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Bridal Couture :
Fine Sewing Techniques for
Wedding Gowns and Evening Wear

Though ostensibly a how-to manual on wedding gown construction, this magnificent book teaches all about advanced dressmaking skills, and its principles can be applied to creating many other types of haute-couture-style gowns. The very thorough text details all aspects of fabrics and construction: the unique characteristics of each type of fashion fabric, including extensive information on manipulating lace; preparing the muslin mockup (a necessary first step to ensure a perfect fit); adjusting the bodice, sleeves, and skirt and joining them all together; adding ornamentation; and handling bustles and trains. The final chapter presents all the specifics of making four gowns of different styles. The novice and even the advanced sewer will learn much here, and perhaps best of all, pattern-drafting experience is not required--the author works her transformations on purchased patterns. If you're ambitious enough to make your own wedding gown, this book is absolutely essential, but even if you're hiring someone else to custom-make your gown, you'll find this an invaluable guide. And anyone pursuing a dressmaking career should have this important reference work on the shelf

Always a Bridesmaid :
89 Ways to Recycle That Bridesmaid Dress

'I Do' Veils - So Can You! :
A Step-By-Step Guide to Making
Bridal Headpieces, Hats, and Veils With
Professional Results

Anyone who's ever gone shopping for wedding clothing knows how startlingly pricey veils are. With even the simplest bridal headpieces taking a hefty bite of the wedding budget, it only makes sense to make it yourself if possible. Fortunately, with the help of "I Do" Veils and the wonderful (and inexpensive) lace, veiling, silk flowers and pearls that are widely available, it can be a fun project and not an arduous task. There are tips for selecting the right headpiece style for your face, figure and dress (whether it's a simple barrette with bow or an ornate tiara with cathedral-length veil) ; illustrations to help you decide how elaborate you want your hat, veil, comb or clip to be; and hundreds of embellishment techniques involving nothing more complicated than a hot glue gun. The directions are easy to follow, and for those who don't have a good bridal section in their local fabric and notions store, the list of wholesale and retail mail-order suppliers will be invaluable.

Sew a Beautiful Wedding

Bridal Gowns;
The Basics of Designing,
Fitting & Sewing Your Wedding Dress

101 Uses for a Bridesmaid Dress
Bridesmaid dresses -- what are they good for? We've got to pay for them, wear them, and then find a spot for them in the back of the closet. Our best women friends, suddenly transformed into tasteful-white-dress-wearing brides, tell us, "You'll be able to wear this bridesmaid dress again." But we know better.

101 Uses for a Bridesmaid Dress, tongue firmly in cheek, pokes fun at the hopelessly horrible dress that a bride asks her "court" to don. These whimsical illustrations and silly suggestions, from cocktail napkins and shower curtains, to pony blankets and frilly jock straps, are a hilarious antidote to the bridesmaid dresses we'll never wear again.

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Sewing Wedding Gowns Guides Veils Bridal Gown Books Learn to Sew Reference Information