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Blue Book of Gun Values (Blue Book of Gun Values)
With over one million books in print, this new 25th Silver Anniversary Edition Blue Book of Gun Values once again sets the industry standard for up-to-date firearms information and pricing. No other publication is as widely used and recognized. If you're going to buy one gun book annually to keep up with the firearms marketplace, the new 25th Edition is the only choice! Why guess when you can be sure?

Gun Digest 2005 (Gun Digest)
A favorite among shooters and collectors, today's most complete gun book features authoritative articles, product news, and of course the indexed, heavily illustrated arms catalog. Expert firearms writers offer all new, carefully researched articles and fresh new product reports. This 59th edition will exceed all expectations with the latest offerings from the firearms industry!

The firearm catalog listings include specifications, factory options, model descriptions, photos, and retail prices. All major firearm brands are cataloged, in addition to other lesser-known brands. Also cataloged are scopes, metallic sights, laser sights, and reloading presses. Additional coverage lists ballistics and prices for commercially available rifle and handgun cartridges, while shotshells are listed with loads and prices.

Shooter's Bible 2005
The World's Standard Firearms Reference Book (Shooter's Bible)

Published annually for over 75 years, Shooter’s Bible is the most complete reference guide for new products, specifications, and up-to-date prices on thousands of firearms and related equipment. Shooter’s Bible is a must for anyone interested in firearms and shooting sports

Tactical Pistol Marksmanship How to Improve Your Combat Shooting Skills
Best-selling author Gabe Suarez provides a graduate-level course in shooting with lightning speed and dead on target during the intensity of an actual gun battle. In Tactical Pistol Marksmanship, Suarez revisits some of the topics in the classic book The Tactical Pistol and presents even more gun-handling techniques, different twists on basic skills and unique tricks to help fine-tune how you aim and fire a gun under stress. Just some of the topics he covers are the primary requirements for the ideal service pistol according to combat vets; the rule of thumb for choosing a serious combat caliber; the 4 most important fundamentals of combat marksmanship; secrets to shooting in extremely low light situations when even tritium sights are of no use; the solutions to emergency failure-to-stop situations; and practical drills you can perform safely at home.

Handloader's Digest The World's Greatest Handloading Book
are meticulous hobbyists who constantly search for better loads, components, and the tools to assemble cartridges. They expect the best from their components and tools, and this updated digest is an assemblage of authoritative articles discussing various facets of the reloading hobby.

New in-depth articles from expert writers cover casting bullets, working handloads, choosing the right components for the job, new techniques, ballistics, reloading safety, and much more.

Enthusiasts will gain insight into new reloading trends, as well as available equipment and accessories from major manufacturers. Extensive and valuable reference information includes listings of all handloading periodicals and books, plus directories of products and manufacturers.

• Compilation of the best in-depth articles covering various facets of the reloading hobby

• Articles include casting bullets, working handloads, choosing the right components for the job, new techniques, ballistics, reloading safety, and much more

• Lists all handloading periodicals and books, plus directories of products and manufacturers

The Complete Book of Shotgunning Games
No book has explored shotgunning games as completely as The Complete Book of Shotgunning Games. Divided into four parts, all of your questions are answered here. Part I: The Clay Target Games covers standard games, competitions, novelty clay games, portable trap games, trap field novelty games, skeet field novelty games, and special facility games. Part II: Body and Mind delves into the intangibles that affect shooting such as sport psychology, fitness and conditioning, nutrition, vision and sighting, fatigue, and flinching. Part III: Mastering the Techniques shares the author's lifetime of shooting and coaching experiences in the areas of safety and etiquete, learning to shoot, shooting gear and attire, keeping a shooting diary, methods of instruction, how to coach, and fundamentals of skeet, trap and sporting clays. Part IV: The Equipment is full of useful information about the guns themselves, shells, reloading, targets and facilities.

Whether you just started shooting or you've been at it all your life, The Complete Book of Shotgunning Games is a necessity. Shooting enthusiasts of all levels will come to rely on this indispensable reference that is soon to be a classic!

Precision Shooting The Trapshooters Bible
Here's the ultimate shooting coach right by your side to help you fine tune your trapshooting straight from the author of "Trap Shooting Secrets" James Russell. "Precision Shooting" tells you exactly what to do when practicing step-by-step. To use gun and eye hold points to break more targets, identify and resolve once and for all the insidious slow and fast pulls that destroys setup and timing, seeing targets brighter and in slow-motion, in-depth secrets professional trapshooters use to build repeatable consistent precision. Back-sighting techniques to hone precise sight pictures, learn how to adjust timing and zones on various trap conditions, recovering from mistakes in competition, intensify concentration and visual focus, one and two-eye shooting methods, high and low gun formulas. Twelve chapters with more than 80 illustrations so learning professional trapshooting techniques is easier than ever before, but there is so much more. And, here's a first, over 225 answers given to questions all trapshooters ask with in-depth explanations of how to resolve specific shooting problems; from missing targets, breaking out of a slump, flinching, to learning the inside secrets to consistently dust ball targets, etc. Like Trap Shooting Secrets, Precision Shooting reaches worldwide acclaim.= It's a must read for any trap shooter, especially the handicap yardage shooters where the big money is won. No other trapshooting book explains such in-depth "professional" shooting details. over 80 illustrations.

The Field & Stream Shooting Sports Handbook
(Field & Stream Fishing and Hunting Library)
The Lyons Press is proud to introduce six exciting hunting titles to the Field & Stream Fishing and Hunting Library, compact guidebooks for beginning and expert outdoorsmen alike. The editors and writers of America's most popular outdoor magazine--more than 7 million readers--bring years of experience to these informative and inexpensive guidebooks. They cover the topics that hunters want to know about most: how to track whitetail deer, how to call turkeys in, what bows are best, hunting safety, and much more.

Here is guide to the games. How to shoot trap, skeet, and sporting clays, as well as all the necessary information on five stand, cowboy action sports, metallic silhouette, benchrest competition, target shooting, free rifle, and handgun games. Includes details on choosing shotguns and rifles, handloading, and more.

The Clay Target Handbook
The Clay Target Handbook contains in-depth, how-to-do-it information on trap, skeet, sporting clays, international trap, international skeet, and many of the information clay-target games played at gun clubs around the country. Beginning with the basics of each, and progressing to advanced tournament techniques, the book provides hands-on help for all shooters who want to improve their score or start a new clay-target game. Meyer presents detailed information on guns, chokes, loads, and accessories. He also offers invaluable tips on how to become a better clay-target shooter: how to avoid common mistakes, how to correct errors in technique, how to get the most out of practice, and how to design an individual training program - as well as many specific instructions on how to shoot each individual stations.

Advanced Master Handgunning :
Secrets and Surefire Techniques to
Make You a Winner
Champion shooter Charles Stephens reveals the advanced secrets behind super accurate shooting of still, moving and long-range targets. His unique self-teaching methods will help you improve your stance, mechanics, follow-through and mind-set to nail the bull's-eye every time!

The Thompson/Center Contender Pistol :
How to Tune, Time, Load,
and Shoot for Accuracy

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