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Swiftwater Rescue
A Manual for the Rescue Professional

Book Description
A comprehensive manual for swiftwater and flood rescue, aimed at rescue squads, firefighters, EMS personnel and administrators -- as well as anyone who might be faced with the possibility of a flood or swiftwater rescue. Topics include basic rescuer safety considerations, river hydrology, equipment, shore-based, boat-based, and in-water rescue techniques, medical considerations, rigging for river rescue, incident command, and swiftwater training. Densely illustrated with 235 line drawings and over 100 photographs, Swiftwater Rescue also covers advanced subjects like the use of helicopters and special situations like low-head dams and flood channel rescues.

Jim Segerstrom, Rescue 3
Swiftwater Rescue is a straightforward, well-organized, and most importantly, an easy, read. Slim not only addresses river and flood rescue directly, he also includes those techniques that have become the recognized competency standards among all the river rescue program being taught today in the U.S. He covers variations in techniques from Europe. He thoroughly covers such diverse subjects as basic and advanced equipment; training; pre-planning; boat-based rescues and various rope systems. He looks at many specialized situations such as river searches, night operations, vehicular rescues, weirs, and helicopter rescues. Finally, he looks at the bigger pictures of major flood operations and disaster work involving floods.

Ken Phillips, SAR Coordinator, Grand Canyon National Park
...a must for all outdoor rescue personnel. It examines all contemporary tools found in the swiftwater rescuer's tool box...an exhaustive collection of current rescue techniques and swiftwater safety.

Steve Linton, president, International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists
...the most complete text ever written on the subject. It should be mandatory reading for all public safety personnel.

Charlie Walbridge, American Canoe Association Safety Chairman
A much-needed bridge between professional swiftwater and recreational whitewater communities.

Captain Tim Rogers, Charlotte, NC, Fire Department
A must-read for any fire department involved in water rescue training and emergencies.

From the Publisher
This is so far the only book to deal with swiftwater rescue for the rescue professional. The author, Slim Ray, is an internationally recognized authority on the subject.

From the Author
I wrote this because of continuing problems with swiftwater and flood rescue. An average of three professional rescuers and 200 citizens drown each year in flood and swiftwater emergencies.

About the Author
Slim Ray is an internationally-recognized authority on flood, swiftwater and whitewater safety and rescue with over fifteen years experience in swiftwater rescue, including course development and instruction with Rescue 3, Canyonlands Field Institute, and the Nantahala Outdoor Center. He co-authored River Rescue with Les Bechdel and has written numerous articles on the subject. He is an active recreational kayaker and has worked as a raft guide and canoe and kayak instructor both in the US and abroad. He has been the American representative in several international river safety conferences and organized the International Safety Symposium (ISS '90) in the US.

Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide
Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide is a waterproof, pocket-sized, "mission-tough" field reference for anyone who might be called on to do a flood or swiftwater rescue. This field guide distills the hard-won knowledge of Swiftwater Rescue into a practical on-the-spot reference for real people doing real rescues. This 4x6" guide is made to fit in a pocket, a glove compartment or a emergency response pack. It is the ultimate (and only) field reference to swiftwater rescue topics like basic rescuer safety considerations, river hydrology, equipment, shore-based, boat-based, and in-water rescue techniques; knots, rigging for river rescue, helicopters, incident command; and special situations like low-head dams and flood channel rescues.

River Rescue
Whitewater paddling is exciting, adventurous_and sometimes risky. That's why every fast-water paddler needs the skills so clearly defined in River Rescue. This completely revised third edition of the AMC classic manual gives expert advice, with clear, concise instructions and hundreds of vital illustrations and photographs that cover all aspects of river safety. Features:
_ expanded material on big-water rescue
_ self-rescue and rescue of others_by hand, boat, rope, and other ways;
_ tools and techniques_rope work, throw bags, boat handling, high and
low-tech gear to use when seconds count;
_ rescue organization: leadership, teamwork, patient care, evacuation, and more

Whitewater Rescue Manual
Regardless of skill, running rivers presents an element of danger. As whitewater paddling continues to grow in popularity and more thrill-seekers push the boundaries of the sport, accidents are inevitable.

In Whitewater Rescue Manual, two paddlers who have long been at the forefront of whitewater safety and rescue present a tightly focused look at the best, most current techniques for both self-rescue and rescue of others on the river. The authors provide well-reasoned guidance that will teach you when to stay with the boat and when not to; how to retrieve a lost boat; how to swim out of trouble and when not to swim; how to reach a victim by wading, swimming, or using ropes; how to coordinate a rescue effort; how to make sure that would-be rescuers don't become victims; how to properly perform first aid and safely evacuate injured paddlers; and much more.

This well-illustrated guide is essential reading for canoeists, kayakers, and rafters of all levels--as well as river guide trainees, participants in river rescue courses, and whitewater instructors.

High Angle Rescue Techniques

Engineering Practical Rope Rescue Systems
Beginners and advanced rescue technicians will learn from and enjoy this entertaining and educational book. A practical look at rope resuce systems from the point of view of an experienced professional, each chapter features exciting stories and real life situations. The book provides a complete look at team integrity and development issues as well as team efficiency concepts that create a superior survival profile for users. Interesting, current, and sometimes controversial topics within the rescue community are featured throughout.

Cmc Rope Rescue Manual
With over 20,000 copies sold, the CMC Rope Rescue Manual has become the standard reference for many departments and rope rescue training programs. The manual reflects what we've learned through many years of responding to resuces and teaching hundreds of students. Now in its third edition, the manual has been updated and several new chapters have been added. The extensive use of illustrations and step-by-step procedures help the reader develop or expand rope rescue knowledge and skills. Topics include: safety, equipment, rappelling, pick-offs, stretcher evacuations, patient packaging, improvised high-anchor points, and organizing the response. More than 240 illustrations and photos take you step-by-step through lowering and raising systems, mechanical advantage, and rappel based rescues.

Confined Space and Structural Rope Rescue

Technical Rescue Riggers Guide Vol 3
The new revised edition, Technical Rescue Riggers Guide by Rick Lipke, shows some of the most up to date techniques rope rescue available today. 126 pages, 296 clear illistrations and photos, from basic knots and anchors, to highlines, helo rescues, and much more! Completely cross referenced, with handy safety reminders throughout. Already on its third printing, this guide is rapidly becomming the defacto national standard for safe, intelligent rope rescue. A portion of the sale of this guide goes to support volunteer mountain rescue.

First Due : Trench Rescue

Rescue Technician :
Operational Readiness for Rescue Providers

Instructional Methods in Emergency Services :
A Resource Text Designed for
Ems, Fire, and Rescue Instructors

Kids to the Rescue : First Aid Techniques for Kids

The Basic Essentials of Rescue from the Backcountry


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