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Myths and Legends of Ancient Civilizations DVD
Ancient people all over the world relied upon myths and legends to impose a sense of order on a world that was filled with incomprehensible and powerful forces.  

Ancient Mysteries Myths & Legends DVD
A&E's award-winning "Ancient Mysteries" series travels the world to explore and illuminate the enigmas that continue to defy science and spark our imagination. This collection focuses on the myths and legends that are constant sources of inspiration for fantasy literature and movies, exposing what is known, what is imagined and what is pure speculation and myth. Episodes: Camelot, The Quest for the Holy Grail, Atlantis, Dragons.

Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends
Superb in-depth survey explores animism, totemism, fetishism, creation myths, Egyptian priesthood, cult of Osiris, numerous deities, Book of the Dead, alchemy, Egyptian art and magic, legends and a host of other topics. Erudite, clearly written work, enhanced with over 50 photographs and illustrations.

Cleopatra's Palace In Search of a Legend
In 30 b.c., against the backdrop of Alexandria, Egypt, one of the most majestic of all ancient cities, a great queen proudly and defiantly took her life. More than two thousand years later, the world remains fascinated and haunted by this most intriguing woman, Cleopatra VII, yet practically everything we know about her is based on ancient text fragments, literature, and myth. Was she the temptress of legend? A ruthless, ambitious conqueror? Or was she a strong, brilliant, visionary ruler, a passionate and loyal woman, and a fiercely devoted mother?

Discovery Books presents Cleopatra's Palace: In Search of a Legend--a dramatic look at Cleopatra's world based on ancient accounts and modern scholarship. Gifted storyteller Laura Foreman brings Cleopatra's legendary tale to life, from the founding of Alexandria by Alexander the Great, to Cleopatra's ascent to the Egyptian throne amid treachery and betrayal, to her passionate alliances with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony and her doomed battle against Octavian.

But the legend doesn't end there. Cleopatra's Palace also presents the astounding recent findings of world-renowned underwater explorer Franck Goddio, who, with his team of underwater archaeologists, has succeeded in mapping the Royal Quarter of Ancient Alexandria, long submerged beneath the Mediterranean by cataclysmic earthquakes early in the millennium. In a fascinating narrative illustrated by exclusive underwater images, the expedition's successes are presented, including the discovery of such artifacts as jewelry, statues, sphinxes, rare pottery, and an ancient shipwreck, as well as architectural remains that were found on the site of this magnificent drama.

Alexandria Rediscovered
The last ten years have seen some of the most remarkable archaeological discoveries ever made in Alexandria, the legendary Egyptian city founded by Alexander the Great in 331 B.C. Presented here is a full account of these extraordinary finds and of the exciting expeditions that led to their discovery. Located on the northwestern end of the Nile River Delta, Alexandria was the greatest of Hellenistic cities and was a major center of Jewish and Christian culture. Athens' equal and political rival to Rome, Alexandria awed ancient travelers with its wealth, size, and cultural prestige. But unlike Athens and Rome, practically no visible trace of this splendid city remains, and, despite over a hundred years of archaeological efforts, the results have generally been considered meager. Recent excavations, however, have yielded an unexpected wealth of information. Directed by the French archaeologist Jean-Yves Empereur and conducted with the most modern methods, these digs have greatly enriched our knowledge of the art and architecture of Alexandria and of the lives and living conditions of its inhabitants. Read More...

Oxford 1st Ancient History
Interspersing fact-filled essays with fictional eyewitness accounts, Roy Burrell makes the ancient world a real place inhabited by real people going about their everyday business of work and family life. A fascinating essay about the history of the region of Mesopotamia is followed by "interviews" with an early settler who extols the virtues of the date palm, with a 12-year-old boy who is studying to be a scribe, and with a soldier. A section on the Greek theater is personalized with a conversation with Cimon, the mask maker. An 80-year-old man tells us how Rome has expanded and changed from the days of Nero through Hadrian's reign. History is no longer a boring list of dates, but an exciting time peopled with characters as real as our closest friends.

Encyclopedia of the Ancient World (History Encyclopedias)
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Ancient World (World History Series)
Reading level: Ages 9-12

The Terracotta Warriors: The Secret Codes of the Emperor's Army

Eyewitness: Ancient China (Eyewitness Books)

China Dawn of a Golden Age, 200-750 AD (Metropolitan Museum of Art Series)

The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China, including The Art of War
The first translation of the full body of ancient Chinese strategic wisdom, including Sun Tzu's Art of War and six other classics. Studied throughout Asia for its insights into decision-making, especially by business people.

Demons and Dragons Myths of China, Japan and India
A collection of six tales drawn from the myths and legends of Asia and the Far East. Reading level: Ages 9-12

Daedalus and the Minotaur

The Myths and Gods of India : The Classic Work on Hindu Polytheism from the Princeton Bollingen Series
This widely praised study of Hindu deities reveals the message of tolerance and adaptability at the heart of this ancient religion.

The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Legends of Gems and Jewels


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