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The New York Times Ultimate Crossword Omnibus :
1,001 Puzzles from The New York Times

America's Favorite: The New York Times Crosswords

The biggest book of crossword puzzles-ever! From The New York Times, the gold standard of crossword puzzles, comes this new collection containing a stunning 1,001 puzzles of all levels of difficulty, enough for even the most determined crossword fanatic.

Old fans and new alike will find that the puzzles within are sure to excite, delight, confound, amaze, amuse and enlighten. So lay in a supply of food, unplug the phone, bar the door and get ready to dive into the biggest collection of New York Times crosswords that has ever been published.

- Over three years' worth of puzzles from Monday to Saturday editions of The New York Times
- Edited and with an introduction by legendary Times crossword editor Will Shortz

The New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzles Vol. 28
The Sunday Crossword of The New York Times has been a beloved fixture of the Sunday Times since its inception in 1942. Under Will Shortz's editorship, Sunday Volume 28 features 50 Sunday-sized puzzles--the biggest and most anticipated puzzle of the week!

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
America's foremost crossword puzzle reference revised and expanded with thousands of new words, up-to-date factual references, including famous people and the latest geographical changes, bearing the trustworthy New York Times name.
Now presented in a handy mass market size, this edition contains the full text of the hardcover, so puzzle fans looking for that exclusive clue won't miss a thing.

The New York Times Daily Crossword Puzzles, Volume 57
St. Martin's Press is proud to be beginning publication of the prestigious New York Times Crossword Puzzle Books. Crossword fans number in the millions, and The New York Times is the number one name in the business.

*50 daily size puzzles.
*Covered spiral binding for easy identification in spined-out shelving.

The next volume in this perennially-popular series. 50 challenging, contemporary puzzles from the pages of The New York Times. Edited by Will Shortz.

Will Shortz's Favorite Crossword Puzzles from the Pages of The New York Times
For the first time ever, Will Shortz personally selects 75 of his favorite puzzles from his tenure as editor of The New York Times crossword puzzles. Special commentary will appear along with each puzzle and give clever insight into the puzzle-solving world that Will Shortz dominates. Getting to know the background on these puzzles will add a new dimension for the growing number of crossword buffs. Also included is a special introduction written by Shortz that explains why these puzzles qualify as his favorites among the thousands of puzzles he has edited in his career. Since Will Shortz has become crossword editor of the Times, the puzzles have featured increased wordplay, and a hip, contemporary attitude towards crosswording.

 The New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzles Volume 29 : 50 Sunday puzzles from the pages of The New York Times
The Sunday New York Times crosswords are the most popular of the week. And in addition to forty-four of the regular, high-quality Sunday puzzles the Times is renowned for, this volume contains the six famous "Millennium" crosswords: the biggest puzzles the Times has ever published! They're each over 40% bigger than a regular Sunday and twice as big as a Daily puzzle and contain two complete sets of clues, Hard and Easy. They're like no other crossword you've ever seen, and editor Will Shortz is still deluged with requests to publish more. So prepare to dig in to the biggest, most puzzling crosswords that have ever appeared in The New York Times.

и 50 of the world-famous Sunday crosswords
и Six Bonus Millennium puzzles with two sets of clues-the largest crosswords ever to appear in the paper.

New York Times Crosswords for Your Coffee Break : Light and Easy Puzzles
Often the subtle pleasures in life are the most rewarding. And as any solver can tell you, a brisk morning, a hot cup of coffee, and a New York Times crossword puzzle can be one of those quietly perfect moments.

From the pages of The New York Times comes this brand-new collection of light and easy puzzles, chosen from Monday and Tuesday editions of the newspaper. These solver-friendly puzzles allow you to sit back, relax, and lose yourself in a puzzle, all in the span of a coffee break.

The New York Times Large-Print Crossword Puzzle Omnibus Vol. 4
Large-print clues may make these puzzles from the pages of The New York Times easy on the eyes, but they will still challenge the brain. Under Will Shortz's editorship, Large-Print Volume 4 features:

* 120 easy-to-read crossword puzzles..
* All levels of difficulty: drawn from the Monday through Friday editions of the Times
* Author bylines that allow fans to get to know today's top contributors.

New York Times Easiest Crossword Puzzles, Volume 1
Simply, the best! At the opposite end of the spectrum from The New York Times Toughest Crosswords is this new volume of fifty puzzles, which originally appeared in Monday editions of The Times. These beginner-level crosswords are of the same high quality as our other Will Shortz puzzle books, but they can be enjoyed by everyone from novices to experts. The New York Times Easiest Crossword Puzzles is an easy book to love.

The New York Times Weekend Challenge : Formidable but Fun Crosswords
For the serious crossword officiando, an entertainingly difficult collection of 75 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday crossword puzzles from the pages of the New York Times. Even more difficult than the world-famous Sunday puzzles, this collection will test the puzzling wits of even the most experienced solver.

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