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Old time whittling An introductory text
This text has proved to be an extremely popular introductory carving book. Written for the individual who has never carved before, it is an excellent introduction to the craft, and also makes a great gift. Projects include carving an egg, brogan, chain, ball-in-a-cage, face, and more.

Whittling and Woodcarving
Excellent introduction shows how to avoid pitfalls of craft and gives full information on tools, basic cutting strokes, then presents a wide range of projects: handles, bookends, pipes, chessmen, picture frames, puzzles, ships in bottles, more. 464 illustrations.

Start by whittling a simple mouse, following step-by-step instructions. Go on to a whole menagerie of animals—pigs, bears, whales, foxes, dogs, horses —and finally humans. Information on tools, woods, techniques, and more.

1001 Designs for Whittling and Woodcarving

The Big Book of Whittling and Woodcarving
Comprehensive sourcebook of ideas and designs ranging from simple projects (charms, pendants) to more elaborate objects (stylized birds, caricatures, rocking horse). Over 1,000 illustrations and photographs, plus useful suggestions help beginners and experienced woodworkers create Noah’s ark, nativity scene, masks and hundreds of other items.

Just for Nice : Carving and Whittling Magic of
Southeastern Pennsylvania

Whittling the Old Sea Captain and Crew

Carving and Whittling :
The Swedish Style

Carousel Horse Carving An Instructional Workbook in 1/3 Scale/With Blueprint

The Book of Wood Carving :
Technique, Designs, and Projects

Finest book for beginners discusses in direct language and no technical jargon what tools to use, how to use them and what woods are suitable for carving. 34 illustrated designs for creating cabinet panels, chests, doors, bookends, footstools, an ornamental mirror-frame, more.

Complete Guide to Wood Carving
Hundreds of projects and designs. More than 500 drawings and photographs. Covers a vast range of animals, plants, flowers, model boats, faces and heads, human figures, buildings, more. Discusses every aspect from sizing working drawings to finishing by gilding, roughing and antiquing.

Carving Animals in Wood

The Beginner's Handbook of Woodcarving :
With Project Patterns for Line Carving Relief Carving Carving in the Round and Bird Carving

Carving Card-Carrying Critters With Power :
A Good Project for Beginning Power Carvers
(Schiffer Book for Woodcarvers)

You deliver a firm handshake that impresses business associates, but how about your punch in delivering business cards? Cheryl Castles shows you how to express your animal magnetism with her delightful Card-Carrying Critters. These cute and unique creations will enchant and delight young and old carvers as well as non-carvers. Who can resist a snuggly raccoon or a rabbit who will faithfully accompany you to every show, home, office, or shop? This book is a step-by-step guide to making them yourself. Individualize them with a tilt of the head or a change of color--these cute critters will happily take on any personality you choose. Patterns and a gallery of pictures help you get started with any of seven species

Woodland Creatures
(Woodcarving Step by Step With Rick Butz)

Woodcarving for Beginners :
Projects, Techniques, Tools

Thirty-three expert woodcarvers provide tips, techniques, inspirations, testimonials, and good old-fashioned advice on this satisfying craft. Eight projects introduce the most popular types of carving, starting with spoons and tool handles, and then continuing with a pierced carving, a duck-head walking stick, and lively hand-painted caricature figures, as well as an ivy leaf, decoy duck carvings, relief carvings, a "circus for the ceiling," and a heraldic bird.

Carving Wolves, Foxes and Coyotes :
An Artistic Approach to Carving Canines in Wood

This is the first comprehensive guide to the forms, styles and techniques needed to create realistic interpretations of North American wolves, foxes, and coyotes in wood. Color photos of these animals at play, at rest, and in various aggressive postures show carvers the external forms, and a primer on anatomy gives them guidance as to the internal structure of canines. Five sample carvings demonstrate step by step the use of the techniques and tools used by the most skilled wood sculptors.

A Woodcarver's Workbook :
Carving Animals With Mary Duke Guldan

One of the classic titles on woodcarving is now repackaged and brought up to date with the latest information on carving tools. It offers the perfect mix of technical knowledge, instruction, creativity, and projects for carvers who wish to master the most popular animal subjects-cougars, rabbits, wolves, dogs, whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, wild mustangs, unicorns, and moose. The humor and clarity of the easy-to-follow instructions inspires woodworkers to expand the reach of their carving skills.

Woodcarvers Workbook #2 :
More Animal Carving With Mary Duke Guldan

 The Beginner's Handbook of Woodcarving



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