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Fisher-Price Historical, Rarity, and Value Guide, 1931-Present
Fisher-Price: A Historical, Rarity & Value Guide, 3rd Ed

This must-have book written by the two foremost Fisher-Price historians and collecting experts is a comprehensive look at the colorful history and even more colorful playthings produced by the world’s largest manufacturer of preschool toys.

Features more than 150 color photos of toys made from 1931 to the present, as well as detailed information on more than 3,000 toys, including toy names alphabetized by year, toy identification numbers, number of years made, special remarks, and a value range from good to mint condition. Includes comic characters, vehicles, dolls, Little People®, and more!

Also includes a special dedication by company president, authors' toy stories, company milestones, authors' picks for top 10 toys in 20 categories, founders' biographies, year-by-year historical and toy line descriptions with decade summarization, catalog covers, and more.

Co-authors Bruce R. Fox and John J. Murray have been employees of Fisher-Price for a combined 52 years and are collectors themselves.

• Detailed listings for more than 3,000 toys

Everett Grist's Big Book of Marbles: A Comprehensive Identification & Value Guide for Both Antique and Machine-Made Marbles

Hot Wheels : 35 Years of Speed, Power Performance and Attitude
In the 1960s, diecast cars and trucks were simple, stodgy, and clunky. They were hobby items, not toys, often displayed but seldom played with. They lacked "play value." Enter Mattel. In 1968 they introduced the first 18 Hot Wheels cars to the world. The vehicles were cool looking, they were well-detailed, and most of all, they could go like heck. Following the vision of a courageous leader and a creative group of designers, engineers, and marketers, Mattel revolutionized the diecast world with its 1/64th-scale cars on hot mag wheels that could move at speeds far beyond their competition.

Thirty-five years and a few billion cars later, Hot Wheels cars are still number one. These junior racers are very hot collectibles and favorite toys for kids of all ages. Mattel celebrates the 35th anniversary of Hot Wheels in 2003, and author Randy Leffingwell takes you through their complete history from the early planning to the latest cars coming off the line. With full access to Mattel resources, including the top-secret Hot Wheels Design Center, Leffingwell reveals who made the cars go fast, who came up with the colors, the names, the logos, and the unique models. Interviews with more than 70 individuals-including Mattel founder and Hot Wheels creator Elliot Handler as well as legendary designers like Harry Bradley, Ira Gilford, and Larry Wood-allow the story to be told through the words of those who were there making Hot Wheels history. This highly illustrated book is filled with images of rare design drawings and prototypes, plus photos of all your favorite Hot Wheels cars.

Antique and Collectible Marbles

So Crazy Japanese Toys!
When huge alien spiders or ocean-dwelling mutant dinosaurs hell-bent on destruction decide to pay a visit to humankind, they always seem to stop in Japan first. So Crazy Japanese Toys! showcases a cast of totally cool, totally sugoi creatures culled from the most popular Japanese children’s TV shows. From early and obscure Japanese shows to programs that have gained mass popularity around the world—including Ultraman, Space Giants, and Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot—So Crazy Japanese Toys! will delight both casual fans and hardcore aficionados. Readers will encounter rubber-clad superheroes galore, kawaii ’n’ cuddly characters, high-revving motor heroes, and of course rockin’ chicks of both the friend and foe varieties. This book is a must-have for anyone attracted to anime and manga. This isn’t mere eye candy—it’s a gobstopper.

Schroeder's Collectible Toys Antique to Modern Price Guide
Schroeder's Collectible Toys, 9th Ed

To meet the toy market explosion, this third edition includes hundreds of new photos, listings and information to reflect the current market. This easy-to-use guide puts buyers in touch with sellers, magazines, clubs, and newsletters that cover specific fields of collector interest. Includes values for over 20,000 toys.

Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide
Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide, 22nd Ed
Once again this entire book has been revised and updated, not just changing prices but revamping and adding new subjects that have become hot in recent months. More than 50,000 items in 600 categories are listed along with hundreds of sharp photographs. Each subject is presented with historical and background information.

The Art of Lionel Trains: Toy Trains and American Dreams
When it came to electric trains, no retail catalog could match the excitement generated by the latest Lionel catalog. Lionel's staff artists created images of shining streamliners racing across the Great Plains to the West Coast and smoking steam engines heroically dragging mile-long strings of freight cars from one city to another. The wonder of it all is that these amazing train renderings, though incredibly realistic, were still identifiable as toys. The Art of Lionel Trains features the grandest examples of Lionel catalog and advertising art along with captivating text on how the artwork reflected the culture and values of the times. It's a fascinating story, a delightful trip down memory lane, and a wonderfully colorful look at America's premier toy train manufacturer. The perfect reference for nostalgia buffs, antique lovers, and toy train fans everywhere!

Toys & Prices 2004
Toys and Prices

Revised and updated, this 11th edition of Toys & Prices 2004 is the premiere value guide for toy collectors. This popular annual price and identification guide features toys from the baby boom era to present, and now contains the most comprehensive listing of postwar toys ever assembled. New chapters on PEZ, western toys, Lego, and Hot Wheels number packs join annual favorites, including action figures, Star Wars?, Barbie? doll, Marx, Tonka, and more.

Besides offering collectors up-to-date pricing for their favorite toys along with more than 25,000 accurate, detailed listings, this edition includes more than 5,000 photographs for hassle-free identification. Supply toy collectors with the price and identification guide they have been waiting for.

The Complete Encyclopedia to Gi Joe
An invaluable resource for veteran or novice GI Joe collectors! This updated and expanded edition chronicles the creation of GI Joe action figures, features a complete listing of all figures and accessories released through five decades, contains interviews with Hasbro’s design team members, and includes an updated price guide. New collector-friendly format makes it easy for collectors of each GI Joe version to learn the history of their favorite figures and determine exactly when figures and accessories were released. The updated price guide is a complete chronological listing of all figure, vehicle, uniform, and equipment sets released from 1964-2000 and includes item numbers for easy identification.

- Lists every GI Joe figure and accessory from 1964 through 2000
- Complete history of GI Joe’s creation with interviews of Hasbro design team members
- NEW format separates all GI Joe figures and accessories by decade
- Updated price guide

Barbie the First 30 Years, 1959 Through 1989 and Beyond

Collectible Gi Joe :
 An Official Guide to His Action-Packed World

 White Knob Wind Up Collectible Toys :
An Unauthorized Collector's Guide for Identification and Value
Schiffer Book for Collectors

Welcome to the world of White Knob Wind Up Toys (WKWs). Their diversity, availability, and price make these small, ingenious mechanical wonders one of the most collectible toys on the market today. Since the manufacturing of WKWs began in the 1970s, they have hopped, waddled, swam, danced, flipped, and rolled into hearts and homes throughout the world. Never has any toy been more plentifully accepted and enjoyed by both children and adults alike. This book, which is as irresistible as the WKWs it features, includes over 275 full-color photographs, a price guide, and the information you need to either start or continue building a wonderful collection.

The Book of Beanie Babies : A System for Cataloging and Collecting Beanie Babies
The Book of Ty Beanie Babies is simply the best way to organize your Beanie Baby collection. This first release has a full color 8.5 x 5.5 inch page for each 1997 retired Beanie Baby and the 1998 Beanies up to the new introductions of May 30. Watch for our updater set of the fourteen new Beanies! The back of each page has the Beanie's poem and important dates as well as spaces to record important information about your own Beanie. Our system uses a three-ring binder with dividers so you can sort the Beanies any way you like; by what you have, what you want, retireds, current, type of animal, etc.

Never Buy Another Book!

Our first update release of all Beanies retired in 1996 and earlier is now available. About twice a year, as new Beanies are released, we will be offering update sets for a small charge. You can place the new pages into The Book to fit your own way of sorting.

The Book will never be outdated!

Breyer Animal Collector's Guide :  Identification and Values

How to Restore Classic Toy Cars, Trucks, Tractors, & Airplanes
This colorful book is a treasure chest of advice and ideas on restoring the most popular transportation toys of all eras and conditions. Readers will find easy-to-follow information on how to restore based on condition, when to restore (and when not to), the best techniques and tools, and common pitfalls to avoid. Author Dennis David offers a series of detailed case studies of ten recognizable transportation collectibles while providing a nostalgic look at numerous other toys. His experience in toy restoration provides readers a hands-on feel to the process as he addresses the universal steps of creating the most desirable toy artifact possible.

O'Brien's Collecting Toys : Identification and Value Guide, 11th Edition

Toy Car Collectors Guide 

Collectors guide to Tonka trucks, 1947-1963
The toughest toy trucks of all are also becoming increasingly tougher to find for collectors. The job would become easier and more fun if confronted with a copy of our Tonka Trucks price guide. Individual vehicles, sets, and accessories alike have been included for the persevering toy vehicle enthusiast. A dating and identification guide proves valuable, as have the caption notes which reveal what is rare and what isn't. Full color photographs show off hundreds of toys, even a selection of various advertising trucks

China, Parian & Bisque German Dolls :  Ca. 1840-Ca. 1900

Television's Cowboys, Gunfighters and Their Cap Pistols
More than merely a reference guide for cap gun collections, Western Hero Cap Pistols goes a step further to provide detailed descriptions of cap gun manufacturers and the characters on which the guns are based.

Cap Guns
This book is everything the toy gun collector could ever wish for, with over 600 full-color photographs of cap guns and gun accessories and a current value guide! Cap guns have been mass-produced since the post-Civil War era, made of wood, lead and iron. Designs were unusual; some guns pictured in this book even had two-and three-dimensional figures, or were animated with moving figures! In the 20th century toy guns became realistic models, of cast iron, wood, composition, and plastic. Since 1950, most toy cap guns continue to be made of plastic or die-cast material. Cap guns from the Baby Boomer era of 1940-1965 are currently the most popular with collectors. Guns shown in this book reveal the public fascination with cowboys and westerns, from Roy Rogers and Gene Autry to Hopalong Cassidy and the Lone Ranger. The glamorous guns of this period featured character names, shiny finishes, fancy plastic grips, and holster sets with sparkling stones and studs. Interest in toy guns has grown tremendously in the past few years. Demand far exceeds what is currently available for purchase as cap guns become one of the hottest collectibles among antique toy enthusiasts.

Pedal Car Restoration and Price Guide

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