back to haunt each of the characters in the sixth installment of the popular noir sci-fi adventure. In "Brain Scratch," Faye is drawn into an eerie cult that promises electronic immortality and an end to worldly cares. Director Shinichiro Watanabe juxtaposes flashy television ...

Cowboy Bebop Best Sessions DVD

Metropolis / Cowboy Bebop DVD

Kaena The Prophecy / Cowboy Bebop The Movie DVD

Cowboy Bebop DVDs

Cowboy Bebop Videos

Cowboy Bebop - Faye, Wall Poster, 22x34

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Original Original Poster, 26x40

Cowboy Bebop - Faye Bun, Wall Poster, 22x34

Cowboy Bebop, Wall Poster, 22x34


Cowboy Bebop T-Shirt, Faye

Cowboy Bebop Pulp Black T-Shirt

Cowboy Bebop Faye Valentine Poster T-Shirt

Cowboy Bebop Faye Valentine Anime Backpack

Cowboy Bebop Ein 11" Dog Plush

Cowboy Bebop Anime Messenger Side Bag (Faye)


Cowboy Bebop V.3
(Blue) Soundtrack

Japanimation Yoko Kanno
Audio CD

Cowboy Bebop V.1

Japanimation Yoko Kanno
Audio CD

Cowboy Bebop Remixes
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