Sewing Videos Learn How to Sew Instruction Video

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Sewing Videos Learn How to Sew Instruction Video

  Learn to Sew with Janet Corzatt ― Level ONE ― Plus Apron Pattern: A Beginners Sewing Method for Palmer/Pletsch DVD

Janet’s series of four levels is geared toward the beginner, covering all the basic skills to help people start sewing on their own. Step-by-step pattern instructions go through the construction of projects. In LEVEL ONE sew samples...

  Teach Yourself to Sew - Season 2 DVD

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Can Make It - Learn To Sew - Level 1 DVD VHS
If you have no sewing experience or need a refresher, then Level 1 of the You Can Make It series is the one for you! A comprehensive guide for beginning sewers. Level 1 starts at the very beginning with buying your first sewing supplies and ends with the finishing touches on your garment. Your first project is a simple skirt. You will learn how to select fabric, read a pattern envelope, layout your fabric & pattern, how to cut, and how to mark your pattern. You will also learn how to interpret the pattern directions and sew each piece together. You won't believe how easy it is. You not only learn how to sew a skirt, but you also acquire new skills. You can apply those new skills to other simple sewing projects. Plus, you can build on your knowledge in future projects. You won't believe how easy it is to learn to sew with Level 1.

You Can Make It - Learn to Sew - Level 2 DVD VHS
If you have beginning sewing experience - you are ready for the next step. Continue down the road to sewing success with the second video of the You Can Make It series. Build on the skills you learned in Level 1, plus learn a variety of new techniques. In Level 2 the skills you need to make a skirt with a zipper, back slit, darts and pleats are all shown in detail. Plus learn the basic "pivot and slide" fitting techniques. Have you always wanted to know the easy way to handle prints with one way designs? Level 2 will make it easy, in addition to enlightening you about the special features of print fabrics. Level 2 also includes a few "sewing bag skills." Learn how to make a sewing bag covered with samples of basic sewing techniques. The samples serve as a reference when you have questions. These skills include how to sew on a patch, make straps, apply Velcro® strips, sew on buttons, and hooks and applying snaps. Continue down the road to sewing success with Level 2.

You Can Make It - Learn to Sew - Level 3 DVD VHS 
Take your sewing to the intermediate Level with Level 3 of the You Can Make It series. Packed with over 15 sewing techniques to help the intermediate sewer advance to the next Level. You'll find instructions for taking accurate measurements, making pattern adjustments, working with sheer fabrics, and much more. Whether you're sewing a basic garment or adding a little creative interest Level 3 video has something for you. Learning an array of basic techniques such as how to sew shoulder seams, apply a collar to a neckline, and construct neck and front facings. You are also instructed how to fit a sleeve cap, hem plain or ruffled sleeves, how to apply front closures, sew patch pockets, and hem your finished garment. Do you want to learn how to add a few decorative touches to your garment? Level 3 will teach you how to make simple round collars with inserted lace, applying lace edging to a collar, and gathering ruffles. Or, add extra special detailing with French seams and hand rolled hems. Whether you are sewing a basic garment or adding a little creative interest, Level 3 has something for you.

You Can Make It - Learn to Sew - Level 4 DVD VHS
Take a trip to the fabric store and choose a stylish jumper pattern and some striped or plaid fabric. Have some fun with Level 4 of the You Can Make It series. Then sew along as you learn the complete construction process, in addition to continuing to build on your sewing skills and fitting skills. Learn how to easily lay out the pattern so that your plaids and stripes match at the seamlines. Learn how to identify different types of stripes and plaids, and the special features associated with them. Then find out how to use the tape or pin method to construct your garment. Packed with special considerations when working with darts, pleats, and gathers with the stripes in your fabric. Learn about stitching elastic, matching plaid patch pockets to the pattern in your garment, and making your own bias tape and piping. Have some fun with Level 4.

You Can Make It - Learn to Sew - Level 5 DVD VHS
Time to learn the favorite garment of all. PANTS. It sure is easy with the Level 5 of the You Can Make It series. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about pants. The You Can Make It Level 5 video is packed with hints & techniques. With 2 hours of instruction, you are sure to learn more than you ever imagined! Build your You Can Make It skills. Learn all about working with napped fabrics, how to do layouts, & the special sewing & handling of napped fabrics. Learn ALL alteration possibilities for a perfect pant fit. These are shown & covered in detail. Learn some new seam constructions which are especially designed for pants. Learn how to construct Lapped & Invisible Zippers, & when to use them, Pockets, Belt Carriers, Cuffs, & Eyelets. If you want to learn how to construct pants, & have them fit well, then the You Can Make It Level 5 is for you.

You Can Make It - Learn to Sew - Level 6 DVD VHS
Time to fine tune & perfect your sewing and alteration skills. Learn everything about buttonholes, where to place them, how to adjust them for your personal measurements, and how to sew them. Learn how to insert and fit a set in sleeve with a smooth cap. Learn how to sew and insert pointed collars and collar bands. Learn how to construct professional looking sleeve plackets and cuffs. Finish off your garments with the easy tricks to a machine blind hem. Build on your alteration skills with sleeves, bust, and darts. Also learn all other types of closures such as loops, frogs, ball buttons, & SO MUCH MORE. Sewing professional looking garments and achieving a perfect fit is easy with Level 6.

You Can Make It - Learn to Sew - Level 7 DVD VHS


Ali Baba Studios Costuming Secrets Unveiled: Creating Basic Bra & Belt Sets
Joyce Daniels and Lisa LaMonica of Ali Baba Studios are renowned for their costuming designs. In step-by-step instruction, Joyce and Lisa show all the details and procedure for creating a beautiful, long-lasting costume for every belly dancer. Their combined years of experience are illustrated in the careful and precise way they discuss and demonstrate their techniques. Join them as they unveil the "secrets" that have made them famous.

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