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Space 1999 Megaset DVD

Space 1999 Set 1 DVD
The six episodes (on 2 DVDs) in this set are the very first of the seminal sci-fi series, and they have been digitally re-mastered from the original 35mm footage for the ultimate Space: 1999 experience. In addition, they include up to 12 minutes of additional footage not seen in areas of the U.S. during the original broadcast.

Episode 1--"Breakway":. In this opening episode, it is September of 1999. John Koenig (Martin Landau), the Commander of Moonbase Alpha, must solve the mysterious deaths of nine astronauts and oversee the launching of the Meta Probe. With the aid of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Helena Russell (Barbara Bain) and Professor Victor Bergman (Barry Morse), the race for answers will lead to the dark side of the moon. There, a new and terrifying source of magnetic radiation from buried nuclear waste threatens to engulf the moon and forever change its relationship to Earth. Guest Star: Roy Dotrice (Beauty & the Beast) as Commissioner Simmonds.

Episode 2--"A Matter of Life and Death": A reconnaissance ship returning from what seemed like a compatible planet for the lost humans on Moonbase Alpha lands with an additional crew member, Dr. Helena Russell's long lost husband, Lee (Richard Johnson)--a man thought dead from the disastrous Astro 7 mission. Unknown forces have changed him into a being who slips from matter to anti-matter, wavering between life and death. He brings a dire warning: avoid the planet at all cost, or face total obliteration. Guest Star: Richard Johnson (Khartoum and the original The Haunting) as Lee Russell, with Stuart Damon (General Hospital).

Episode 3--"Black Sun": The runaway moon is drawn into the inescapable gravity field of a "black sun." This hole in space, where even light is captured, begins to drain Moonbase Alpha's power, slowly consigning its inhabitants to death. In a desperate attempt to survive, Commander Koenig launches a ship staffed with a chosen few to flee in the opposite direction. Now, as the moon enters the black sun and the Alphans submit to their fate, the line between science and mysticism fades, opening the way for an encounter with the eternal mind of the universe. With Paul Jones as Ryan and Jon Laurimore as Smitty.

Episode 4--"Ring Around the Moon": A probe from the planet Triton immobilizes the journeying moon in a ring of light, drives technician Ted Clifford (Max Faulkner) mad, and then abducts Dr. Russell. When Helena is later returned to the moonbase, Alphans soon realize that she has become a living "link," transmitting vital data about Alpha and the Earth to the aliens. Koenig and Eagle pilot Alan Carter attempt to confront the aliens and thwart their plans before the final transmission can be sent, and the implanted probe in Helena is ignited, thus destroying her. With Max Faulkner (Goldeneye) as Ted Clifford.

Episode 5--"Earthbound": Humanoid aliens bearing gifts make an emergency landing on the traveling moon. After learning of their sorrow-filled sojourn, Koenig grants them aid and rest, and learns their destination is Earth! Their leader, Captain Zantor (Christopher Lee), makes a dramatic offer--one Alphan may return with them. Zantor would like to have Dr. Russell go along, but Koenig assigns Main Computer to make an unbiased choice. Will everyone agree? Guest Star: Roy Dotrice (Picket Fences) as Commissioner Simmonds. Special Guest Star: Christopher Lee (Dracula) as Captain Zantor.

Episode 6--"Another Time, Another Place": The moon is struck by a spectacular shower of color and light. Regina Kesslann (Judy Gleeson), screaming that she has seen two moons, has obviously been affected by this cosmic disturbance. Only she possesses the knowledge that the Commander and Alan Carter are dead. The fabric of time has been torn asunder, leaving the Alphans with no place to die. Guest Star: Judy Gleeson (To Sir With Love) as Regina Kesslann.

Space 1999 Set 2 DVD
When it was first broadcast in 1975, there had never been a more lavishly produced science fiction TV series than Space: 1999, a British production

Space 1999 Set 3 DVD

Space 1999 Set 4 DVD

Space 1999 Set 5 DVD

Space 1999 Set 6 DVD

Space 1999 Set 7 DVD

Space 1999 Set 8 DVD

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Space: 1999 Resurrection Paperback

SPACE: 1999 The Forsaken Paperback

Space: 1999 Alien Seed Paperback
Based on the popular and classic science fiction television series Space: 1999. Space: 1999 Alien Seed is an original story novel written by well-known and acclaimed British author E.C. Tubb.

Space: 1999, created by Gerry Anderson, was first broadcast around the world on television in 1975 and is still in syndication today. The series followed the exploits of a group of men and women from Moonbase Alpha, based on the Earth's moon, which is hurled through the far reaches of outer space following the result of a nuclear explosion. The 48 episode series featured Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and Barry Morse, and groundbreaking special effects.

Space: 1999 Alien Seed is a fast-paced, adventure novel that is sure to please followers of the television series, fans of E.C. Tubb's work, and science fiction readers in general.

Exploring Space 1999 :
An Episode Guide and Complete History of the Mid-1970s Science Fiction Television Series
by John Kenneth Muir


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