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Bowling Guides Bowling Balls Bowling Instruction Bowling Reference Bowling Books

  The Art of Revolution: Mastering the Perfect Bowling Release for Unstoppable power Paperback May 15, 2023

thrilling guide dives deep into the world of the bowling release , exploring the different types of releases and how they affect ball motion, coverstock and core choices, and the creation of massive rev rates and s...

  Glow 'n' Bowl: With Lights and Sound!

Bring a beloved pastime to your desktop with a glow-in-the-dark twist! This striking kit includes a bowling lane , lights and music, pins, and a bowling ball...

  Bowling Fundamentals

the latest equipment and the essentials of execution-footwork, arm swing, timing, finish position, and release-Mullen leaves no skill uncovered...


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From Gutterballs to Strikes :
Correcting 101 Common Bowling Errors

Although there are countless instructional books on how to bowl, there aren't any that tell you something much more important—how to correct what you're doing wrong. Through the expertise of former Professional Bowlers Association superstar Mike Durbin, From Gutterballs to Strikes provides bowlers of all levels with quick tips and solutions for correcting 101 of the most common bowling errors. Knowing how to correct mistakes is a vital part of any athletic endeavor; that's why coaches serve such a crucial role. But with the exception of top-level players, few bowlers have the benefit of personal coaching. This book lets Mike Durbin serve as your very own bowling coach. Your game will improve quickly and dramatically with his easy-to-follow corrections to bowling's 101 most common errors—from bad foot position to poor timing to improper arm swing. Mike Durbin is the only bowler to have won the sport's crown jewel, the Tournament of Champions, on three occasions. A 14-time PBA Tour champion, he was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 1984. Durbin now serves as a commentator for ESPN's coverage of the PGA Tour. Dan Herbst is the author of eight sports-instruction books, including Bowling 200+, Bowl Like a Pro, and Bowling 300. He has written articles for Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and Bowlers Journal, among other publications.

Bowling Execution
Learn how to bowl your best game from one of the world’s top bowling coaches. John Jowdy has coached more than 100 pros, including Mike Aulby, Parker Bohn, Lisa Wagner, and Robin Romeo. In Bowling Execution, he covers every crucial technique.

Jowdy breaks the shot into its components and teaches you how to identify and correct common technical flaws to improve your execution and increase your scores. You’ll learn how to

• choose the right ball and adjust effectively to changing lane conditions;

• improve execution, from stance to follow-through, to help you raise your scoring average; and

• master the mental game to help you break out of slumps, practice more effectively, and prepare for critical situations.

You’ll also find everything you ever wanted to know about hooking the ball, plus shot-making strategies to help you solve problems on the lanes.

Master the game as pro players have, with John Jowdy as your guide, and soon you will maximize your scores!

Bowling 200+
Most bowlers in the 150-190 average range have developed strong basic skills but are hampered by one or two fundamental flaws that keep them from improving their game. Two-time PBA National Champion Mike Aulby and four-time tournament winner Dave Ferraro reveal their insider tips for analyzing and correcting common mistakes that prevent intermediate bowlers from rolling that coveted 200+ game:

  • Converting the toughest spares and "unmakable splits"

  • Increasing your strike-shot carry

  • Making equipment work for you

  • Overcoming the mental pressure of league play to bowl your best

Complete with photographs, illustrations, and a handy bowling ball comparison chart, Bowling 200+ will keep you consistent, game after game. Mike Aulby, the only man to be named both Rookie of the Year (1979) and Player of the Year (1985), is one of the top ten professional bowlers in terms of lifetime earnings. Dave Ferraro is considered the fastest-rising star on the PBA tour. He is one of only ten players in PBA history to win more than $150,000 in a single year. Dan Herbst is the author of several sports books.

Bowling Steps to Success
(Steps to Success Activity Series)
Throw strikes, not gutter balls. Bowling: Steps to Success provides expert instruction and 66 drills to help you learn and master all the basic skills.

By following the book’s sequential lessons and studying the 145 illustrations, you’ll learn how to perform each skill and analyze and correct errors. The drills come with performance goals and a list of key points to remember, and often include instructions for increasing or decreasing the level of difficulty.

Bowling Strikes

Par Bowling : The Challenge

Bowler's Start-Up :
A Beginner's Guide to Bowling

This beginner's bowling guide provides a fine basic reference to the sport, blending black and white photos with tips on the game. From developing good bowling habits and preventing bad habits to following through step-by-step bowling techniques, this is a fine basic guide.

Bowling 300
Top Pros Share Their Secrets to
Rolling the Perfect Game

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