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Urban Legends Urban Legend Books Reference Information

  Urban Legends, Ghost Stories, and Folklore: Haunting and Horrifying True Tales of Lore and Legend

  Urban Legends: Bizarre Tales You Won't Believe

Japanese urban legends: The most disturbing urban legends from Japan

Toshiden: Exploring Japanese Urban Legends: Volume One

The Book of Yokai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore


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Encyclopedia of Urban Legends
The definitive word on the subject from the dean of urban legend studies.

We all know those stories that are too bizarre to be true — roasted babies, vanishing hitchhikers, scuba divers in trees—but have you heard about the ice man or the bullet baby? This comprehensive and compellingly readable reference work will answer all your urban legend questions, offering alphabetical entries on every aspect of the subject, including descriptions of hundreds of individual legends and their variations, legend themes, and scholarly approaches to the genre. Other entries discuss the relationship of urban legends to literature, film, comic books, music, and many other areas of popular culture.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: The Book of Scary Urban Legends
An anthology of the most chilling urban legends of all time collected by the maestro himself.

Urban legends are those strange, but seemingly credible tales that always happen to a friend of a friend. For the first time, Professor Jan Harold Brunvand, "who has achieved almost legendary status" (Choice), has collected the creepiest, most terrifying urban legends, many that have spooked you since your childhood and others that you believe really did occur—even if it was one town over to some poor hapless coed who left a party early only to be followed by a man who just got loose from a mental hospital. From the classic hook-man story told around many a campfire to "Saved by a Cell Phone," these spine-tingling urban legends will give you goose bumps, even when you know they can't be true. Still, you'll continue to check the backseat of your car at gas stations and look under your bed at night before praying for sleep.

Too Good to Be True The Colossal Book of Urban Legends
Have you heard the one about the new computer owner who mistook the CD-ROM player for a cup holder? Or the woman who thought her brains were oozing out of a gunshot wound, when the "truth" was that when her Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh can exploded, striking her on the head with the lid, the goo she felt was biscuit dough? Jan Harold Brunvand, professor emeritus at the University of Utah and author of numerous urban-legend collections, including The Vanishing Hitchhiker, The Choking Doberman, Curses! Broiled Again, and American Folklore: An Encyclopedia, has been studying urban legends for some 20 years, and his new book, Too Good to Be True, relates more than 200 of these indestructible tales.

Alligators in the Sewer And 222 Other Urban Legends
Alligators in the Sewer, a comprehensive collection of urban legends, compiles hundreds of these wild and entertaining tales. With themes that run the gamut from funny to sick, risque to informative, frightening to disgusting and bizarre, urban folklore can chill spines, spark smiles or turn stomachs, and the stories are remarkable for their uncanny ability to travel by word of mouth--often with a few subtle changes catering to the needs of whoever is retelling them. They've been celebrated in newspapers, movies, and , most notably, on the late 20th century's misinformation superhighway: the internet. But far from a contemporary phenomenon, the urban legend has been around since medieval times, and it's the irresistible and intriguing nature of the stories--distinctly dark, invariably humorous, and always just plausible enough to be believed--that allows them to endure. These tales play on our collective fears and anxieties, and they're compelling because no one can be sure which stories are true, which are elaborate embellishments of facts, and which h are the result of nothing more than a twisted imagination and a flair for story-telling.

All the favorites are hear and arranged by genre--from The Stolen Kidney and Other Medical Mishaps to Naked at his Own Surprise Party and Other Sexual Escapades, plus hundreds more strange-but-perhaps-not-completely-untrue anecdotes. Some of these legends have resurfaced in different forms again and again through the years--like the tales of King Arthur's life-after-death that bear a striking resemblance to rumors about the afterlives of modern heroes like Elvis Presley, Andy Kaufman, and Tupac Shakur. When available, each story's variations through history have been included, along with all the modern versions. From Roswell, New Mexico to the thieves who left only the toothbrush and the camera, Alligators in the Sewer is a novel examination of pop culture's shady underbelly as well as an authoritative reference of contemporary folklore with stories guaranteed to amuse, enlighten and freak you out.

Curses! Broiled Again! The Hottest Urban Legends Going

Spiders in the Hairdo, Modern Urban Legends

Urban Legends The Truth Behind All Those Deliciously Entertaining Myths That Are Absolutely, Positively, 100% Not True

 Urban Legends : The As-Complete-As-One-Could-Be Guide to Modern Myths

Sometimes the Dragon Wins: Yet More Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire

Baby on the Car Roof and 222 Other Urban Legends: Absolutely True Stories That Happened to a Friend of a Friend of a Friend

The Truth Never Stands in the Way of a Good Story

The Choking Doberman And Other 'New' Urban Legends

 The Baby Train and Other Lusty Urban Legends

The Vanishing Hitchhiker American Urban Legends and Their Meanings

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Urban Legends Urban Legend Books Reference Information