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Living in a Haunted House
These stories of supernatural encounters, in the voice of the individuals who experienced them, reveal the mystery and allure of life lived in haunted dwellings. Answering such questions as What is it like to see a ghost in the living room every night after the lights have been turned off? and Are...

Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places

The Myrtles Plantation : The True Story of America's Most Haunted House

Visits From The Afterlife: The Truth About Hauntings, Spirits, and Reunions with Lost Loved Ones

Ghostly Encounters : True Stories of America's Haunted Inns and Hotels
When Frances Kermeen bought The Myrtles Plantation of St. Francisville, LA, in 1980, she did so with a dream of turning the historic site into a cozy inn. Before long, however, her intentions were thrown wildly off course when she discovered that the property was haunted. Surprisingly enough, business for Frances' haunted inn exploded: it seemed everyone wanted to stay in a haunted house. Since then, Frances Kermeen has traveled to over 150 haunted inns and hotels across America and collected some of the creepiest, most spine-tingling ghost stories imaginable from owners and visitors alike-and each one of them is true. For example: No matter how many times the maids change the sheets in the Oatman Hotel, the distinct outline of a man, once murdered in the room, remains imprinted on the sheets. If you see two little girls playing in...

The Haunting of Hill House
by Shirley Jackson
Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House has unnerved readers since its original publication in 1959. A tale of subtle, psychological terror, it has earned its place as one of the significant haunted house stories of the ages.

Haunted Inns of America: Go and Know: National Directory of Haunted Hotels and Bed and Breakfast Inns

Overshadows: An Investigation into a Terrifying Modern Canadian Haunting

Haunted Houses U.S.A.

The Dead Won't Hurt You---Or Will They?: A True Tale of a Family's Haunting

Ghost Stalker: A Psychic Medium Visits America's Most Haunted Sites

The Bell Witch : An American Haunting
Known throughout Tennessee as "Old Kate," the Bell Witch took up residence with John Bell's family in 1818. It was a cruel and noisy spirit, given to rapping and gnawing sounds before it found its voices.

With these voices and its supernatural acts, the Bell Witch tormented the Bell family. This extraordinary book recounts the only documented case in U.S. history when a spirit actually caused a man's death.

The local schoolteacher, Richard Powell, witnessed the strange events and recorded them for his daughter. His astonishing manuscript fell into the hands of novelist Brent Monahan, who has prepared the book for publication. Members of the Bell family have previously provided information on this fascinating case, but this book recounts the tale with novelistic vigor and verve. It is truly chilling.

The Ghostly Gazetteer : America's Most Fascinating Haunted Landmarks

Coastal Ghosts : Haunted Places from Wilmington North Carolina to Savannah Georgia

Ghosts of the Carolina Coasts : Haunted Lighthouses, Plantations, and other Other Sites

Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War : Authentic Accounts of the Strange and Unexplained
From haunted battlefields to phantom soldiers, this book is a fascinating collection of chilling and intriguing stories of Civil War ghosts. It contains thirty-six such stories, including an encounter by both Teddy Roosevelt and First Lady Grace Coolidge with Abraham Lincoln in the White House.

Angels and Apparitions: True Ghost Stories from the South

Georgia Ghosts


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