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Prehospital Emergency Care
Seventh Edition

Prehospital Emergency Care, seventh edition, is the book for serious EMT-Bs who want to go above and beyond the D.O.T. requirements. Long considered the most complete resource for EMT-B training, this best-selling, student-friendly text contains clear, step-by-step explanations of patient conditions, assessment, and treatment. The material is comprehensive, stimulating, and challenging enough to prepare and equip students for real on-the-job situations. Revised and thoroughly updated, the new Seventh Edition contains the most recent American Heart Association guidelines.

    Features Include:
  • An in-depth, patient-assessment-based approach presented in a clear, logical format.
  • Assessment summaries, protocols, and algorithms that provide an at-a-glance illustration of assessment and care.
  • Expanded enrichment sections that include more on pathophysiology, assessment, and management.
  • A new chapter on terrorism.
  • FREE student CD-ROM, completely revised and updated, with exciting new features including animations, video clips, and a virtual airway.

Prehospital Emergnecy Care Workbook
7th Edition

Self-instructional workbook designed to reinforce key concepts presented in the textbook, Prehospital Emergency Care, c2004. Each chapter includes objectives, key ideas, terms and concepts, review, and case study. Meets the U.S. DOT EMT-Basic National Standard Curriculum. Perforated pages

Pocket Reference for the EMT-B and First Responder
Shirt-pocket field reference covers topics including airway management and breathing, assessment, CPR, shock management, immobilization, and medical and trauma emergencies. This edition contains special skill pages for geriatric patients and pediatric patients, as well as an updated pharmacology section. Previous edition: c1998. Wire-spiral binding.

Back Cover Copy
Pocket Reference for the EMT-Basic and First Responder, 2nd Edition Bob Elling, MPA, NREMT-B A "must-have" resource for every EMT-B and First Responder!

An essential resource, this handy pocket-sized field reference is written specifically for the EMT-Bs and First Responders. A skills performance check list covers topics that include Vital Signs, Common Medications, Abbreviations and Acronyms, Airway Management and Breathing Skills, Immobilization Skills, CPR, Anatomy Charts, and Important Phone Numbers. The new edition contains an updated Pharmacology section.

Whether they are seeking a career in emergency medicine or simply want to serve in the volunteer ambulance corps, anyone who wants to ride in an ambulance must have credentials as an EMT, at least at the Basic level. And in order to get that certification, they must not only complete a rigorous course of study but also take and pass the EMT-Basic certification exam. Approximately 15,000 people take EMT-Basic examinations annually. This book offers the most focused test preparation for the EMT-Basic exam sponsored by the National Registry of EMTs, used by most U.S. states to certify EMTs.

EMT-Basic Exam Review
Brady's newest EMT review book helps readers prepare for the EMT-B certification exam with over 1,000 multiple-choice questions. This book provides a rationale for each correct answer, giving readers immediate feedback and an understanding of why answers are correct. The preface is designed to encourage certification candidates to reach for their best effort and gives tips for improving classroom performance. The book also includes scenarios with questions as well as labeling and diagramming exercises. EMT-Basic students preparing for certification.

Emergency Care for Hazardous Materials Exposure
This book provides ready access to current vital information for emergency care of patients who have been exposed to or contaminated by hazardous materials. It includes chemical indexes by Department of Transportation hazard class, detailed hazard class and specific chemical guidelines, American Heart Association treatment and medication protocols, and procedures for EMS/hazardous materials response personnel.

Emergency Care
9th Edition

Extensive textbook for emergency medical technical-basic students. Includes alternative methods to allow for state-to-state differences in curriculum. Based on the 1994 U.S. DOT EMT Basic National Standard Curriculum. New features include a CD-ROM containing case studies and activities, brief anecdotes, case studies, and special notes

 Workbook Emergency Care
Workbook to accompany the parent text, Emergency Care, 9th ed., c2001, by Daniel Limmer. Self-paced and continues the emphasis of the 1994 DOT curriculum on patient assessment. Includes additional case studies and updated EMT-Basic Performance Checklists. Virtual Street Scenes and Web Simulations are also new

Mosby's Paramedic Textbook
Revised Reprint

Thoroughly updated and extensively illustrated, the revised reprint of Mosby's Paramedic Textbook, 2nd Edition provides complete coverage of prehospital care in a single, comprehensive text. Its table of contents parallels the new United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) paramedic national standard curriculum, giving readers all the resources they need to pass local, state, and national examinations. The text explains the paramedic's role, the unique characteristics of prehospital care, the how-to's of patient assessment and emergency care for acutely ill and traumatically injured patients, and the principles and practice of emergency cardiac care, emergency pharmacology, infectious diseases, pediatric and geriatric emergencies, and much more. A valuable resource for both paramedic students and practicing paramedics, it keeps the reader abreast of evolving trends in the prehospital emergency care arena while laying the foundation for successful certification or recertification.

Streetmedic's Handbook
This street-wise guide puts important emergency information at your fingertips. It summarizes important facts about 45 of the most commonly encountered emergencies by symptom and helps you develop an appropriate treatment plan-logically and quickly. Each emergency is organized by: presentation of problem, immediate concerns, important history, differential diagnosis, key physical findings and treatment plan. This indispensable tool also reviews special situations, procedures, and medicolegal documentation. (EMS, paramedic, reference, history, documentation, presentation, treatment, emergencies)

The 60-Second EMT
Second edition of a manual on basic and advanced life support, for emergency medical technicians. Previous edition 1987. Uses extended case narrative presentation. New topics include HIV-positive patients and hazardous material exposure. 

Pocket Reference for Emts and Paramedics
This handy reference, available in a convenient 6 X 4 size, provides easy access to the vital emergency information needed by prehospital personnel. Completely redesigned. 66 Emergency drugs covered. New chapter on advanced skills. New chapter on advanced cardiology. Easy to read drug format. Updated Advanced Cardiac Life Support Treatment Algorithms. Revised chapter on tables and charts. Expanded chapter on pediatric emergencies. Updated chapter on home medications.

EMS Report Writing
Pocket-sized reference guide for emergency medical technicians on documenting patient care in a full, accurate, and legally sound manner. Includes many quick-reference tools such as abbreviations, Glasgow coma scale, APGAR and Trauma scores. Illustrated

Talking Trauma :
Paramedics and Their Stories

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