Embroidery Guides Silk Ribbon Embroidery Books Learn How to Reference Information

Offering Embroidery Guides Silk Ribbon Embroidery Books Learn How to Reference Information and more with easy online ordering.

Embroidery Guides Silk Ribbon Embroidery Books Learn How to Reference Information

  Hand Embroidery Stitches At-A-Glance: Carry-Along Reference Guide (Landauer) Pocket-Size Step-by-Step Illustrated How-To for 30 Favorite Stitches, plus Tips & Techniques and Needle & Thread Charts

Presented in a quick and easy-to-understand format, this essential guide includes 30 favorite embroidery stitches to practice and inspire your creativity!
Providing needle and thread reference charts and step-by-step techniques for backstitches, blanket and buttonhole stitches, chain stitches, feather stitches, fly stitches, French knots, running stitches, stem stitches , and much

  How To Embroider Texture and Pattern: 20 Designs that Celebrate Pattern, Color, and Pop-up Stitching (Landauer) Step-by-Step Instructions, Illustrated Stitch Guide, Easy-to-Follow Tutorials, and More Paperback June 6, 2023

Featuring 20 step-by-step embroidery projects of beautiful landscapes, desert canyons, unique flora, and more, How to Embroider Texture and Pattern is filled with vibrant embroidery patterns ...


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Beaded Embellishment :
Techniques & Designs for Embroidering on Cloth

Beaders, quilters
, and fiber artists will find this book invaluable for its solid technical information about how to apply beads to cloth, resulting in unique creations that will stand the test of time. This guide teaches about bead embroidery stitches; seed, bugle, novelty, and charm beads; woven, nonwoven, and knitted clothes; and Nymo, embroidery, and cotton sewing threads. The four foundation stitches as well as several variations on those stitches are illustrated. In addition, 10 beautiful projects, ranging from simple to complex, give beaders a chance to apply this new skill. Projects include an embellished amulet bag and coin purse, an embellished jean jacket pocket, decorative pins and chokers, beaded buttons, a journal/photo album/book cover, an embellished vest and more!

Embroidery Machine Essentials: Basic Techniques
(Jeanine Twigg's Companion Project Series)

Thousands have embraced EMBROIDERY MACHINE ESSENTIALS as the must have resource for successful machine embroidery. Now, Jeanine Twigg's new Companion Project Series builds on the success of her original book. Each companion book contains 48 pages filled with creative embroidery machine techniques, 20 easy to stitch projects and a CD with 20 exclusive embroidery machine designs.

Embroidery Machine Essentials: Fleece Techniques
(Jeanine Twigg's Companion Project Series)

Embroidery machines have captured the imagination of sewing enthusiasts everywhere, and now, Jeanine Twigg's second Companion Project Series book combines fleece-- the most in demand fabric-- with embroidery! Fleece offers the perfect canvas for embroidery creativity. Twigg has teamed up with industry expert Nancy Cornwall to present another exciting Fleece adventure.

Cornwell begins with the basics-- covering the "how tos" for machine embroidery success, and then she cleverly explores new territories as embroidery designs to create surface interest with a variety of techniques, such as trapunto effects, "embossing," applique, and terrific new ways to take advantage of embroidery and fleece to create surface texture.

Readers will learn how to use one design for a multitude of fleece embroidery techniques and how to create spectacular effects by using different elements of a motif.

Elegant Stitches : An Illustrated Stitch Guide
 and Source Book of Inspiration

Silk ribbon embroidery utilizes many of the same stitches as more traditional crewel embroidery, but the unique qualities of the ribbon make for a very different look. This beautiful book (conveniently spiral bound to lie flat when working) offers a comprehensive stitch guide and good coverage of all the basics. Each stitch is given a clear diagram, and many also include color photos of a detail featuring that stitch. In addition, Judith Baker Montano presents charming descriptions of what inspired her lovely, elaborate finished pieces, which she calls "free-form stitchery."

The Anchor Book of
Free-Style Embroidery Stitches
 (The Anchor Book Series)

Stumpwork Embroidery :
 A Collection of Fruits, Flowers and Insects
 for Contemporary Raised Embroidery
 (Milner Craft Series)

Originated in the 17th century, stumpwork is a type of raised and padded embroidery that features a charming array of flowers, fruits, insects, animals, and sometimes people, all worked as delicate sculptural forms. The intricacy and detail evident in a fine piece of stumpwork is truly amazing. The sculptural quality makes this technique unique; more than just being raised off the surface in slight relief, many elements are almost fully dimensional. Fruits look ripe enough to pluck; petals and leaves seem almost to rustle in the breeze; bugs look like they've just lit on the branch. Be advised, however, that this is not a method for the timid crafter; although the book provides ample general instructions and careful analysis of individual elements before proceeding with specific projects, a good working knowledge of embroidery stitches is strongly advised. But the results are so absolutely delightful, you may want to practice honing your skills just to give this a try.

The Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery
Well organized and filled with provocative examples, this lavishly illustrated guide explores silk ribbon embroidery, an element of crazy quilting, offering detailed explanations of 42 different stitches. 70 photos. 70 illustrations.

Royal School of Needlework :
 Embroidery Techniques

The distinguished reputation and specialist knowledge of the Royal School of needlework are combined in this colorful and inspirational introduction to the most popular hand embroidery techniques. Embroiderers will be delighted by the step-by-step illustrations and instructions, the colorful photographs of stunning, finished embroideries and the prctical, easy-to-follow style. A detailed introductory section provides all the practical information needed for setting up and finishing pieces of embroidery, selecting your design, fabric and threads, and preparing and framing up for working. The next four chapters examine the popular techniques of silk shading, goldwork, crewel work, and blackwork, all introduced with a historical overview and a comprehensive stitch glossary. Each stitch technique features four exquisitely worked embroidery projects, with step-by-step instructions and photogrpahs explaining their development and stitching. The 16 projects include a Jacobean Leaf Sampler in crewel work, an Iris in blackwork, a Tree Bark design in silk shading and a Sampler in goldwork. Royal School of needlework: Embroidery Techniques is an essential guide to stitching for embroiderers--it is a valuable source of reference and a beautiful book for the needlecrafter's library.

Designs and Patterns for
 Embroiderers and Craftsmen :
 512 Motifs from the
 Wm. Briggs and Company Ltd.

Over 500 classic copyright-free motifs reproduced from finest Victorian source, classified according to type. Wide variety of flowers, greenery, sprays, plus butterflies, owls, insects, more. Large and small motifs as well as numerous borders. Over 500 illustrations.

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