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Stonehenge Complete, Third Edition
Since its first and prize-winning edition of 1983, Stonehenge Complete has established itself as the classic account of this most famous of ancient places. For this new edition, Christopher Chippindale has revised and updated the story to include the latest theories and discoveries.

People have puzzled over Stonehenge for centuries, speculating and dreaming about it, drawing and painting it, trying to make sense of it. Here is the story of the one real Stonehenge, as well as the many unreal Stonehenges that archaeologists, tourists, mystics, astronomers, artists, poets, and visionaries have made out of it. New studies in the last decade have revolutionized our knowledge of the complex sequence of structures that make its celebrated profile; remarkably, these new discoveries have been made without new excavations.

Stonehenge today is as lively as it ever was. After a period of dissent and confrontation, visitors are once again welcome to see the sun rise over the Heel stone on midsummer solstice day, and some 20,000 people are expected to gather at midsummer dawn this year. As the new edition explains, they are in error: although Stonehenge is indeed astronomically oriented, it is not aligned on the midsummer sunrise at all.

Stonehenge A New Interpretation of Prehistoric Man and the Cosmos

Discover a time of ritual and sacrifice...A land steeped in blood and glory...A family of brothers whose deadly rivalries and glorious ambitions will forever mark the world. In this rousing epic, Bernard Cornwell has created the Most compelling and powerful human drama of its kind since Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth and Edward Rutherford's Sarum.

Sacred Sites of the Knights Templar: Ancient Astronomer and Freemasons at Stonehenge, Rennes-Le-Chateau, and Santiago De Compostela
"All across the continent of Europe, massive stone monuments erected by a prehistoric culture can be found. These megalithic stones, resisting centuries of weathering or assaults by modern men, are all that remain of a society that has been erased by time. Stonehenge is the most familiar of these megalithic monuments, but in fact represents only one of many similar sites. Who were the people who built these monuments? Why were these stones significant to them?"

Uncovering the Secrets of Stonehenge, Noah's Flood and the Dawn of Civilization
Uriel's Machine proves ancient Europeans not only survived the 7640 B.C. flood, but developed a highly advanced civilization dedicated to predicting and preparing for future meteoric impacts. Building an international network of sophisticated astronomical observatories, these ancient astronomers created accurate solar, lunar, and planetary calendars, measured the diameter of the Earth, and precisely predicted comet collisions years in advance. This was the true purpose of megalithic structures such as Stonehenge. In 3150 B.C., the ancients' predictions proved true, and their device- Uriel's Machine-allowed the reconstruction of civilization in a shattered world.

Stonehenge Decoded

Once part of a large culture of stone circles, Stonehenge — built around 3000 B.C. and developed over the next 1,500 years—is the most famous. The remains of a once-wealthy and evidently learned tribal community, it reflects the apparently disparate subjects of archaeology, astronomy,

The Stonehenge People: An Exploration of Life in Neolithic Britain, 4700-2000 Bc

The Stonehenge Gate

Stonehenge Mysteries of the Stones and Landscape

A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany

The Druids Celtic Priests of Nature

A Brief History of the Druids

Nova - Secrets of Lost Empires: Stonehenge

Secrets of the Unknown - Stonehenge

Stonehenge & the Ancient Britons

Ancient Voices The Secret of Stonehenge Time Life Videos

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