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  The Game Master's Book of Legendary Dragons: Epic new dragons, dragon-kin and monsters, plus dragon cults, classes, combat and magic for 5th Edition RPG adventures (The Game Master Series)

Hardcover – October 11, 2022

Game Masters and players alike are familiar with dragons and the threat they present in the world’s most popular tabletop roleplaying game. They’ve become so...

  Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and Myth

We have always conjured up creatures never seen in nature, from flying horses and two-headed birds to fire-breathing dragons and enormous killer skunks, as well as fantastic distortions of our own image, from giants to nubile maidens. In these pages you will meet extraordinary beings from Hindu and Navajo religions, Scandinavian tales, Russian folklore, Lithuanian stories, Irish oral history, American tall tales, and Aztec myth. Just some of the monstrous entourage: • Baku, a benevolent Japanese monster with...


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Dragons A Book of Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
Illustrators and craftspeople will find a host of uses for this collection of one of the most famous of mythical creatures. Over 120 black-and-white images of dragons are presented in this convenient, permission-free book of original renderings based on motifs in a wide array of sources--fairy tale collections, medieval French and Celtic manuscripts, Japanese and Chinese artwork, and more. The illustrations depict smoke-and-fire-breathing dragons, scaly creatures of the sea, powerful beasts endangering the lives of mariners, Celtic dragons with interwoven body parts, and much more. An indispensable collection of usable art ideal for book and magazine illustration, these imaginative and highly unusual creatures will also appeal to craftworkers, book browsers and fans of mythical monsters. Dover Original. Approximately 125 black-and-white designs on 30 plates, plus 2 in full color on covers.

Reading level: Ages 9-12

The Book of Dragons
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Cut & Assemble Paper Dragons (Models & Toys)
Create 8 colorful dragons with a few household items (scissors, paper clips, glue, knife and straightedge). Sunny, Windy, Stormy and 5 other delightful creatures are easy to assembly and just as easy to fly.

Dragonology 2006 Wall Calendar
New from AMP Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons is an essential guide for enthusiasts of dragon lore. The visually lush book purports to be a facsimile of the long-lost research of nineteenth-century dragonologist Ernest Drake. This calendar is taken from that whimsical New York Times best-selling book. Like the book, this beautiful full-color wall calendar features fold-out maps, flaps, cut-outs, detailed descriptions and illustrations, dragon spells, "samplings" of scales, and "sprinklings" of dragon dust. Dragonologists of all ages will love this fantastical calendar.

Dragons A Natural History
These magnificent beasts have been found in an astounding number of places. Dragons and their near relatives have found niches in every ecosystem on the planet -- from the mountains of Greece to the forests of northern Europe to the volcanic plain of Mesoamerica to the river valleys of China -- and have, as a consequence, become deeply embedded in human culture.

A Book of Dragons & Monsters

Behold...the Dragons!
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Draw Fantasy : Dragons, Centaurs, and 
Other Mythological Characters


Chinese Dragon Robes 
(Images of Asia)
Chinese dragon robes are among the most exquisite garments ever produced. With this fully illustrated guide, textile scholar and collector Valery M Garrett provides an introduction to the development, construction, and dating of dragon robes. This comprehensive book answers most every question on the subject of dragon robes and is perfect for the beginning collector and anyone interested in costume design.

Dungeons & Dragons 
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