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Postcard Postcards Price Guides Post Cards Postcard Reference Hobby Books Collecting Postal Card

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  Women in Science: 100 Postcards

  Long May She Wave: 100 Stars and Stripes Collectible Postcards

I Feel a Sin Coming On : 30 Postcards

Oh! My God! I Miss You  30 Postcards

Hello Blythe! : 30 Postcards

Greetings from a Bad Girl : 30 Assorted Postcards

An Old Fashioned Halloween Postcard Book :
Postcards from the Good Old Days

Hawaii : 21 Postcards

Frida Kahlo : Postcards
Collectible Postcards

Propaganda Postcards of World War II

For the Boys : 30 Pin-Up Postcards of WW II
Take a sentimental journey back in time with 30 great pin-up examples from the best-selling book, For the Boys: The Racy Pin-Ups of World War II. These are the same images that boosted the morale of the men in the Armed Services and inspired them with sweetly seductive reminders of home. From such Hollywood movie goddesses as Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth to the fabulous dream girls of calendar artists Rolf Armstrong and Gil Elvgren to the homemade nosecone art of unknown fighter pilots, these pin-up girls charmed and heartened fighting men thousands of miles from home. These thirty postcards from For the Boys indicates just how popular and essential these sweetly sexy images were to the war effort, proving that if you really want to give something to the boys ...send in the girls.

Route 66 Postcards : Greetings from the Mother Road
Before the advent of frequent-flier miles, eight-lane interstate highways, and cellular telephones, dream vacations took place on America's highways, and no road was greater than Route 66...Then, postcards respresented not only a form of communication, but also a way of telling your friends and family that you had, believe it or not, been there.

Route 66 Postcards: Greetings from the Mother Road presents thirty of the finest classic postcards from that golden era of America's past.

Come with us as we visit:

Chicago's Famous Architectural Skyline
The Chain of Rocks Bridge Spanning the Mighty Mississippi
Ben Stanley's Vintage Cafe in Miami, Oklahoma
The Largest Longhorn Steer Alive, measuring over 6 feet
Maisel's Quaint Indian Trading Post in Albuquerque
The City of Angels

The Art Box - Postcards

Look! It's An Airstream Postcard Box
Airstream trailers have been turning heads on the highways since they first started caravanning across America in the 1930s. Forty amazing images of Airstream trailers-parked in front of the Pyramids at Giza, cruising through the Grand Tetons, overlooking a moonlit Golden Gate Bridge-vividly demonstrate Airstream's lasting appeal as an enduring icon of sleek, aerodynamic living. Ideal for collectors of Americana and fans of the open road.

24 Full-Color Postcards of Great Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings
Card Books

Full-color picture postcards of masterpieces by Monet, Renoir, van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, Degas, and other artists. Painstakingly reproduced from originals in one of the worlds great collections. Captioned, perforated and ready-to-mail.

Carousel Art, Vol. 2: Book of 30 Full Color PostCards
Carousel Art Book of Postcards Volume II

This colorful book of 30 full color glossy postcards feature dazzling examples of American carousel art representing all the major artists. These beautiful restored horses and menagerie animals are a great guide for collectors and reference for artists. Each card is 5"x7" and easy to tear out and mail.

Treasures of the Louvre: 30 Postcards

Old-Fashioned Valentine Post Cards

Griffin & Sabine : The Complete Postcards

Hula Honeys Postcard Box: 30 Postcards
Collectible Postcards

More Postcards Click Here

The Postcard Price Guide, 4th Ed., A Comprehensive Reference
This 4th Edition of "The Postcard Price Guide," is the 10th postcard price guide by author J.L. Mashburn. It is a very Comprehensive Reference and is completely updated with new values and listings in all chapters. The book now contains 592 exciting pages (80 more than 3rd edition)and 900 photos of which over 95% have not appeared in the previous editions. It was compiled specifically for collectors and dealers, or any novice who has a collection or accumulation of old postcards and has the desire to know something about their history, age, and approximate value. Mashburn's books are sold and used worldwide and are known to be one of the leaders in the field.

Collector's Guide to Post Cards
Warm greetings, cheery thoughts, humorous displays and spectacular photographs can all be witnessed on postcards throughout the early decades! Subclassified and indexed (with a separate artist index), the value of a postcard collection is no longer a secret with this collector's manual. Over 3,000 postcards are priced and illustrated.

Postmarked Yesteryear : Art of the Holiday Postcard
Before the telegraph and telephone, postcards were the primary form of social communication. Today these postcards are treasured artifacts as well as important historical documents from around the world. Author Pamela Apkarian-Russell memorializes the artists while tracking the progression of time, and the evolution of taste, through this simple and elegant form of communication. Her research on the artists and wide array of subject matter they depicted yields a compelling and unique history, told here for the first time. The entire family will enjoy the nostalgic, holiday-by-holiay visual journey; artists will find the graphic presentation informative and inspirational; and the legions of postcard collectors wont be without it.

Vintage Postcards for the Holidays : Identification & Value Guide

The Postcard Century
The Postcard Century tells the story of the last hundred years in the 1900s' own words and images. Two thousand picture postcards and their messages give a vivid account of the day-to-day life of people and of what mattered to them, pleased them, shocked or amused them via the cards they chose to send. Year by year, the high and mighty, the low and worthy, and everyone in between talk of the characters, events, and hot spots of the century. Jokes from seaside, the disasters of war, the hazards of travel, the caprices of life in work and leisure--all are pictured and discussed. Each year begins with postcard views of the New York City skyline and of Piccadilly Circus. Though centered on the USA and England, cards come from every corner of the world, from Los Angeles to Beijing, from Antarctica to Alaska. Several themes emerge, notably those that evolved with the century: transportation (aviation takes us from the Wright brothers to NASA), the movies, fashion, vacations, and the role of women. Changes in the English language as used informally by Americans and Britons are powerfully registered. 2000 color illustrations.

Artist-Signed Postcard Price Guide :
A Comprehensive Reference

This book was written and compiled by J.L. Mashburn specifically for the collectors of Artist-Signed postcards issued from 1898 to 1950, both U.S. and Foreign. It is a very easy to use reference containing works of the World's greatest, as well as minor postcard artists and lists many near-complete checklists with values of each card. Included are chapters on Beautiful Ladies, Beautiful Children, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, French Glamour, Color Nudes, Blacks, Sports, Comics, Animals, Miscellaneous and Linen-era artists. Some of the cards pictured are worth up to $15000 each. Many others are worth hundreds of dollars. This book should be in every collectors library.

The Postcard Price Guide, 3rd Edition,
A Comprehensive Reference

This is the 3rd edition of The Postcard Price Guide, the most comprehensive postcard price guide available. It lists thousands of prices representing millions of cards, mixed equally between U.S. and Foreign, from 1893 through 1980. It contains 16 big chapters listing and illustrating Artist-Signed (with many near complete checklists of their works), Fantasy of all types, Color and Real Photo Nudes, Greetings, Sets and Series, U.S. and Foreign Views, Real Photos, Topicals of all kinds, Transportation of all types, Baseball, etc., Roadside America, Expositions, Santas, Halloween, and much more. It is a super book for both collectors and dealers worldwide and contains 512 pages and over 635 beautiful images. It was written and compiled by J.L. Mashburn, a collector-dealer-historian with over 35 years experience in the hobby.

Victorian Trade Cards :
Historical Reference & Value Guide

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