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  A Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail

Hardcover November 20, 2017

The Holy Grail : it conjures images of a rich and fantastic world full of magnificent adventures and perilous quests by gallant knights. It whispers of strange mysteries and fabled conspiracies staged by Templars...

  Templars in America: The Secret Legacy of Voyages to America Before Columbus
Paperback June 5, 2023

Proof of their travels is carved in stone on both sides of the Atlantic and can be found in documentary evidence borne out by a strong oral tradition...

  Knight Templar I Am A Child Of God A Warrior Of Christ Sweatshirt

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Secret of the Holy Grail DVD

In Search of History The Holy Grail DVD

Quest for the Holy Grail VHS

Guardians Of The Holy Grail : The Knights Templar, John The Baptist, And The Water Of Life
Proof that the Holy Grail existed thousands of years before Christ, and is as old as the Garden of Eden. For a thousand years the Knights Templar have been the guardians of the Holy Grail . During their hundred years in the Middle East, the Templars received the Holy Grail from a lineage of Holy Grail Guardians that had existed for many thousands of years previously. This ancient Grail lineage, which included John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and John the Apostle, originated on Sri Lanka, the island paradise recognized within the Arab world as the true location of the fabled Garden of Eden. A unique history of the Knights Templar and the Grail, Guardians of the Holy Grail includes chapters on: * Rosslyn Chapel and the Sinclairs of Scotland * John the Baptist and the Mandeans from Sri Lanka * The Mystery of Baphomet, the Templar "demon" * The Gnostic & Sexual Tantric rites of the Knights Templar * Alchemy & the Mystery of the Black Madonna * The Secrets of the Freemasons and Johannites

Grail Knights of North America On the Trail of the Grail
Michael Bradley published the Canadian bestseller, Holy Grail Across the Atlantic (Hounslow Press, 1988), presenting the astounding evidence that a European settlement in Canada had been established in Nova Scotia ninety-four years before Columbus and ninety-nine years before John Cabot. Incredibly, mediaeval documents and maps showed that this settlement had been founded by refugee Knights Templar from Scotland knights who had been created for the sole purpose of guarding the Holy Grail. Bradley presented evidence that these Grail-believing religious refugees and their knightly protectors had been instrumental in discovering, settling, and influencing the development of New France and, later, the fledgling American Republic...

Holy Grail Across the Atlantic The Secret History of Canadian Discovery and Exploration

St. Laurence and the Holy Grail : The Story of the Holy Chalice of Valencia
Many scholars are convinced that The Holy Chalice of Valencia is the Holy Grail, celebrated in medieval legneds as it was venerated by monks in the secluded Monastery of San Juan de la Pe�a, built into a rocky outcropping of the Spanish Pyrenees. The tradition of Arag�n has always insisted that the flaming agate cup of the Holy Chalice was sent to Spain by St. Laurence, the glorious Spaniard martyred on a gridiron during the Valerian persecution in Rome in 258 AD. Now there is new evidence: A sixth-century manuscript written in Latin by St. Donato, an Augustinian monk who founded a monastery in the area of Valencia, provides never-before-published details about Laurence, born in Valencia but destined for Italy, where he became treasurer and deacon of the Catholic Church under Pope Sixtus II. It explicitly mentions the details surrounding the transfer of the Holy Cup of the Last Supper to Spain. Janice Bennett acquaints the reader with the enthralling story of the Holy Chalice, the renowned relic that embarked from the Last Supper on an amazing pilgrimage that providentially ended in the Cathedral of Valencia, a miraculous odyssey that has been characterized by dnager, greed, martyrdom and fire from the very beginning. The author presents abundant evidence for authenticy, delving into many provocative topics, such as the importance of relics for early Christians, the difference between legend, tradition and history, and the veracity of St. Laurence's death on the gridiron. It is a fascinating account that will dispel forever the notion that the famous relic was ever lost. The mythical Quest for the Holy Grail is now over.

The Holy Grail : Imagination and Belief
The elusive image of the Holy Grail has haunted the Western imagination for eight centuries. It represents the ideal of an unattainable yet infinitely desirable goal, the possibility of perfection. Initially conceived in literature, it became a Christian icon which has been re-created in a multitude of forms over time even though the Grail has no specific material attributes or true religious significance.

Richard Barber traces the history of the legends surrounding the Holy Grail, beginning with Chrtien de Troyes's great romances of the twelfth century and the medieval Church's religious version of the secular ideal. He pursues the myths through Victorian obsessions and enthusiasms to the popular bestsellers of the late twentieth century that have embraced its mysteries. Crisscrossing the borders of fiction and spirituality, the quest for the Holy Grail has long attracted writers, artists, and admirers of the esoteric. It has been a recurrent theme in tales of imagination and belief which have laid claim to the highest religious and secular ideals and experiences. From Lancelot to Parsifal, chivalric romances to Wagner's Ring, T. S. Eliot to Monty Python, the Grail has fascinated and lured the Western imagination from beyond the reach of the ordinary world.

The Quest of the Holy Grail (Penguin Classics)

Mysteries of Templar Treasure & the Holy Grail: The Secrets of Rennes Le Chateau
Next to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, no other place on earth holds as much esoteric symbolism as France�s Rennes le Chateau. Its location and design are the subjects of countless rumors, myths, and legends. Mysteries of Templar Treasure and the Holy Grail, formerly published as The Secrets of Rennes le Chateau, delves into the reality behind the action and adventure of The Da Vinci Code. Rennes le Chateau has plenty of secrets: buried treasure, unsolved murders, supernatural powers, codes on parchments and tombstones, not to mention clues concealed in statues and paintings, enigmatic priests who controlled immense wealth, and secret societies that are still active today.

 The Grail



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