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Slayers 5 movie box set DVD
In the annals of fantasy there is no mage so feared, no sorcerer so powerful, as the fiery redhead Lina Inverse. And when the exceptionally well-endowed Naga the Serpent accompanies her, the forces of evil will find there's nowhere to hide!

Slayers Vol. 2 Book of Spells DVD
Join Lina and Naga as they thwart a plan to create the ultimate chimera. Watch as they attempt to turn the effeminate son of a noble family into a man deserving appointment to the Royal Guard. And double the trouble when our heroines take on a rogue magic user with a mirror that duplicates his enemies in reverse.

Slayers Great DVD

Slayers Premium DVD
After three broadcast seasons, six OVAs, and four earlier features, Slayers Premium (2001) concluded the misadventures of red-haired sorceress Lina Inverse. While at a seaside fishing village, Gourry eats some octopus sushi--and is struck by a demonic plague that causes him to speak in nonsensical "octopese". The disease quickly spreads from human to human, and the voice actors obviously enjoy delivering their fractured dialogue. The affliction introduces a broad, slapstick, spoof of countless sword-and-sorcery anime plots, complete with a long-imprisoned god, demonic creatures feeding on human emotional energy, ancient curses, and battles between white and black magic. But the principal villains are octopi who've gotten tired of being treated as seafood by humans. The take-no-prisoners silliness of Premium makes it an appropriate finale to the long-running Slayers...

Slayers Gorgeous DVD

Slayers The Motion Picture DVD
Plagued by a recurring dream, master thief and sorceress Lina Inverse discovers ancient evil and lovers cruelly parted. Dragged into a vortex of time, she must fight to restore history to its proper course. However, when even the fearsome power of the Dragon Slave spell fails her, Lina is forced to rely on the help of a child to change the past and save the future!

 The Slayers Next Collection (Episodes 27-52) DVD

The Slayers Try DVD Collection DVD

The Slayers - DVD Collection (Episodes 1-26) DVD

 Slayers DVDs


Slayers Text Vol. 1: The Ruby Eye by Hajime Kanzaka Paperback

Slayers Text Vol. 2: The Sorcerer of Atlas by Hajime Kanzaka Paperback

Slayers Text Vol. 3: The Ghost of Sairaag by Hajime Kanzaka Paperback

Slayers Text Vol. 4: The Battle of Saillune by Hajime Kanzaka Paperback

Slayers Text Vol. 5: The Silver Beast by Hajime Kanzaka Paperback


The Slayers The Motion Picture

Forbidden Dance

Slayers Vol 02

The Slayers Try - Collector's Set 2

Slayers Videos


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