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Radio Control R/C Guides Reference Hobby Books

  First Flight: A Beginner's Guide to RC Airplanes: How to Buy the Right Plane and Teach Yourself to Fly!

Itís a lot easier to fly RC planes now than it used to be. Thereís been a revolution, thanks to the miniaturization and lower cost of tiny electronics and rechargeable batteries. These days you can buy a ready-to-fly plane, charge the battery, and be in the air within an hour. And thatís part of the problem. Now itís so easy to get into the air, you can get there long before youíre ready.
No matter how smart they are, thousands of people every year jump into the RC plane hobby, and many repeat the same mistakes. The most common mistakes are:
Buying the wrong plane. Lots of folks get into the RC plane hobby by buying a Porsche when they should have bought a Chevy. Youíve got to buy a plane that matches your skill level Ė one that can fly slowly until youíve learned to control the plane. You need a durable plane that can withstand several hard landings without cracking into pieces. Luckily, many of the inexpensive planes Iíll recommend in this book are also the most durable.
Wasting money on the wrong accessories, and not getting the right accessories. New hobbyists face a bewildering array of parts and accessories. For example, do you need extra batteries? What kind of batteries? Do you need a battery charger? Which one? What kind of transmitter do you need? Can you use your existing transmitter with your future planes?
Being impatient. In my first three months in the RC plane hobby, I lost and crashed more than a dozen planes, simply because I wasnít properly prepared and didnít exercise patienceólike trying to fly during bad weather. I will show you how to prepare yourself for the best chance at success.
Having no plan for takeoffs, flying, and landing before you leave home. Weíll go over the basics of piloting a model plane, and how to do it safely while having fun. Donít wait until you have a plane in the air before you start learning. Start now. Iíll give simple instructions on how to take off, fly and land while keeping your risks of accident and injury as low as possible.

  Remote-Controlled Car: A Journey In The World Of RC Car Paperback Ė August 2, 2022

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RC Speedboat Parts Design with Fusion 360 (UpgradePARTS 3D Printing Books) Paperback Ė July 5, 2022

RC Helicopters: The Pilot's Essentials

A Complete Dummies Manual to Identifying and Understanding Various Types, Latest, Powerful, Best, and High Quality of Dronse With Thier Uses and How They
Paperback Ė May 30, 2022


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R/C Pilot's Handbook :
Basic to Advanced Flying Techniques
from the Pros

Getting Started in Radio Control Airplanes
The most comprehensive and up-to-date book answers all of the beginning hobbyist's questions about building and flying remote control airplanes. Step-by-step techniques and are illustrated with a wealth of photography and cover all the basics, from choosing and building a first model to covering and finishing it, understanding and installing glow engines, flight basics, and much more.

R/C Airplane Building Techniques

Radio Controlled Helicopters
In this updated edition, the author provides a guide for newcomers and others interested in new developments in the design and manufacture of radio controlled helicopters. This handy book offers all the essential information and fact you need to make the right decisions, taking you through all the stages-from the choice of model and radio to your first flights and finally to basic aerobatics. Contents include: Advantages of flying helicopters. Where Do I begin? Choosing the model. All about engines. Radio systems. Finding your flying sites. Accessories and training aides. Building the model. Installing the radio. Setting up the model. Before your first flights. The day arrives. Hovering, circuits & simple aerobatics. Routine maintenance. After the crash. Scale models.

Flying Models
This companion to Don Ross's immensely popular Rubber Powered Model Airplanes now opens the world of Electric Power, CO 2, Micro R/C, and even Compressed Air to beginner and expert alike.

With explanations and graphics that break complex processes into simple steps, anyone can become a better than average builder, flyer, and competitor. This book will lead you from simple tools and techniques right through to "state of the art" materials that will enhance your model's appearance and increase flight time 25% to 40% or more!

Covering R/C Airplanes
(R/C Encyclopedia Series)

Radio Control Aerobatics for Everyone

Radio Control Nitro Basics

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