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Eva Cassidy
1. Fields of Gold
2. Wade in the Water
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Wayfaring Stranger
5. Songbird
6. Time Is a Healer
7. I Know You By Heart
8. People Get Ready
9. Oh, Had I a Golden Thread
10. Over the Rainbow

Wonderful World
Eva Cassidy
1. What a Wonderful World (from Live At Blues Alley)
2. Kathy's Song (From Time After Time)
3. Say Goodbye (from Eva By Heart)
4. Anniversary Song (from Time After Time)
5. How Can I Keep From Singing? (from Eva By Heart)
6. You Take My Breath Away (from American Tune)
7. Drowning in the Sea of Love (from American Tune)
8. Penny to My Name (from Time After Time)
9. You've Changed (from Imagine)
10. It Doesn't Matter Anymore (from Imagine)
11. Waly Waly (from Eva By Heart)

American Tune
Eva Cassidy
1. Drowning In The Sea Of Love
2. True Colors
3. The Water Is Wide
4. Hallelujah I Love Him So
5. God Bless The Child
6. Dark Eyed Molly
7. American Tune
8. It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing
9. Yesterday
10. You Take My Breath Away

Eva Cassidy
1. Guess It Doesn't Matter
2. Fever
3. Who Knows Where the Time Goes
4. You've Changed
5. Imagine
6. Still Not Ready
7. Early Morning Rain
8. Tennesee Waltz
9. I Can Only Be Me
10. Danny Boy

Time After Time
Eva Cassidy
1. Kathy's Song
2. Ain't No Sunshine
3. The Letter
4. At Last
5. Time After Time
6. Penny to My Name
7. I Wandered By a Brookside
8. I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
9. Easy Street Dream
10. Anniversary Song
11. Woodstock
12. Way Beyond the Blue

Live At Blues Alley
Eva Cassidy
1. Cheek to Cheek
2. Stormy Monday
3. Bridge over Troubled Water
4. Fine and Mellow
5. People Get Ready
6. Blue Skies
7. Tall Trees in Georgia
8. Fields of Gold
9. Autumn Leaves
10. Honeysuckle Rose
11. Take Me to the River
12. What a Wonderful World
13. Oh, Had I a Golden Thread

Eva By Heart
Eva Cassidy
1. I Know You By Heart
2. Time Is A Healer
3. Wayfaring Stranger
4. Wade In The Water
5. Blues In The Night
6. Songbird
7. Need Your Love So Bad (Duet With Chuck Brown)
8. Say Goodbye
9. Nightbird
10. Waly Waly
11. How Can I Keep From Singing

The Other Side
Chuck Brown  Eva Cassidy
1. Let the Good Times Roll
2. Fever
3. You Don't Know Me
4. I Could Have Told You
5. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You
6. I'll Go Crazy
7. You Don't Know What Love Is
8. Drown in My Own Tears
9. God Bless the Child
10. Red Top
11. Dark End of the Street
12. Shadow of Your Smile
13. Over the Rainbow
14. You've Changed

No Boundaries
Eva Cassidy
1. Emotional Step
2. The Waiting Is Over
3. You Are
4. Natural Woman
5. Little Children
6. I've Got This Feeling
7. When It's Too Late
8. On The Inside
9. Emotional Step - radio edit
10. Natural Woman - traditional
11. Little Children - reflection


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Eva Cassidy CD Imagine Songbird Live At Blues Alley Folk Music CDs