Bedspread Slipcovers Linings Sewing Guides Books Learn How to Sew Reference Information

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Bedspread Slipcovers Linings Sewing Guides Books Learn How to Sew Reference Information

  How to Make Slipcovers: Designing, Measuring, and Sewing Perfect-Fit Slipcovers for Chairs, Sofas, and Ottomans. Paperback

Give your favorite furniture a new look! Patricia Hoskins, co-author of the best-selling One-Yard Wonders, offers simple, step-by-step, illustrated instructions for making your own slipcovers for dining chairs, easy chairs, ottomans, and sofas with either loose back pillows or fixed cushions. She explains...

  Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design

Discover the joys of upholstery and bring new life to your worn-out furniture. With a few basic tools, an eye for color, and some ingenuity, you can customize your home with fabrics and textures that reflect your unique personality. This comprehensive guide features more than 900...


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Simple Upholstery & Slipcovers :
Great New Looks for Every Room

Beginning with coverage of the basics--fabric types and characteristics, welting and trims, tools, cutting and sewing directions--this book offers solid information on using upholstery to transform the look of a room. From the simplest additions (pillows and loose coverings) to the more complex pieces (tailored slipcovers and reupholstery), the projects are well explained and appealing, and include interesting variations such as incorporating decorative buttons and ties or upholstering a table. In addition to detail photos of work in progress, several full-room photos offer ideas for coordinating the total look of a room.

Do-It-Yourself Fabric Decor : Pillows, Window Treatments, and Slipcovers for Your Home
About This Book: This collection of projects and techniques is a comprehensive guide to sewing fabric decor for the home. It includes a variety of unique designer pillows with lots of ideas for personalizing them. Window treatment projects cover a wide range of styles and forms, from tried-and-true pinch-pleated draperies to fun-and-funky triangle pointed valances; some that require minimal sewing and others that are a bit more elaborate.
There are styles suitable for every room in the house, every skill level, with valuable information about window treatment hardware and installation. Slipcovering techniques also run the gamut from casual quick and easy to formal fitted, with expert advice for achieving professional-quality results. As an added bonus, each section includes pertinent information on selecting fabrics, working with patterns and colors, and developing a personal decorating style.

A comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of sewing for the home.

Includes a wide range of styles; suitable for all decorating schemes.

Covers a range of skill levels-includes something for everyone.

Features step-by-step photos and concise directions for every project,

with inspiring ideas for variations.

Eliminates the need for expensive patterns. Measuring and cutting directions are part of each project.

Includes information on window hardware options and resources for locating the right components for each job.

Upholstery Basics
Singer Sewing Reference Library

Easy Upholstery : Step by Step
If you're serious about learning to upholster like a pro, you can learn quite a lot from Heather Luke's extremely comprehensive guide. Step by step, Luke takes us from the raw beginnings (the stripped-down wooden framework) through the inner workings (webbing, springs, horsehair, and batting) to the selection, handling, cutting, and attachment of fabric, as well as the elegant finishing details. She reupholsters chairs, stools, headboards, cushions, dressing tables, screens, even glorious tented ceilings, all with thorough directions supported by clear color photos. Despite the excellence of this volume, however, it is not for the faint of heart: although there are chapters with easier projects like slipcovers and fabric-lined baskets and boxes, this is mostly a guide for the dedicated upholsterer-in-training. But since hiring a professional reupholsterer gets pretty costly, can take weeks of lead-time, and may not result in exactly the look you want, perhaps it makes sense to try it yourself. And for dedicated students of upholstery arts, this is a fantastic resource--one they shouldn't do without

Simply Slipcovers
"Slipcovers are to furniture what clothing is to the body," declares this creative, common-sense guide. "They camouflage, dress up or down, give character, and convey style." They can transform an ordinary item into something exciting that helps make a room work. Less pricey than new furniture or reupholstery, they can nevertheless be somewhat costly when custom-made--unless you learn to make them yourself. Simply Slipcovers is an excellent choice for this purpose. In keeping with Sunset's winning how-to series format (see also Simply Window Treatments and Simply Upholstery), the book offers a common-sense approach to choosing style, fabric, and trim, supplementing its extensive step-by-step instructions with good, clear photos and diagrams. In addition to actual construction information, the 20 projects explain measuring and cutting (with measuring diagrams and cutting layouts) and include loads of great tips on achieving a professional appearance. Besides cover-ups for futon, daybed, and ottoman, and both simple tailored and elaborately swagged sofa designs, projects feature various chair styles, from easy folding- and dining-chair disguises to skirted armchair and welted wing chair covers. Several projects also feature "designer details," ideas for finishing touches like contrasting borders, decorative bows and binding, or pleated swags. The "basics" section explains yardage calculations for many types of soft furnishings, cutting and fitting directions, general construction techniques, and an overview of essential equipment. Although some pieces require advanced sewing skills, many can be handled by the novice.

Slipcover Magic
Give new life to your furniture--sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, director's chairs, deck chairs, daybeds, headboards, dressing tables, futons, footstools, blanket chests, folding screens--with the good-looking projects in this well-presented book. Basics are fully covered: working with color, pattern, and texture; measuring all types of furniture; and preparing the cutting layout. Each individual slipcover project is thoroughly explained, with directions on measuring the specific piece of furniture, a cutting diagram, a set of detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear diagrams, and photos of the finished products. Though a few of the more tailored pieces require some degree of sewing experience, many of the items can be successfully achieved by the novice.

(Creative Textiles)

The Crocheter's Treasure Chest :
80 Classic Patterns for Tablecloths,
Bedspreads, Doilies and Edgings
(Dover Needlework Series)

Easy Guide to Sewing Linings
(Sewing Companion Library)

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