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Jewish Legends Guides Jewish Folklore Books Yiddish Folktales Reference Information

  The Hebrew Folktale in Premodern Morality Literature (Raphael Patai Series in Jewish Folklore and Anthropology) Paperback November 14, 2023

This pioneering exploration shows that in the early modern world, printed works on morality and ethics served as an important conveyor of classic Jewish folktales and as an important channel of leisure reading in premodern Jewish culture ...

  Jewish Folk-Lore (Illustrated): In the Middle Ages Paperback March 19, 2022

Moses Gaster's " Jewish Folk-Lore " is a nice little collection of some folk tales of Jewish origin. Some of the tales...


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Because God Loves Stories An Anthology of Jewish Storytelling
An exciting new treasury of Jewish stories and storytellers, from ancient tales and classics re-imagined to contemporary family stories, parables, and humor

"Why were human beings created?" goes a traditional Jewish saying. "Because God loves stories." Storytelling has been part of Jewish religion and custom from earliest times and it remains a defining aspect of Jewish life. In Because God Loves Stories, folklorist Steve Zeitlin assembles the work of thirty-six Jewish storytellers, each of whom spins tales that express his or her own distinctive visions of Jewish culture. Contemporary storytellers re-interpret stories from the Talmud for modern sensibilities, the Grand Rabbi of Bluzhov tells tales of the Holocaust, beloved comedian Sam Levenson regales readers with hilarious vignettes of Jewish life in America, and much more.

Ten Classic Jewish Children's Stories
Reading level: Ages 4-8
The stories in this book have become part of the legacy that links both the written tradition (The Torah) and the oral tradition (the Talmud) to the Jewish people.

Each story concludes with a "Now Consider This" section designed to enrich your child's learning experience.

Gabriel's Palace Jewish Mystical Tales
A vast bounty of tales recounting mystical experiences among the rabbis can be found in the Talmud, the Zohar, Jewish folktales, and Hasidic lore. Now, in Gabriel's Palace, scholar Howard Schwartz has collected the greatest of these stories, sacred and secular, in a marvelously readable anthology.

Elijah's Violin & Other Jewish Fairy Tales
Tales of magic and wonder can be found in every phase of Jewish literature, from the sacred to the secular. The fairy tale in particular--set in enchanted lands and populated with a variety of human and supernatural beings, both good and evil--holds a very special place in the Jewish tradition. For in the fairy tale, where good and evil engage in a timeless struggle, we have a clear reflection of the Jewish world view, where faith in God can defeat the evil impulse.

Lilith's Cave : Jewish Tales of the Supernatural
Once upon a time in the city of Tunis, a flirtatious young girl was drawn into Lilith's dangerous web by glancing repeatedly at herself in the mirror. It seems that a demon daughter of the legendary Lilith had made her home in the mirror and would soon completely possess the unsuspecting girl. Such tales of terror and the supernaturual occupy an honored position in the Jewish folkloric tradition.

Howard Schwartz has superbly translated and retold fifty of the best of these folktales, now collected into one volume for the first time. Gathered from countless sources ranging from the ancient Middle East to twelfth-century Germany and later Eastern European oral tradition, these captivating stories include Jewish variants of the Pandora and Persephone myths and of such famous folktales as "The Fisherman and His Wife," "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," and "Bluebeard," as well as several tales from the Middle Ages that have never before been published.

The Oxford Book of Jewish Stories
The Oxford Book of Jewish Stories takes us from the mid-1800s right up to the present, encompassing the full spectrum of Jewish writing around the world. The variety of tales captured here is stunning. Readers will find stories such as "A Yom Kippur Scandal" by Sholem Aleichem, the father of Yiddish literature; "Before the Law" by Franz Kafka; "Looking for Mr. Green" by Saul Bellow; "The Spinoza of Market Street" by Isaac Bashevis Singer; and "Midrash on Happiness" by Grace Paley. Stavans has included many pieces by Americans, including such markedly different writers as Cynthia Ozick, Bernard Malamud, Moacyr Seliar, Stanley Elkin, Delmore Schwartz, Dan Jacobson, Francine Prose, Allegra Goodman, and Philip Roth. And here too are pieces from around the globe, by writers no less varied: Isaac Babel, Italo Svevo, Primo Levi, Elias Canetti, Amos Oz, and Danilo Kis. What emerges in the end is proof of an observation by Ba'al Makshoves--that the Jews may have many languages and a dozen echoes in foreign tongues, but only one literature. And it is one of the finest in the world.

 Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another

A Sampler of Jewish-American Folklore 

Yiddish Folktales
 (Library of Yiddish Classics)

Nearly 200 tales in this collection of Jewish folklore reveal the rich culture and tradition of Eastern European Jewry.

The Hebrew Folktale : History, Genre, Meaning
(Folklore Studies in Translation)

Jewish Tales from Eastern Europe

Ten Classic Jewish Children's Stories

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