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Gentler Yoga Meditation, Breathing and Postural Exercises for Seniors
Written specifically with seniors in mind, Shirley Lanoff’s "Gentler Yoga" is a concise, common-sense guide to the basic components of yogic practice: meditation, breathing and postures. This work, the culmination of more than forty years of yoga instruction, offers a relaxed approach that is suitable for all fitness levels.

Focusing on health and safety, "Gentler Yoga" recommends yogic elements that should be practiced regularly and warns of those that should be avoided. More than forty photographs are included to demonstrate clearly the movement, and all directions are simple enough to be followed by even the most inexperienced yoga practitioners. "Gentler Yoga" even features convenient guides on self-massage and yoga for travelers.

Scientific evidence has shown that regular yoga practice can lead to a healthier overall lifestyle. Incorporating G"entler Yoga’s" approach into a daily routine just may lead to a feeling of well-being as the mind, body and spirit flourish.

Running Past 50 (Ageless Athlete)

Strength Training for Seniors: An Instructor Guide for Developing Safe and Effective Programs

Exercise for Older Adults: Ace's Guide for Fitness Professionals

Exercise for Frail Elders
Today’s fitness leader not only needs training in leading a comprehensive exercise program but also needs an understanding of the limitations and special needs of those with illness, disability, chronic disorders, or a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise for Frail Elders assists you in designing an exercise program as part of either a general recreation, wellness, restorative, or rehabilitation program. It is a practical reference for those instructors working with seniors, the frail elderly, and other special adult populations...

T'Ai Chi for Seniors: How to Gain Flexibility, Strength, and Inner Peace

Full Life Fitness: A Complete Exercise Program for Mature Adults

Stretch and Strengthen for Rehabilitation and Development
This book instructs the disabled and elderly in simple stretch and strengthening exercises appropriate for individual rehabilitation and development programs. The strengthening exercises are done with an Iso-Band (resistive cord). 3-5 stretches are given for each strengthening exercise for 29 generically and medically described muscles/body areas listed.

Cycling Past 50 (Ageless Athlete Series)
Cycling Past 50 will show you that with proper training and the right attitude, your biking years after 50 can be your best ever...

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Staying Fit Over 50 : Conditioning for Outdoor Activities
Staying Fit Over 50 provides all the inspiration, evidence, advice, and insights needed for developing or maintaining new levels of fitness or new outdoor activities in an aging body. The first section examines attitudes toward aging, the effects of aging and the benefits of exercise, gender myths, psychological hurdles and rewards, nutrition, and more. The second half explores in individual sections the physiology of each major endurance training sport-running, cycling, rowing (plus kayaking and canoeing), swimming, skiing, walking, snowshoeing, and climbing. The book includes tips on how to get started; how to improve your current sport; equipment; techniques; workouts; mental approaches; injuries; and lists of other specialized resources.

Growing Old Is Not for Sissies II : Portraits of Senior Athletes

Martial Arts After 40
Martial Arts After 40 is the first book on the market to cater to two growing populations, martial artists and baby boomers. Once a blood and guts sport for tough young men, martial arts is now touted by athletes, aerobics trainers, actors, super models and soccer moms as the number one way for adults to get fit and stay in shape. This book addresses important questions like:

How old is too old start a marital art?
What type of exercises are best (and which ones are dangerous) for the over-40 martial artist?
What are the effects of aging and how can martial arts combat them?
How can baby boomers keep up in a martial arts class full of gen-Xers?
What types of injuries are most prevalent after 40 and how can they be prevented?

This book takes a positive and enthusiastic approach to taking up or continuing a martial art in middle age or later. Readers will be inspired, reassured and educated...

Staying Strong : A Senior's Guide to a More Active and Independent Life

Strength Training for Seniors : An Instructor Guide for  Developing Safe and Effective Programs
Research-based guide for instructors of health clubs, nursing homes, and other organizations working with older adults. Includes general guidelines, teaching strategies, sample 10-week freeweight and machine workout programs, practical methods for assessing progress, and nutritional guidelines.

Running Past 50 : A Guide for Getting the Most Out of Your Running in the Second Half-Century of Your Life (Ageless Athlete)
Running Past 50 will show you that with a little imagination and effort, you can revitalize your workouts and make running more enjoyable than ever...

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