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Matt's Mood
Matt Bianco, Featuring Basia
Release Date March 1, 2005

Clear Horizon Best of Basia

1. Clear Horizon
2. Cruising for Bruising
3. Drunk on Love
4. Time and Tide
5. Waters of March (Aguas de Março)
6. Third Time Lucky
7. Promises
8. Baby You're Mine
9. Yearning
10. Astrud
11. Olive Tree
12. Go for You
13. New Day for You
14. Perfect Mother
15. From Now On [Live]
16. Half a Minute [Live]
17. Angels Blush

Time & Tide

1. Promises
2. Run For Cover
3. Time And Tide
4. Freeze Thaw
5. From Now On
6. New Day For You
7. Prime Time TV
8. Astrud
9. How Dare You
10. Miles Away

 London Warsaw New York

1. Cruising for Bruising
2. Best Friends
3. Brave New Hope
4. Baby You're Mine
5. Ordinary People
6. Reward
7. Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
8. Copernicus
9. Not an Angel
10. Take Him Back, Rachel

Basia on Broadway

1. Copernicus
2. Cruising for Bruising
3. Third Time Lucky
4. Drunk on Love
5. From Now On
6. Baby You're Mine
7. Yearning
8. Take Him Back, Rachel
9. New Day for You - Basia
10. Promises
11. Time and Tide
12. Half a Minute
13. Reward
14. Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
15. Dzien Sie Budzi
16. Brave New Hope

Time & Tide / London Warsaw New York / Sweetest Illusion


Sweetest Illusion

1. Drunk On Love
2. Third Time Lucky
3. Yearning
4. She Deserves It/Rachel's Wedding
5. An Olive Tree
6. The Sweetest Illusion
7. Perfect Mother
8. More Fire Than Flame
9. Simple Pleasures
10. My Cruel Ways
11. The Prayer Of A Happy Housewife

Brave New Hope

1. Brave New Hope
2. Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) [12" Remix]
3. Brave New Hope [Brave New Mix]
4. Give Me That
5. Cruising for Bruising [12" Remix]
6. Forgive and Forget
7. From Now On [Band Version]
8. Masquerade
9. Come to Heaven

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