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Borreguita and the Coyote : A Tale from Ayutla, Mexico
What's a little lamb to do about a fierce coyote that wants to eat her? Why, trick him, of course...and and trick him again...and trick him one more time! Here's a lively retelling of a Mexican folk tale by master story teller Verna Aardema, illustrated in bold, winning colors by Petra Mathers.

The Emerald Lizard: Fifteen Latin American Tales to Tell in English and Spanish
A retelling in English and Spanish of fifteen traditional tales from a variety of Latin American countries.

De oro y esmeraldas: mitos, leyendas y cuentos popules de latinoamérica
Entre las tribus de indios que habitaban las islas conocidas como Puerto Rico, la Espanola (Haiti y la Republica Dominicana), Cuba, Jamaica y las Bahamas se encontraban los tainos...

The Llama's Secret : A Peruvian Legend Legends of the World)
A Peruvian rendition of the Great Flood story, in which a llama warns the people and animals to seek shelter on Huillcacato to avoid the rising sea, Mamacocha.

Jade and Iron: Latin American Tales from Two Cultures
Subtitled, "Latin American Tales from Two Cultures" this anthology is guaranteed to captivate young minds. Part One contains mythic tales from the native inhabitants explaining how the world came to be. There are warriors and princesses who turn into towering volcanoes, an opossum who steals fire for mankind, and a giant worm who drinks a river so people can find fish. Part Two contains stories from the Europeans who came to the New World and is about people's relationships with each other and with nature. There's a mysterious woman magician who escapes from jail on a flying boat, horses the color of rainbows, and a jungle creature who enchants a young girl.

Jabut¡ the Tortoise: A Trickster Tale from the Amazon
Another installment in Gerald McDermott's wise and whimsical trickster series, Jabutí the Tortoise tells the tale of the Amazon jungle's shiny-shelled mischief-maker. Although Jabutí doesn't come across as the most clever trickster around in this particular retelling...

The Hummingbird King : A Guatemalan Legend (Legends of the World)
A young chief who had been protected by a hummingbird is killed by his jealous uncle and then transformed into a quetzal, symbol of freedom.

The Magic Bean Tree : A Legend from Argentina

Golden Tales
This lush collection of twelve traditional Latin American tales brings the history and culture of thirteen countries into a vivid new perspective. Readers will have a unique glimpse of the early indigenous cultures, and of the literature that later blossomed with the blending of the Spanish and Native cultures.

Senor Cat's Romance

The Boy Who Wouldn't Obey : A Mayan Legend

The Golden Flower: A Taino Myth From Puerto Rico

Tio Conejo: (Uncle Rabbit) and Other Latin American Trickster Tales

Folk Tales from Chile (Library of Folklore)

The Sea Serpent's Daughter: A Brazilian Legend (Legends of the World)
Relates the traditional Brazilian legend of how the Sea Serpent's gift of darkness to his daughter brings night to the people of the rain forest.

The Dancing Turtle: A Folktale from Brazil

Picture Tales from Mexico

Creepy Creatures and Other Cucuys
The stories in this collection curdle with the creepy and crawling characters of traditional folklore. These stories brim with the supernatural: the mysterious disappearance of children who made deals with duendes, evil trolls who live inside the walls of our houses; the ghostly specter of La Llorona who floats along the creek bed, howling, "¡Ay, mis hijos!"; witches that turn into great white owls; a severed hand that hurtles across floors and catches a death grip; and even the Devil himself harvesting wayward souls.

The Witch's Face: A Mexican Tale

Un lazo a la luna: una leyenda peruana / Moon Rope: A Peruvian Folktale

Golden Tales : Myths and Legends from Latin America

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