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The Arabian Nights
(Everyman's Library)

Grimm's Grimmest
Murder, kidnapping, cruel and unusual punishment, violent revenge�these are not the bedtime stories mummy used to read. Newly reissued with a fresh cover, Grimm's Grimmest presents nineteen original, unsanitized, wholly unholy tales as they were first collected by the Brothers Grimm circa 1822�all fiendishly illustrated. The tales harken back to a time when travelers risked roasting or worse, and bad manners yielded frightful consequences. An insightful introduction makes sense of the mayhem, shedding light on how the Grimm brothers went from macabre to mainstream in fairly short order. From the true horror of Aschenputtel (the original Cinderella story) to Rapunzel's dark secret, Grimm's Grimmest features the authentic stories born long ago in the land of the Black Forest, at a time when fairy tales never ended happily ever after

The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen A New Translation from the Danish
This new collection -- returning faithfully to the original Danish -- takes
Andersen out of the nursery and places him squarely in the literary
While Hans Christian Andersen's tales continue to seize the imagination with their singular blend of simplicity, eccentricity, and charm, readers have had to content themselves with inaccurate retellings and inadequate translations. Now Diana Crone Frank, a Danish novelist and linguist, and Jeffrey Frank, a novelist and editor at The New Yorker, offer a much-needed modern translation, brought out by Andersen's original American publisher.
In this collection are twenty-two tales that best represent Andersen's literary legacy. Here are the classics: "The Little Mermaid," "The Ugly Duckling," "Thumbelisa," and "The Princess on the Pea" among them, as well as largely unfamiliar stories like "By the Outermost Sea." Illuminating notes clarify references in the stories. And in an extended introductory essay, the Franks explore the writer and his times, placing the enigmatic and often bizarre figure of Andersen among his literary contemporaries, such as Charles Dickens and S�ren Kierkegaard, with whom he crossed paths.
Illustrated with the delicate and beautiful drawings that accompanied the
original Danish publication, The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen is sure
to delight readers of all ages.

The Complete Fables
(Penguin Classics)

Italian Folktales

The Classic Fairy Tales

Because God Loves Stories : An Anthology of Jewish Storytelling

Language and Gender in the Fairy Tale Tradition : A Linguistic Analysis of Old and New Story-telling

King Arthur : In Legend and History

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A Verse Translation
(Oxford World's Classics)

The Art of the Turkish Tale, Vol. 1

Traditional Storytelling Today: An International Sourcebook
Traditional Storytelling Today explores the diversity of contemporary storytelling traditions and provides a forum for in-depth discussion of interesting facets of contemporary storytelling. Never before has such a wealth of information about storytelling traditions been gathered together.
Storytelling is alive and well throughout the world as the approximately 100 articles by more than 90 authors make clear. Most of the essays average 2,000 words and discuss a typical storytelling event, give a brief sample text, and provide theory from the folklorist. A comprehensive index is provided. Bibliographies afford the reader easy access to additional resources.

Yaqui Myths and Legends

The European Folktale Form and Nature
(Folklore Studies in Translation)

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