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Camelot The True Story
Nothing was written about King Arthur and Camelot until 700 years after Arthur's death. Therefore there is great disparity among the various stories about Camelot. This book gives an interesting and exciting account of what really happened, and also explains why so few official writtten records exist as to Arthur's and Camelot's existence.

 King Arthur: The Truth Behind the Legend
King Arthur
lives! Who was he? How much of his life is based on historical fact? Where was his Kingdom?

In his quest for the real King Arthur, Rodney Castelden reconstructs the kingdoms, frontiers and political centers of sixth century Britain, and recreates the royal dynasties and chronologies of the Dark Age kings.

King Arthur is often written off as medieval fantasy, the dream of those yearning for an age of strong, just rulers and a contented kingdom. Those who accept his existence at all generally discard the stories that surround him. This exciting new investigation argues not only that Arthur did exist, as a Dark Age Chieftain, but that many of the romantic tales - of Merlin, Camelot, and Excalibur - are rooted in truth.

In this investigation Rodney Castelden uses up-to-date archaeological and documentary evidence to recreate the history and society of Dark Age Britain and its kings. He revives the possibility that Tintagel was an Arthurian residence, and proposes a radical new theory - that Arthur escaped alive from his final battle. A location is even suggested for perhaps the greatest mystery, the location of Arthur's grave.

Secret Camelot The Lost Legends of King Arthur

King Arthur : Dark Age Warrior and Mythic Hero
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
have captured the world's imagination since medieval times. The tales of King Arthur are rooted in history, but over the years the facts have become shrouded in myth and mystery. In this beautifully illustrated book Arthurian expert John Matthews explores the legends that have grown around the king and uncovers the mysteries of Arthur's Britain. The numerous characters surrounding King Arthur are introduced and the facts behind the epic saga are revealed.
•Contains 120 color and black-and-white images
•Covers Merlin, Guenevere, Lancelot, the Holy Grail, and all the mythic search for characters

The Arthurian Handbook (Second Edition)
Everything you ever wanted to know about King Arthur and his knights is covered in this fascinating volume: the origins of the Grail legend, the Tristan and Isolde love story in opera and literature, Spielberg's use of Arthurian motifs in Star Wars , the depiction of Arthur in paintings, the presentation of Camelot on the Broadway stage, the twitting of the legend in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and much more.
This critical survey of Arthurian history and legend, archaeology, literature, and the arts from the fifth century to the present provides an introduction for the general reader and a useful summary for the specialist. It offers both historical facts and key discussions on Arthurian subjects, from post-Roman Britain to the most recent novels and films. There is a lengthy glossary of Arthurian characters, motifs, and places, a chronology of major historical and literary items, a guide to pronunciation, and a full bibliography.
What's new in the Second Edition:All the material has been revised and updated to 1996 since the original 1988 edition; The chapter on modern literature has been thoroughly revised, with new material on writings from France, Germany, England, and America; The coverage of King Arthur in the arts has entirely rewritten by one of the premier authorities in Arthurian studies. Brand-new geneological charts of the ancestry of Arthur and his family and the Grail kings and knights.; A fully up-to-date chronology; Many new illustrations.

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 Camelot Special Edition
Joshua Logan's 1967 film of the hit Broadway musical about the love triangle between King Arthur (Richard Harris), Guenevere (Vanessa Redgrave), and Sir Lancelot (Franco Nero) is strong on star emphasis and weak on such fundamentals as story and sets. Except for a handful of solidly dramatic scenes--such as Guenevere grieving, late in the film, for the ruination she and Lancelot have caused--there's not a lot to get excited about. (The story's theme of a lost, great society, however, certainly struck a chord in the 1960s.) The Lerner-Loewe songs ("If Ever I Would Leave You," "Camelot") pretty much sell themselves, even if they are, at best, only proficiently performed in this movie.

The Kennedy Mystique Creating Camelot

Biography King Arthur His Life And Legends (A&E DVD Archives) DVD

King Arthur The Truth Behind the Legend (Documentary) DVD

King Arthur ( UMD Mini For PSP ) DVD

King Arthur The Legend and the Land DVD

Biography King Arthur VHS

VHS Richard Harris

 Dark Age of Camelot Platinum Edition
Windows XP / Me / 98

Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs Expansion Pack
Windows 98 / XP / Me


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