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Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team DVD Complete Collection

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Complete Operations Boxed Set DVD
Gundam Wing
(1995-96), a 49-part series in the Alternate Universe continuity, scored a hit in the U.S. when it aired on the Cartoon Network. In the year 195 A.C. (After Colony), much of humanity has emigrated to orbiting Space Colonies; those who remained on Earth are governed by the oppressive United Earth Sphere Alliance. But the real power is wielded by the sinister Romefeller Foundation, whose directors plot to control Earth and the Colonies through their puppet military entity OZ, led by Zechs Marquise and Treize Khushrenada. Five teenage pilots in Gundam mecha suits strike at Earth, hoping to aid the rebel Colonists: sullen Heero Yuy, happy-go-lucky Duo Maxwell, former circus acrobat Trowa Barton, sensitive Quatre Raberba, and icy WuFei Chang. The convoluted story line pits the Romefeller Foundation, the rebellious "Treize Faction" of OZ, the Gundam Pilots, and royal pacifist Relena Peacecraft against each other. But it's primarily a battle between the adherents of a samurai-style code of honor and the soulless adherents of realpolitik. When the Romefeller Foundation begins manufacturing Mobile Dolls (pilotless battle robots), the Gundam pilots, Zechs, and Treize object, not because they can make the...

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Movie III The Rumbling Sky DVD
The Earth Forces has commissioned another Archangel-class ship, the Dominion; it's sole mission is to destroy the renegade Archangel. As the battle draws to its ultimate conclusion, it is possible that humanity itself will be the victim. Kira, Athrun, and the others must stop a war that threatens both sides with genocide! Contains never seen before footage created exclusively for this special release.

Gundam Wing the Movie Endless Waltz (Special Edition) DVD
This three-part OAV adventure picks up one year after the conclusion of the Gundam Wing series. Earth and the Space Colonies have joined to form the Earth Sphere Unified Nation; after a brief reign as Queen, Relena Peacemaker has abdicated and is serving as a government minister. The Gundams have been hidden or sent into an orbit that impacts with the sun.

The fragile peace is shattered when the sinister Dekim Barton instigates a revolt to make Mariemeia, the illegitimate daughter of former OZ chief Treize Krushrenada, absolute ruler of the new nation: part of an Endless Waltz of "peace, war, and revolution." If Earth refuses to accept her rule, they will crash one of the orbiting colonies into the planet's surface. Naturally, only the Gundam pilots Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Chang can resolve this crisis--with a little help from their friends and former enemies.

Told largely through flashbacks, the story reveals the backgrounds of the pilots. When peace is restored, they trigger the self-destruct circuits in their Gundams

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 DVD Complete Collection DVD

Gundam Wing the Movie Endless Waltz (Special Edition) DVD
With the colonies at peace, tranquility has spread through the Earth. No longer needing their weapons of war; the Gundams are sent into the sun to be destroyed. But a high-ranking government official is kidnapped by a colony with aspirations of total domination! The pilots and their allies find themselves called to action once again. The endless waltz has begun...Contains BOTH Theatrical + 3 OVA Episodes.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Movie I The Empty Battlefield DVD
In the year 71 of the Cosmic Era (rather than the "Gundam Saga" timeframe or the "Alternate Universe"), Kira Yamoto accidentally becomes a mecha pilot when he stumbles onto the top secret Strike Gundam during an attack on his home satellite-colony, Heliopolis. Although the war is technically between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, it's really a conflict between the human "Naturals" and the genetically enhanced "Coordinators." The movie and the broadcast series offer the ingredients of a classic Gundam saga: a reluctant warrior, a masked enemy general, and an old friend who tests the hero's loyalty. Cutting...

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 Complete Collection DVD

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Movie II The Far-Away Dawn DVD

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Day of Destiny (Vol. 10) DVD

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed - Grim Reality (Vol. 1) + Limited Edition Art Box w/CD DVD

Mobile Suit Gundam DVDs

Mobile Suit Gundam : Awakening, Escalation, Confrontation
by Yoshiyuki Tomino Paperback
Called "a cornerstone of anime SF," Japan's Gundam franchise that began in 1979 now boasts a worldwide cult of devotees. In the Gundam universe, the Earth Federation battles rebellious off-world colonies, and "Newtype" warriors with evolved mentality pilot gargantuan suits of high-tech armor. This novelization presents creator Yoshiyuki Tomino's unvarnished vision for his own core series, with richer characterizations and a shocking ending. Controversial when it first appeared in English in 1990, the trilogy is being brought to fans in a single re-edited volume.

Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole Du Ciel
by Haruhiku Mikimoto Paperback

Art of Gundam Wing
by Shuko Murase Paperback

Gundam SEED 5 Mobile Suit
by Masatsugu Iwase Paperback

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Astray R 4
by Tomohiro Chiba, Yasunari Toda (Illustrator) Paperback

Gundam SEED 4 : Mobile Suit Gundam
by Masatsugu Iwase Paperback

Gundam Seed Astray R
by Hajime Yatate Paperback

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Vol. 1: Divergent Strike
by Liu Goto Paperback

Mobile Suit Gundam Books

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Suit CD V.3 Music CD

Mobile Suit Z Gundam Theme Songs [CD-SINGLE] Audio CD

Mobile Suit Gundam the Movie Songs CD

Gundam Wing Mobile Suit Officially Licensed Cotton T Shirt Merchandise

Mobile Suit Gundam Videos


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Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team DVD