Shelby Lynne Just A Little Lovin' CD I Am Shelby Lynne cd Shelby Lynne Music CDs

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Just A Little Lovin' Shelby Lynne CD

1. Just A Little Lovin'
  2. Anyone Who Had A Heart
  3. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
  4. I Only Want To Be With You
  5. The Look Of Love
  6. Breakfast In Bed
  7. Willie And Lauramae Jones
  8. I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore
  9. Pretend
10. How Can I Be Sure

Shelby's new album, Just A Little ovin', was inspired by one of her favorite singers, Dusty Springfield. The album features nine clasic songs associated with Dusty and one stunning original written by Shelby, inspired by Dusty.

The Definitive Collection
Shelby Lynne

1. The Hurtin' Side
2. I'll Lie Myself To Sleep
3. Things Are Tough All Over
4. It Might Be Me
5. Feelin' Kind Of Lonely Tonight
6. Your Lies
7. Leavin'
8. Life Is Bad
9. Thought It Would Be Easier
10. Gotta Get Back
11. Dreamsome
12. Where I'm From
13. Killin' Kind
14. Wall In Your Heart
15. Break Me Open
16. Jesus On A Greyhound
17. I Can't Wait
18. Telephone
19. Where Am I Now


Identity Crisis
Shelby Lynne
1. Telephone
2. 10 Rocks
3. If I Were Smart
4. Gonna Be Better
5. I Don't Think So
6. I'm Alive
7. I Will Stay
8. Lonesome
9. Evil Man
10. Buttons And Beaus
11. Baby
12. One With The Sun

Love, Shelby
Shelby Lynne

1. Trust Me
2. Bend
3. Jesus On A Greyhound
4. Wall In Your Heart
5. Ain't It The Truth
6. I Can't Wait
7. Tarpoleon Napoleon
8. Killin' Kind
9. All Of A Sudden You Disappeared
10. Mother

I Am Shelby Lynne
Shelby Lynne

1. Your Lies
2. Leavin'
3. Life Is Bad
4. Thought It Would Be Easier
5. Gotta Get Back
6. Why Can't You Be?
7. Lookin' Up
8. Dream Some
9. Where I'm From
10. Black Light Blue

Shelby Lynne

1. Temptation
2. Feelin' Kind of Lonely Tonight
3. Tell Me I'm Crazy
4. Little Unlucky at Love
5. Some of That True Love
6. Rain Might Wash Your Love Away
7. Don't Cry for Me
8. I Need a Heart to Come Home To
9. Come a Little Closer
10. Where Do We Go from Here

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Shelby Lynne Just A Little Lovin' CD I Am Shelby Lynne cd Shelby Lynne Music CDs