Leathercrafts Guides Leatherworking Handbook Rawhide Leather Braiding Books Tanning Skins Furs

Offering Leathercrafts Guides Leatherworking Handbook Rawhide Leather Braiding Books Tanning Skins Furs and more with easy online ordering.

Leathercrafts Guides Leatherworking Handbook Rawhide Leather Braiding Books Tanning Skins Furs

  Get Started in Leather Crafting: Step-by-Step Techniques and Tips for Crafting Success (Design Originals) Beginner-Friendly Projects, Basics of Leather Preparation, Tools, Stamps, Embossing, & More Paperback August 11, 2017

Beginner-friendly to help you get started, and a concise reference for experienced leather ...

  Leather Bracelets: Step-by-step instructions for 33 leather cuffs, bracelets and bangles with knots, beads, buttons and charms Paperback Illustrated, February 1, 2017

Make the most of one of today's hottest jewelry trends with Leather Bracelets, a collection of 33 beautiful beaded, knotted, and braided accessories that would be at home on the shelves of the most stylish designer boutiques. Gorgeous worn alone but even more stylish stacked, these bracelets can be made with readily available leather cord and findings and a few basic...


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The Leatherworking Handbook :
A Practical Illustrated Sourcebook of 
Techniques and Projects

Provides detailed, easy-to-follow information on tools, materials, stitching, decoration and essential skills and techniques of leatherworking . Instructions for practical projects ranging from belts to shoulder bags are given with step-by-step illustrations.

Leather Braiding

Art of the Boot
What is it with cowboy boots that makes millions of people all over the world feel at home in a pair? With enduring allure, the boot is one of the great enigmas of modern society. Now, more than a hundred and fifty years after cowboys roped the ranges and galloped through the tall grass and sagebrush, we're simply enamored with what they wore on their feet.

Plain brown and black boots are still the mainstay of cowboy boot making, but the eye-poppin', snake-stompin', spine-chillin' designs created by individual artists are the ones that capture our hearts and imaginations.

Since the publications of The Cowboy Boot Book in 1992, the number of bootmakers across the country has nearly doubled, waiting lists have compounded, and the art of the boot has risen to mind-blowing proportions. The men and women who create our fancy footwear are both fascinating and funny. Their tales and artworks exhibited here are testament to the high-minded dedication of a down-to-earth contingent of craftspeople.

Tyler Beard and Jim Arndt have created an incredible gathering that will leave your toes twitchin' and your dogs barkin' for a new pair of boots.

Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding.

The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs

How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear

Braiding Rawhide Horse Tack

Gorgeous Leather Crafts: 30 Projects to Stamp, Stencil, Weave & Tool
Ignite your imagination with these innovative and stylish approaches to a classic art. From handsome home accessories to luxurious garments, these leather, suede, and rawhide projects go beyond the simple belt. Whether you use traditional techniques such as tooling and branding or try new trends in stamping and stenciling, you'll find this melding of old and new irresistible. Here are all the basics on the different leathers and their characteristics; the required tools; cutting and punching holes or slits; assembly; and dying, staining, and painting the material. But, you'll long to get to the unique and splendid projects--the table runner with contrasting leathers and shapes, softened by delicate painted flowers and adorned with fringe and carved bone beads; the shade for a sconce or chandelier that sheds soft light through fabric designs; a sophisticated gold-embellished desk set; a tooled frame with a richly patterned surface; and many, many more.


Deerskins into Buckskins : 
How to Tan With Natural Materials A
 Field Guide for Hunters and Gatherers

Over 165 photos and illustrations bring you step by step from raw skin to velvety soft buckskin and then show you how to create beautiful garments and useful goods. You will also learn how to make rawhide and hide glue, tan in a wilderness setting and the best way to skin. History, humor and science make Deerskins into Buckskins not only practical, but fun!

Designed to be easily understood by the beginner yet rich with details for the experienced, this book teaches tanning as a natural process. No chemicals are needed! All the tools and materials are waiting around your home and land. While the tools are simple, having a great method is the key. This book has that method (see the following reviews).

Buckskin is durable, soft, washable and warm. A hand-made garment for people all over the world for millennia, it breathes and stretches with your body, cuts the wind and won't tear on briars. It is excellent to wear hiking, hunting or around the house. Plus you don't need to hunt. Deerskins that would otherwise go to waste are available every fall from neighbors, locals and butcher shops.

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Leathercrafts Guides Leatherworking Handbook Rawhide Leather Braiding Books Tanning Skins Furs